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Everything you need to know about Altitude Attitude 2020!

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06 October 2020

So what on earth is Altitude Attitude? A fitness challenge? An introduction to pole? A way to kick start your life and have some fun? Well, actually, yes to all of those things, but it’s also so much more!

Ok enough hype, that’s what Facebook ads are for, let’s get down to the details!

What exactly does Altitude Attitude 2020 involve:

♥ A choice of any 4 classes per week; depending on what your studio runs this could include leveled pole skills, exotic pole, floorwork, dance classes, silks classes, aerial hoop classes, Streeetttchh classes and the list goes on. Pick and choose whatever you want each week out of the full timetable on offer. We’re talking over xx classes per week.

♥ The timetable will also include TWO specially scheduled classes JUST for those on the Altitude Attitude challenge. You’ll be in with fellow first timers, going through a specialised curriculum to progressively learn the art of pole dancing and some sweet choro to put it together like a QUEEN.

♥ Your very own PHOTOSHOOT! Yep! This alone will make you feel like the gorgeous human you are. Near the end of the 28 days you get a photoshoot to showcase some of the awesome poses and moves you’ll have learnt. And don’t worry, you’ll also have your very own personal director there, helping you get that perfect shot, positioning your hair, guiding you every step along the way. And you know what, the simplest of poses are always the best. You’ll get these photos to keep forever. Keep them just for you to remind you of your own magnificence, or share them loud and proud to show the world just what you can do!

♥ AA goes for a full 28 days. The perfect amount of time to try everything, work hard and kickstart your life. It’s a great way to get started and give it everything.

♥ Along the way, we’ll be throwing some lifestyle boosting challenges at you. Don’t worry, these are completely optional, as much as we believe in helping people step outside their comfort zones, we also believe this needs to be done in your own time, we’re just there to support you every step of the way. And of course, your fellow AA members will be there too, helping each other.

♥ And lastly, your studio will be putting on a casual, AA members get together at the very start. You’ll get a chance to meet the other members on the challenge with you, some of your instructors who will be supporting you through your journey, and see the studio space. There’ll be cups of tea, goal setting chats and probably biscuits. Cos like I said, this isn’t a fitness challenge where biscuits aren’t allowed. If you’re doing 4 classes a week of fun filled workouts, you can still do biscuits. :)

So there you have it. Altitude Attitude in a nutshell. AA is a fitness challenge like no other. We don’t believe in goals like losing inches, or getting down to a set number on the scales. Instead, we believe in goals like, climbing to the top of the pole and nailing that hair flick with the perfect poise. If you start focusing on the fun stuff like that, we promise the calories will get burned (Have you tried hair flicking recently? You gotta use that core to get it right!). But more importantly, you’ll feel good about yourself and everything your body is capable of.

Ready to sign up? Or maybe you want to devour all the info you can get? Head on over here to take the next step

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