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Let's talk Nemesis moves... and tips on how to finally get them!

3 minutes
18 November 2020

Rhi (Co-Owner - the Mount)

What are your current/past nemesis moves?

My current nemesis is brass monkey dead lift.

My biggest nemesis moves in the past were ball drop and Cupid. It took me about a year to nail Cupid

What are your tips for getting a nemesis move?

* Try hard but don’t fixate. Sometimes giving a move a break if it just really isn’t working for you gives you time to focus on progressing other moves then come back to the nemesis in a month or three when you’ve built more strength.

* Don’t let one move hold you back from moving to the next level. I moved from level 3 to level 4 without my Cupid or ball drop. It wasn’t until 6 months later that I got my Cupid and it wasn’t until I started level 5 that I finally got my ball drop.

Here's Rhi's gorgeous Cupid!

Rhi Nemesis

Katie (Client Care Manager - the Mount)

What are your current/past nemesis moves?

My nemesis move is ballerina. I created my own pathways for warming it up with my students so that I can improve along with them.

What are your tips for getting a nemesis move?

* Mind over matter: yes this move is hard but it’s not impossible and I can eventually get this. Change the way you think of it!

* Think: how does this work? What are the grip points, and what are the different ways of getting into it? Break that move right down and ask as many questions as you need to. Also, watch others doing it and see what they do differently.

* TAKE A BREAK AND COME BACK TO IT. Give it a week! Don’t hone in on it too many times and exhaust yourself as this can cause injury. Give it a few goes, chip away and trust the process. Some tricks take LOTS of repetition before you can truly understand how they are supposed to feel let alone achieving them. Patience is key!

Emma (Head Pole Instructor, Owner - Whanganui and Palmerston North)

What are your current/past nemesis moves?

My current nemesis move is Marion Amber, and the good ol' Cross Ankle Release...! Though I go through phases of being able to beat Cross Ankle Release, it still scares me, whereas Marion Amber I need a support human nearby to get into it properly.

I had Cross Ankle Release beaten for a while, I actually made myself put it as the last move in a routine, and it was on a very exact beat with no chance for error so I had to commit to doing it as I was totally fine, just scared, and needed that moment and reason to complete the move!

What are your tips for getting a nemesis move?

* Keep trying those nemesis moves! They might be scary or tricky, but not working on them will just make them feel more daunting over time, so just keep at them regularly.

* Make sure you let your teacher know if it's a big nemesis, so they can be there for extra support, tips, and cheering! Sometimes also checking in with several teachers about a tricky nemesis can help too, everyone describes moves slightly differently, and a fresh teacher might give you some wording that just makes it click in your brain!

* If you're scared of a move, that's also not totally a bad thing, you're going to be very careful about your entrance and approach it safely with respect.

* Positive thinking does wonders for nemesis moves, don't tell yourself you "can't" do them, you just haven't figured out how to do it yet, but you'll get there!

And here's Emma crushing her cross-ankle!

Emma Nemesis

And of course as a final tip - it might be the theme of November but any time is a good time to work on those nasty nemesis moves! Even if you don't get it this month, don't give up!

*Google says 'nemeses' is the correct term. Thanks Google!

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