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Giorgia's Journey - Getting Stronger, Embracing Challenges And Trusting The Process

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03 May 2024

I started pole by doing the Altitude Attitude program in October 2023 and was immediately obsessed! I knew about Altitude Pole through a friend of mine and had always wanted to give it a go!

My first class was like trying anything new…hard! It was definitely fun, however the next day my body was feeling it. I felt like I had worked muscles I never knew existed. But I could already see myself doing well, and picking things up quickly while getting stronger, and that’s what really made me want to stick around.

Because of my dance background, I really like the flow classes because they combine dance with pole. I love that pole dancing is a new thing for me and it provides a challenge to integrate pole moves into a routine. I also love being surrounded by a diverse range of people in such a supportive community!

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What’s challenged me? Honestly, the physicality has definitely been the hardest challenge. I haven't really used or trained my upper body strength and acclimating to relying on it was a challenge in itself! However, with every class, I can see how far I have come since my first class which feels so great!

Pole dancing has 100% helped me grow as a person. I am stronger and more confident, which are the most significant chances for me. Looking back on when I started I was nervous about not picking things up and not being able to do things because I wasn't strong enough, but I have definitely changed my mind on that 💪

If I were to give advice to anyone thinking for starting pole, I would say trust yourself and the process! Everyone grows in their own way and timeframe, but it is so satisfying to look back on videos from when you started and see how much you have grown and got better!

Feeling inspired by Giorgia's journey? If it feels like something you'd like to try, why not explore pole dancing with us at Altitude?

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