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What’s the night of a showcase like for a performer?

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23 November 2021

Ohh you super-star – you’ve either signed up to perform in a showcase or you might be seriously thinking about it, how cool is that!?

You’ve been prepping for weeks, maybe months and honey we know you are so ready for this! You have your routine, your costume, your adoring fans…. There's just one question left; what will it be like on show night?

Well from the moment you walk through the door of the venue it will be BUZZING!!! All the performers will be so excited that you are going to be welcomed into the most supportive environment you could ask for 🥰

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You may be feeling a tad nervous (or extremely nervous) and that is totally normal! Own those nerves – they are your body's way of gathering up all your body's strength for a “fight or flight” moment, so you can use them to fly through your routine in style 🧚‍♀️. You’ll have an awesome support crew of fellow performers, pole mamas and instructors with you the whole time to give you all the love and support you need to brave the stage.

As the crowd starts rolling in, you’ll hear how encouraging everyone is. At a showcase, almost all the audience are fellow Altitudian’s or loved ones of the performers, so you know they have your back! You’ll hear them roar for each performer before you as you wait for your time to shine 🔥


Leading up to your performance you’ll be joining a possy of people warming up ready to take the stage. You’ll all copy each other as you try to remember how you normally warm up in class while chattering excitedly about your upcoming performances. It’s a whole vibe.

Finally, it’ll be your turn. Your pole-mama will escort you to the stage and the emcee will read out your blurb. You’ll step onto the stage and then WHOOSH!!! Your routine will be finished before you know it, the crowd will be going wild for the AMAZING performance you just did and you’ll be standing backstage in disbelief that it’s over already! You’ve been rehearsing so many times that your body just knew what to do and whoa, it’s done! You are a f*cking legend!!!!

Of course things don’t always go 100% according to plan but that’s ok! Nobody knows your routine to the detail that you do. If you have a Slippery Susan moment it’s totally acceptable to grind on the floor for a hot minute while you wait for your next beat to carry on your routine. Just keep calm and dance on ❤

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