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Aerial Classes

At Altitude Pole & Fitness

Aerials are the best new way to get fit, challenge yourself and make a load of friends in the most supportive and friendly environment ever! 🥰

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You don't need to run away with the circus

Did you know that some Altitude studios offer aerial classes alongside pole? Our aerial classes are beginner-friendly and super fun (if we do say so ourselves)

You can find aerial classes at four Altitude Pole studios across the country.

❤️ Altitude Pole The Mount
❤️ Altitude Pole Nelson
❤️ Altitude Pole Christchurch Central
(formerly Altitude Aerials Christchurch Central)
❤️ Altitude Pole Wigram

Why Aerials?

Aerials are a great challenge. Learning new moves will challenge you in new and exciting ways. 

Find a supportive community.  We <3 our community, they're a supportive bunch of cheerleaders that'll celebrate all your wins! #aerialswhānau

It's great exercise! Aerials are, of course, an excellent form of fitness! Get stronger, fitter, more flexible and more coordinated while doing something pretty freaking awesome.

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But wait... what are aerials?

Aerial Arts originate from the circus, which may look familiar if you've ever been to something like Cirque du Soleil. Watching the pros perform super difficult, graceful and impressive stunts will leave you with your jaw on the floor...

That doesn't mean you need to be a pro to start learning yourself, though! A core focus of ours is making sure learning is beginner-friendly here at Altitude.

Aerials are the art of flying and dancing through the air on different apparatus (equipment). Our primary skills at Altitude Aerials are silks (fabric) and hoop (a metal hoop), although you may find other apparatus options at different Altitude studios!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Aerial questions? Check out our FAQ. 

Here at Altitude we accept students from 16 and over. Our classes are great for all sizes, abilities and fitness levels. Its natural to feel intimidated attending your first session - but just remember, everyone in your class will be beginners and our expert instructors will provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere to get you hooked!

Of course it is! Our curriculum is designed with beginners in mind, and there are plenty of beginner classes at each studio. Plus - you won't be the only newbie - we've got new members joining up all the time!

Not all Altitude Pole studios offer aerials classes. You can find aerials at

❤️ Altitude Pole The Mount
❤️ Altitude Pole Nelson
❤️ Altitude Pole Christchurch Central
(formerly Altitude Aerials Christchurch Central)
❤️ Altitude Pole Wigram

There are loads of benefits to doing aerials! It would take us a long time to list them all out, so here's a few of the key ones:

  • Aerials is great for your fitness! You'll work on strength, cardio and endurance at our classes
  • You'll increase your flexibility - especially if you attend any of our stretch classes!
  • Your body co-ordination will get better
  • Your confidence - body and mind, will totally skyrocket!
  • You'll actually have fun while you work on your fitness!
  • You'll meet a bunch of new, like-minded people and make LOADS of friends.

If you've been watching videos online you're probably wondering where a grown-up even gets a sparkly leotard from! You don't need to worry about all that just yet - the exciting world of aerials fashion comes later on in your journey.

For now, all you need to think about wearing is a pair of leggings and a comfortable top. You'll want leggings rather than shorts to help avoid getting your skin pinched by the apparatus, and any ole pair will do nicely.

Oh, and as a general rule, avoid wearing jewelry! Not only can it get in the way while you're on the apparatus, it can damage the equipment (especially the silks).

Not at all! Our curriculum is designed to cover a full range of fitness levels, whether you're starting at square one or a seasoned veteran. Our beginner classes will take you through a variety of conditioning and exercises to set you up for success. And our instructors always have progressions and regressions available, depending on where you're at.

Most people find their fitness improving quickly, and often without even noticing since aerials is so much fun! And that's the main thing - that you're having fun!

Everyone's journey is different and everyone's goals are different. If your goal is to build upper body strength, we'll work with you and help you do so! This might mean doing more classes per week, or supplementing it with cross training. Generally speaking, it might take a few weeks (and some growing pains!) while your body adjusts, but it does get easier - we promise!

You don't have to be a specific shape, size, age or gender to start aerials. There are no weight limits, no age limits and no gender limits.

As long as you're excited to learn we'd love to have you. We have all different kinds of people in our classes and because our community is social, super supportive and caring you'll feel really welcomed!

In mid 2024 we (Altitude HQ) decided to merge the Altitude Aerials brand name back into our founding brand, Altitude Pole & Fitness. The decision allows us to return to our roots and continue to grow and expand our knowledge in both pole and aerials while focusing on just one visual identity. The same hard work is still being done for our classes, curriculums and instructors - we're just doing it under Altitude Pole once again.

Altitude Aerials Christchurch Central is now operating back under it's original name, Altitude Pole Christchurch Central.

Altitude Aerials Napier has embarked on a new chapter rebranding under the name Pegasus - Pole Aerial Dance. If you're in the Napier area and looking to learn aerials, check them out!

What you could learn!

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