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Nelson 7011

Learn to pole dance at Altitude Pole Nelson!

Discover the magic of fun fitness at our welcoming studio in the heart of the Nelson Tasman region. At Altitude Nelson, we offer dynamic dance and fitness classes that embrace pole dancing, silks, and aerial hoop. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, our classes are thoughtfully crafted to empower and inspire you on your fitness journey.

Join our inclusive community and unleash your strength, flexibility, and confidence in a supportive environment. Elevate your fitness, make new friends, and have a blast – come and experience the joy of movement with us!

About the studio

Upon entering our Nelson Studio you will find yourself in our little store! We have clothes, merch, grip, and anything else you might need! You'll then head into our waiting room where we have couches, bean bags, and colouring books to keep you busy while you wait. There is a small kitchen with tea and coffee, a little changing room, and a bathroom available to you here. 

We have two lovely rooms, a large pole room with 12 poles, and an aerials room with 4 rigging points. Both rooms have lovely high ceilings and a wall of mirrors. In our classes, you'll be part of a diverse group, with participants of different ages and genders, all sharing the same level. Some will be attending for the first time, while others have been coming for a few weeks or months. Everyone is super friendly and knows what it's like to be brand new, so expect to be helped along in your journey by our wonderful community!

  • Poles
    45mm Stainless Steel
  • Flooring
  • Rooms
  • Waiting Room
  • Changing areas
  • Rigging
  • Shower

There is plenty of on-street parking on Pascoe Street around the studio! While it may be busy during the work day it all clears off around 4 pm. There is however also plenty of parking at the NPD on Parkers Rd if needed.

We are tucked away on Pascoe Street right by the Parkers Road end, nearly opposite the Jumpin' Trampoline Park.

What our members have to say

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    Altitude Pole Studio

    Joining Altitude Nelson has been one of the best investments I've ever made, the returns are friendship, support, inclusiveness, fitness, self-confidence, body autonomy, and finding you...

    Joining Altitude Nelson has been one of the best investments I've ever made, the returns are friendship, support, inclusiveness, fitness, self-confidence, body autonomy, and finding your bunch of weirdos! My only regret is that I didn't join sooner, I hardly recognize myself these days and I feel like I've become the version of myself that I have always craved.

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    Altitude Pole Studio

    Couldn’t recommend this place enough, highlight of my week is coming here. Fantastic instructors with wide range of classes to suit everyone, great equipment and safety. More than just ...

    Couldn’t recommend this place enough, highlight of my week is coming here. Fantastic instructors with wide range of classes to suit everyone, great equipment and safety. More than just a studio, it’s a family and everyone’s welcome, accommodated and working with you to reach your goals. Best studio I’ve ever been with.

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    Altitude Pole Studio

    My time from the start has been amazing. I love the people, they are all so accepting of any age, gender, and level of experience you bring in your preferred style. I have grown confide...

    My time from the start has been amazing. I love the people, they are all so accepting of any age, gender, and level of experience you bring in your preferred style. I have grown confidence in myself and made friendships here. I love to push myself and this journey has definitely enabled me to grow stronger mentally and physically surrounded by the support in studio.


At Altitude Nelson we are open 7 days a week! We love being able to provide you with the flexibility to spread your classes out throughout the week however you want to. We know there are so many great options that it becomes hard to pick so you don't have to! Stick with the same classes each week or change them up as much as you like - the choice is yours.

  • Pole Level 1

    Level 1 Pole


    Ready to start your pole dancing journey? Then our Level 1 Pole classes are for you! This beginner-level class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of pole dancing and build body awareness. It's the perfect way to get started on your pole dancing journey.

  • Pole Level 2

    Level 2 Pole


    Ready to take your pole dancing skills to the next level? Join our Pole Level 2 class! Building on the fundamentals you learned in Level 1, you'll start going higher up the pole and learning to invert. Get ready for a challenging and rewarding workout that will leave you feeling strong and confident. To attend this class you will need to be confident in our Level 1 curriculum.

  • Pole Level 3

    Level 3 Pole


    Our Pole Level 3 classes build on the skills you learned in Levels 1 and 2, you'll continue to work on invert skills and start to learn fundamental aerial moves. To attend this class you need to be confident in Levels 1 and 2.

  • Pole Level 4 at Altitude Pole

    Level 4 Pole


    Our Pole Level 4 class is designed for those who are serious about advancing their skills. With a focus on advanced fundamental pole tricks and combos, you'll be challenged in new ways and amazed at what you can achieve. To attend this class you will need to be confident in Levels 1 to 3.

  • Pole Flow

    Pole Flow


    Want to add more dance and flow to your pole schedule? Our Pole Flow class is the perfect way to do it! With a focus on movement, musicality, and fluidity, you'll learn to string together ground-based pole moves in a beautiful and graceful way. Attending Level 1 Pole is recommended.

  • Heels



    Our Heels class is where you'll learn how to move gracefully and confidently in any pair of heels. With a focus on fluid movement and musicality, this class is perfect for anyone who wants to add some sass and style to their pole dancing.

  • Pole Combos

    Pole Combos


    Want to master the art of pole dancing choreography? Our Pole Combos class is the perfect way to do it! With a focus on creating impressive combos by stringing together pole moves, you'll learn how to flow smoothly and confidently between tricks.

  • Floorwork



    Want to add some new skills to your pole dancing repertoire? Our Floorwork class is where it's at! With a focus on ground-based moves like Fish Flops and shoulder rolls, you'll learn how to move gracefully and fluidly on the floor. This class can also incorporate ground-based pole tricks, giving you a whole new way to work your body.

  • Spin Pole

    Spin Pole


    Our Spin Pole classes focus on learning how to dance on a spinning pole and create beautiful and dynamic combos. You'll be challenged in new ways and amazed at what you can achieve. A spinning pole is a setting on our poles that can make them spin in the direction of your movements from your body weight and momentum. This is different to our regular Levels classes that are on static poles that don't move.

  • Pole Play

    Pole Play


    Looking for a class where you can work on your own pole goals with guidance from one of our instructors? Pole Play is the perfect way to get one-on-one guidance from our experienced instructors while working on your own unique pole routine or trick!

  • Training Time

    Training Time


    Training Times are designed for experienced pole dancers who are looking for more time on the pole and the opportunity to work on their own skills. These sessions are exclusively available to our add-on pack holders and Unlimited Class members, so you can maximize your pole practice and take your skills to the next level. These sessions don't have an instructor taking them, so you will need to be approved prior to attending.

  • Stretch Flex Advanced

    Stretch & Flex


    Ever wanted to be able to do the splits? Or backbends? Then our Stretch & Flex classes are the one for you! Learn safe stretching techniques to help with the flexibility needed for our aerial arts, or just in general!

  • Strength



    Want to take your strength to the next level? Our Strength class is the perfect way to build power, endurance, and resilience. With a focus on conditioning exercises designed to target all areas of the body, this class is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their pole skills or just get stronger overall.

  • Silks1

    Silks Level 1


    Welcome to Silks Level 1 - your introductory journey into the world of aerial silks. In this beginner-friendly class, we'll guide you through the foundational skills and poses that make up the mesmerising art form of aerial silks. You'll explore climbing, wrapping and basic drops, all while suspended in the beautiful silks.

  • Silks2

    Silks Level 2


    Ready to weave your way to the next level in your aerial silks journey? Our Level 2 class is designed to challenge you, offering a curriculum that utilises drills and progressions to extend your abilities. Expect to see your silks skills soar and your strength surge as you work towards mastering this mesmerising form of aerial dance.

  • Silks3

    Silks Level 3


    For those ready to take their silks skills to the highest tier, our Level 3 class is where it's at! This advanced session continues to challenge your aerial prowess, introducing you to new, trend-setting tricks and techniques. Please note, a check-off from Level 2 Silks is required before attendance. Prepare to push your limits and continue your ascent in this exhilarating aerial art form!

  • Hoop1

    Hoop Level 1


    Embark on an aerial adventure with us in our Level 1 Aerial Hoop class! You'll get acquainted with the hoop, learning the fundamental poses and transitions that form the foundation of this dynamic discipline. Expect to boost your upper body strength, enhance your flexibility, and experience the sheer joy of defying gravity. Come feel radiant as you strike poses on a hoop suspended in the air!

  • Hoop2

    Hoop Level 2


    With the basics under your belt from Level 1, our Level 2 Aerial Hoop class will elevate your aerial journey, introducing you to new poses and more intricate transitions. The spotlight in this class is on inverts, giving you a fresh perspective on your aerial skills. Keep building that upper body strength and flexibility while basking in the beauty of your own mid-air performance!

  • Hoop3

    Hoop Level 3


    Take your aerial hoop skills to new heights in our Level 3 class! Here, you'll delve into more unique moves and captivating transitions, making use of both the top and bottom bars of the hoop. Experience the thrill of learning drops, rotations, and breathtaking shapes, all while continuing to increase your strength, flexibility and coordination.

Discover the thrill of pole dancing and aerials at Altitude! Our memberships offer flexibility and variety, tailored to fit your unique needs. From two classes a week to unlimited classes, dive into a journey that adapts to you. Jump into any level-appropriate class and experience the joy of growth, challenge, and fun, all at your own pace. Come, shape your fitness story with us!

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    Co-owner, Pole & Aerials Instructor

    Zoe has always had a zest for movement and trying new things. When she found pole and aerials back in 2018 it wasn’t long before she was hooked; falling in love with the combination of strength, dance, and musicality that can be explored through each apparatus. Opening Altitude Nelson and being able to share this passion with others has been a dream come true.

  • Tania Instructor Pic


    Studio Manager, Pole & Aerials Instructor

    Tania has been poling on and off since 2014. After being very unmotivated by gyms, she got involved hoping to find a new and fun way to exercise. Tania quickly fell in love with how empowering pole is and the amazing community that comes with it. She has an odd love of painful moves and tricks, and can often be heard lovingly and loudly encouraging people to try them

  • India Website Pic


    Studio Assistant

    In early 2021, India embarked on a thrilling pole and aerials journey, driven by the realization that the conventional gym routine lacks excitement. Thanks to Altitude, she found a captivating way to exercise while having a blast, all within a close-knit, supportive community. Now you'll find her welcoming presence around the studio ready to assist, so say Hi!

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    Pole & Aerials Instructor

    Monique first started aerials in 2020, with a fear of heights but a lot of determination. Nowadays, you can find her using her dance background to pirouette around the pole, hang from the hoop and sway with the silks. She loves the confidence and strength she has gained physically and mentally since beginning her aerial fitness journey.

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    Pole, Aerials & Stretch Instructor

    In early 2021, Milo joined Altitude Nelson hoping for a new, shiny hobby. What they got instead was a whole new lifestyle. Fast forward in time and Milo is a familiar face around the studio, with a cackle heard from miles away - Milo is often found working on new pole routines and steadily training in silks and hoop. Oh, and don't forget about Stretch and Flex!

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    Silks Instructor

    Tēnā koutou. Ko Honu Kate taku ingoa. Nō Moutere Honu, Amerika, ahau. Kate, also known as Turtle, went to one hour class a week, for 5-6 years, and poof- she got skilled and now she teaches. Silks enabled her to get out of her mind and into her body, a major contributor to getting into the best shape of her life! Come and have a play with me!

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    Aerials Instructor

    Kia Ora! Kō Fiona tāku ingoa. Fiona first fell in love with circus after her first try on the flying trapeze at the wee age of 8! At 18 she "ran away and joined the circus" working at a summer camp in America where she fell in love with aerial hoop. She joined Altitude in 2021 and loves all the options taking up Pole, Silks, Acro Yoga and of course Aerial Hoop!

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    Silks Instructor

    Kea started their aerial journey in 2021. Thriving in Altitude's close-knit community, Kea embraced the opportunity to become an instructor. With an encouraging and caring nature, Kea fosters a positive class environment, always maintaining a jovial vibe in their teaching. Look forward to warm smiles and cheers of encouragement whenever you catch Kea between classes!

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    Pole Instructor

    Cora began her aerial journey in 2015 in Germany. Now in Nelson, NZ, she loves the empowering aspect of aerials, combining strength, flexibility, and dance to express herself. An avid traveler, hiker, diver, and sea slug enthusiast, she enjoys immersing in different cultures. Seeing students grow fills her with the most joy. Say hi if you see her at the studio!

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    Aerials Instructor

    Darren, self-proclaimed wolf-raised, unicorn-trained, embodies positivity & vibrant energy. He revels in laughter, musical antics, and sees the world as a massive playground. Passionate about body movement, he joined Altitude's classes in Sep '22. Appreciating the challenge and inclusive community there, he's eager to provide an equally rewarding journey for others.

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    Pole Instructor

    Callie started her pole journey in 2020 and quickly became obsessed. She loves the combination of strength, music, dance, creativity and the sense of accomplishment that comes with finally nailing a trick that felt near impossible. Also the fact that everyone's individual talents are always celebrated and the community is full of people striving to better themselves.

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    Hoop Instructor

    Aimee began her aerial journey in 2020, and the moment she touched the aerial hoop, she knew it was love. Spinning is her absolute favorite. Aimee can't wait to nurture and support your own aerial adventure in a warm and safe space.

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    Stretch Instructor

    Kia ora! I'm your passionate pole & stretch instructor! From sculpting muscles to injury prevention, I love sharing tips for strength and spins. Pole dancing is my solace, a space where I embrace the physical nuances and soul-soothing rhythm. Teaching is my heartbeat, witnessing your triumphs brings me joy. Let's dance, soar, and celebrate being wild women and men!

Let’s get visual

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    Altitude Nelson
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    Waiting Room
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    Aerial Hoops
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    Pole Room
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    The Arcade Showcase
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    Pride Festival
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    AltiRave Showcase

Parties and Fundraising

Sure, we love nailing that perfect spin and pushing the boundaries in our classes, but Altitude is so much more than that! We’re a community, a party hub, and a place to make your mark.

Fancy hosting a pole party for your hens, stag, or birthday? We've got you covered! Or maybe you're after a unique venue for your next event? Our studio is available for hire. Plus, we’re all about giving back, and can help you organize fabulous fundraisers with a twist!

Ready to experience the full Altitude vibe? Make an enquiry today and let's plan something epic!

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