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Emma's Journey - Moving to music and having a not-so-dirty little secret

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29 June 2022

This blog was written by Emma, one of our members from our studio in Palmerston North ❤️️

After becoming a mum of 3, I needed to do something for myself...

My lovely neighbour mentioned she’d heard that there was a new pole studio in town. I felt like trying something risky and having my own (not really dirty) dirty little secret. After meeting the beautiful and encouraging studio manager, Kym, it wasn't hard to convince me to sign up!

I love the chance to move to music, the attention to technique, as well as the structure of the classes which are way more fun than doing something like a general aerobics class! I was inspired by the strength and body confidence of everyone too.

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What I love about pole is feeling strong and challenged (and dancing to music). I once thought I’d try body sculpting but this is waaaay better! The variety and mixture of skills, classes, people from all walks of life and the wonderful, supportive community

The biggest challenge for me has been not feeling like an egg when I do the flow combo at the end of class; as soon as someone says "flow time" I forget every single thing I know! I find it hard to do the flouncy stuff and I’m not very sexy 😆 My other challenge is pacing myself-not pushing my body too fast and giving it a chance so that I can keep coming back forever!

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Looking back, I've grown in a few ways since started pole. I'm fitter (definitely), proud of my body and what it can achieve, and my headspace is calmer. I love it, it’s amazing, and it brings me so much joy. I had to have a few months off last year and I was a wreck until I got back!!!

Do you have any advice you would give to someone starting out at Altitude?

Give it a real good go! Don’t look at anyone else or expect too much to begin with - just focus on yourself. You deserve it ❤️

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