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The Christchurch Pole Scene and why you should get involved!

3 minutes
21 June 2017

There are some really great pole events in Christchurch you really should know about and go along not just to get inspired and see what it's all about, but also to support those on the stage. Getting up on stage is not an easy thing to do - there is so much that crosses the mind of a poler contemplating performing, be it in a showcase or a competition. It takes a lot for most people even in the first instance, to go to their first pole class because despite all its benefits in fitness, health and wellbeing along with the fun and friendships that develop, it is still a little bit scary. But it's actually not, and that's why more and more people are doing it, and loving it and shouting about it.

Sarah Cuthill, Altitude Pole & Fitness Auckland co-owner and operator, recently discussed why her students should perform at an upcoming showcase. She recognised the challenges;  Not feeling ready, not being able to do said move, not feeling strong/flexible/coordinated enough, fear of looking foolish, limitations in time or money, fear of judgement, not having it done before/being scared. She then smashed those out of the park.

But you overcame them right? This is your brain's way of keeping you safe. Keeping you away from fear so you can stay nice and comfortable. But we all know that comfortable place is not the place for growth, achievement, goal getting or that really awesome feeling of satisfaction which you MUST go through to gain that air of confidence that you came in looking for.

She went on to conclude that in fact, "performing and competing is the PERFECT opportunity for you to grow as a person, a performer and create strong, solid relationships with the rest of your pole family". Boom.

Now that you have a feel for the behind the scenes thought processes of those who take to the stage and can perhaps appreciate some of the performer angst, you might like to consider heading along to support those on stage!

Here are some events you should probably add to your calendar (and be aware of for next year).

  • New Zealand Amateur Pole Performer competition: this has been running for several years now and is focused on giving the amateur the stage. There are heats around the country and Christchurch is lucky to have the heat and Finals happening here (May/June). Find out more here and mark it in your calendar for next year!

  • Altitude Pole Showcases: Our studio runs student showcases twice a year and our students take to the stage for pole, hoop, silks and sometimes dance too. Our next show: September 2nd at Halo. More information here.

  • Halo (venue): Halo is a fab venue in Riccarton that hosts our showcases as well as many other great shows often in the circus and burlesque entertainment scene. Our instructors are commonly a feature in these shows too (in pole, silks and hoop) so they are worth a follow on FB if you want a fun night out. For example, our instructor Erin did a silks performance at the NZ House of Body Paintcompetition recently. An upcoming show is:

  • Light the Lamp (June 24): Featuring Burlesque, Exotic Pole (Singles & Doubles), Lyra, Belly Dancing, Circo Arts, Contortion, Comedy, & Drag! Combining fantastically talented performers from across New Zealand (including three of our instructors and a student across pole, hoop and drag). More info here!

There you have it, no excuses and all the dates you need to know. Go along and see what the world of pole (and aerials) is all about, maybe we'll see you there!

The Altitude Team


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