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Meet Dylan and Josh

Meet Dylan and Josh - two men who pole dance at Altitude!

4 minutes
16 April 2021

Who said pole dancing is just for women? 'Cause they're straight up WRONG.

Pole dancing is for anyone and that includes guys!

To prove the point, we spoke to a couple of our guy members at Altitude Pole Drury about their journey with Altitude. Wondering what to expect? Check out what they have to say below!

Dylan 1


How long have you been pole dancing for?

If you consider a baby giraffe first learning to walk dancing then I guess I can call myself a pole dancer, On and off I have been at pole for approx 18 months.

What made you decide to give pole dancing a try?

My wife started pole before I did and I saw the way she changed when she would either have a class or just been to a class, the confidence was something to behold and was a side I hadn't seen of her before. She'd say things like you wouldn't understand the pain but also excitement you get when you get a move.

Being the typical rugby boff head male I said something really manly along the lines of "anything you can do I can also do, probably better..." facepalm moment.

Next thing I know my wife has signed me up for a 2 week trial, prove it she reckons, realised very quickly that wife has a much higher pain tolerance than I do but have enjoyed every moment of pole, even the questions from all the mates afterwards about where all the random bruising has come from, I let them know it's from pole confidently.

What was it like when you first started?

When I first started I didn't know what to think, there were women of all ages and sizes in class and then..... me. Once I got over my male bravado and stopped complaining like a wet blanket, it felt like my flesh was being torn off the bone I enjoyed it more and more.

I can do a few moves now, however we are still to master the dance side of pole and not look like a malfunctioning robot.

What's it like now?

Pole now is different for me, I see the difference in my body and the strength it has given me, physically and mentally. I don't need to worry about what other people think or the clothes I wear. At pole you are inspired by the ones around you to do better not just at pole but in life also. It's now a form of conditioning and strength for me, too.

Which polers inspire you the most?

Dimitry Politov is the guy who inspires me the most. If I can be a quarter as good as he is then I'll be loving life. His flag and pole flips are something I hope to nail and get the opportunity to try later this year maybe.

What would you say to any guy thinking about giving it a go?

What's stopping you? It's always fun at the studio and you're actually working out at the same time, The strength you can gain from pole is unreal. Yes people might judge you but so what? They judge everything these days. Why be a sheep be a f#@king unicorn and rock that shit with confidence.

Josh 2


How long have you been pole dancing for?

I started my pole journey in February 2020 so have only just ticked over a year, come to think of it though taking away all the lockdowns it’s only been 10 months!

What made you decide to give pole dancing a try?

My sister made me aware of pole dancing. I never thought that it would be a sport but yet here we are! I thought it would be great way to get my fitness in since I work at a desk for most of my day.

What was it like when you first started?

It was a little nerve racking going into the unknown, but the more I went, the more I got comfortable. Especially not seeing any guys in the studio, I’m sure others in my first class can tell you about the pain but once you persevere past that it’s amazing!

What's it like now?

Pole dancing has helped me extremely, especially with the past few months of lockdowns it has been that something that I can look forward too. It’s helping me physically but also mentally as well. I love coming to pole it’s the best way to end the day, I can believe it took me so long to upgrade my membership but I am definitely happy I did!

Which polers inspire you the most?

I wouldn’t say I follow anyone as such as I am barely on social media but I would say all of the other polers in the studio it’s great seeing everyone progress and pushing each other

What would you say to any guy thinking about giving it a go?

Just do it! You won’t regret it, if you persevere through it you’ll find your passion.

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