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Altitude Pole

Safety Policy

At Altitude Pole & Fitness, we take your safety seriously. Our studios are more than just places to exercise; they are communities that prioritize the well-being of all members. This Safety Policy outlines our commitment to creating a secure and safe environment for everyone.

Our Commitment

  1. Compliance with New Zealand Laws: We are committed to upholding the laws of New Zealand, particularly those relating to health and safety in recreational facilities. This is not only a legal obligation, but a moral one to protect all members of our community.
  2. Safe Environment: We strive to provide a physical environment that is safe and fit for purpose. This includes regular maintenance and checks of our facilities and equipment, in line with industry best practice and manufacturer guidelines.
  3. Staff Training: Our team of instructors and staff are trained to prioritize safety. They have a clear understanding of emergency procedures, those on hand with first aid training, and can guide you on how to use our equipment safely.
  4. Clear Communication: We clearly communicate potential risks and safety procedures to all members. This includes safety briefings for new members, clear signage, and ongoing communication.

Your Role

While we do everything we can to ensure a safe environment, safety is a team effort. We ask that all our members:

  1. Follow instructions and safety guidelines provided by our staff.
  2. Respect the equipment and facilities, using them appropriately.
  3. Report any safety concerns, accidents, or potential hazards to staff immediately.
  4. Listen to your body and engage in activities that align with your level of fitness and comfort.


As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we welcome your feedback. If you have suggestions on how we can make Altitude Pole & Fitness even safer, please let us know through our feedback form or talk directly to your local studio. You can find their details over on the contact us page. 

Safety is a shared responsibility, and we thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and welcoming environment for everyone in the Altitude family.


Please note, this Safety Policy is intended as a broad guide. Individual studios may have their own specific safety policies and procedures in line with their unique circumstances and local requirements.