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An insight into 7+ inches…heels that is!

4 minutes
01 December 2017

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t deny those 7 inch (and higher) heels make people look damn good! From shiny and glittery, studded and clear to flashing lights and glowing UV, the range and style of heels out there these days will see you falling head over heels pretty quick (hopefully not literally!).

Sometimes even just seeing them looking all beautiful in your wardrobe will make you smile. Of course some people actually do much more than just look at them. There are those who can spend hours dancing beautifully in them, others can do some of the most epic floor work around, some can even flip in them (!!)....and then there are those, like me, who will mostly just get selfies of their awesome looking bootay in them. Use them how you like though, it’s all good! One thing no one can deny is how sexy, bad ass and Amazonian they make you feel once they grace your feet. And that’s something every woman deserves to feel whenever they damn well feel like it.

It took me nearly 7 years to do my first public performance in heels. Not because of any silly “image” I was worried to portray, but more because I was terrified to be on stage in them in case I fell over. I have no problem wearing them for tricks on the pole, but get me back standing on two feet and watch out for failing limbs! The absolute scariest, most nerve-wracking part of my routine in that first performance in heels, was the 2 seconds where I had to walk (I’d like to say strut but I wasn’t going to push things that far) from one pole to the other! But just like anything, give it a bit of time and practice and you’ll be busting a move like you’re in sneakers (almost) and once you do, you’ll find a whole new world has opened up just for you and all the sexiness you contain. It can be your little secret, or you can Instagram it to the world, it’s up to you. 

Do it for yourself, nobody else.

We asked our Altitude instructors for some of their insights and feelings towards the Holy Heel. Each one has their own unique style on the pole, from trickster to dayum! Here’s what they had to say…

Tash K - Absolute Tricky Tricker Tumbler

“I have 6 pairs of pleasers but am not really a heels dancer lol”

Joe Astell - Male poler who mostly operates in Beast Mode

“My super powers of not falling on my face in my heels angers my GF so much that it gives me more powers!” -----> dam!

Jenna Lee - Lyrical to Sassy and everything in between

“I get super sad when my Pleasers break on me… like a reflection of being beautifully broken... so emotional. My life is no longer complete.”

Check Jenna out in a pair of Pleasers (not broken, thankfully!) here!

Julia - A dancer with the grace and movement of a smooth river

“They're definitely easier to dance in than they are to walk in! And something about the way they change your posture makes you instantly feel more commanding & confident”

Rhiannon - The queen of control, elegance and style in all that she does

“Love how good bums look in heels.”

Sarah Cuthill - Boss of the strength, grace and world

“I love the way heels make my legs look, and how they really make sure I get my lines and transitions clean because they can really accentuate good lines...and make the bad ones even more obvious!” Check out this legend here.

Muscles Michelle - The perfect mix of sass and tricks

“Definitely get a pair that you LOVE. I've had two pairs in the past that never got worn...but now I have thigh high boots and a pair of sneakery looking Pleasers that I adore. It's a lot more like yeah nah these make me feel pretty boss, get on my feet!” See those thigh highs here!

Oliva Anderson - Ummm, just the Queen of sexy, Miss Pole Queen NZ AND Sexy Legend 17

“7 inches were a gateway drug for me; 7 1/2 followed, and then after a weaning-in period, 8 was the natural next step. The satisfaction you get from one leads to the impression that greater highs are to be gained from the next phase of addiction -- the higher heel and platform -- and then you find yourself spending hours thinking about them, looking at them, dreaming about them. Soon, you have nothing left but an empty wallet and bruised knees, wondering how you got there.” See the heels love here and said flips at 1.20 here!

Anna Rose - A one stop shop for any style you like, fierce to graceful in the blink of an eye

“When I put on heels, I'm not Anna anymore. I can be anyone I want to be. They make me feel sexy, sassy and fierce - all things that I would not consider myself usually as I live in trackpants and baggy jerseys...!” I'm not sure this is Anna anymore...

Larry - Need we say more here? It’s Larry, everything and anything.

“I've gotten far more likes and compliments of my one video in heels than any other video or performance.” ....see the one video here!

Mel - The inspiration behind so many of our Altitudians who are now in heels, the instructor of our heels based classes and a seriously sexy dancer,

"For me the whole point of pole was to feel like a sexier, more powerful version of myself. Heels were a natural part of pole for me, despite being a definite flat footer in real life. Heels add to the fantasy and the eroticism that is inherent in pole for me" ....Mel in the zone is HAWT!

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