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Altitude Pole Drury, Auckland

78 Creek Street,
Drury 2113

Learn to pole dance at Altitude Pole Drury, Auckland!

Welcome to Altitude Pole Drury, where happiness and health collide in a whirlwind of fun! Whether you're a newbie to the fitness world or a seasoned pro, we've got you covered with our tailored curriculums for all levels.

We believe that fitness is not just about physical strength, but also mental confidence. Our supportive, encouraging instructors will cheer you on every step of the way!

Our calendar is jam-packed with social events that will make your heart soar! Prepare to make new friends, share laughs, and experience unforgettable moments! 🌟💪

About the studio

When arriving at Altitude Drury Pole and Fitness, you can expect to step into a warm, welcoming, and encouraging environment that fosters growth and empowerment. Our studio is designed to cater to individuals of all fitness levels, whether you are a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner, creating a space where everyone feels supported and motivated to achieve their personal fitness goals.

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There is parking in front of the building and lots of street parking on Creek Street.

On the corner of Bremmer Rd and Creek St is Drury Strength and Fitness Gym, and District 52 CrossFit opposite.


  • Pole Level 1

    Level 1 Pole


    Ready to start your pole dancing journey? Then our Level 1 Pole classes are for you! This beginner-level class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of pole dancing and build body awareness. It's the perfect way to get started on your pole dancing journey.

  • Pole Level 2

    Level 2 Pole


    Ready to take your pole dancing skills to the next level? Join our Pole Level 2 class! Building on the fundamentals you learned in Level 1, you'll start going higher up the pole and learning to invert. Get ready for a challenging and rewarding workout that will leave you feeling strong and confident. To attend this class you will need to be confident in our Level 1 curriculum.

  • Pole Level 3

    Level 3 Pole


    Our Pole Level 3 classes build on the skills you learned in Levels 1 and 2, you'll continue to work on invert skills and start to learn fundamental aerial moves. To attend this class you need to be confident in Levels 1 and 2.

  • Pole Level 4 at Altitude Pole

    Level 4 Pole


    Our Pole Level 4 class is designed for those who are serious about advancing their skills. With a focus on advanced fundamental pole tricks and combos, you'll be challenged in new ways and amazed at what you can achieve. To attend this class you will need to be confident in Levels 1 to 3.

  • Pole Combos

    Pole Combos


    Want to master the art of pole dancing choreography? Our Pole Combos class is the perfect way to do it! With a focus on creating impressive combos by stringing together pole moves, you'll learn how to flow smoothly and confidently between tricks.

  • Heels

    Seductive Pole Flow


    Our Seductive Pole Flow class is where you'll learn how to move gracefully and confidently in any pair of heels. With a focus on fluid movement and musicality, this class is perfect for anyone who wants to add some sass and style to their pole dancing.

  • Pole Flow

    Beginner Pole Flow


    Want to add more dance and flow to your pole schedule? Our Pole Flow class is the perfect way to do it! With a focus on movement, musicality, and fluidity, you'll learn to string together ground-based pole moves in a beautiful and graceful way. Attending Level 1 Pole is recommended.

  • Spin Pole

    Spin Pole


    Our Spin Pole classes focus on learning how to dance on a spinning pole and create beautiful and dynamic combos. You'll be challenged in new ways and amazed at what you can achieve. A spinning pole is a setting on our poles that can make them spin in the direction of your movements from your body weight and momentum. This is different to our regular Levels classes that are on static poles that don't move.

  • Pole Play

    Pole Play


    Looking for a class where you can work on your own pole goals with guidance from one of our instructors? Pole Play is the perfect way to get one-on-one guidance from our experienced instructors while working on your own unique pole routine or trick!

  • Stretch Flex Advanced

    Stretch & Flex


    Ever wanted to be able to do the splits? Or backbends? Then our Stretch & Flex classes are the one for you! Learn safe stretching techniques to help with the flexibility needed for our aerial arts, or just in general!

  • Stretch 2

    RnR Stretch


    Rest and restoration for your muscles. This class helps get out all those knots that sometimes we didn't even know we had.

  • Hand Balance

    Hand Balance


    Ready to take your strength and balance to new heights? Our Handbalance class is where you'll learn how to defy gravity with your own two hands. From handstands to forearm stands and everything in between, you'll learn how to balance and hold your body weight in new and challenging ways.

  • Floorwork

    Floor Flow


    Want to add some new skills to your pole dancing repertoire? Our Floor Flow class is where it's at! With a focus on ground-based moves like Fish Flops and shoulder rolls, you'll learn how to move gracefully and fluidly on the floor. This class can also incorporate ground-based pole tricks, giving you a whole new way to work your body.

  • Strength

    Tone and Condition


    Our Tone and Condition class is the perfect way to build strength, endurance, and resilience. With a focus on conditioning exercises designed to target all areas of the body, this class is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their pole skills or just get stronger overall.

  • Hiit

    HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


    HIIT is a type of interval training exercise. It incorporates several rounds that alternate between several minutes of high intensity movements to significantly increase the heart rate to at least 80% of one's maximum heart rate, followed by short periods of lower intensity movements.

  • IMG 1593

    Heels 101


    Ever wanted towering long legs or to experience the satisfying 'clack' of pole heels as they bang together? This is the class for you - learn beginner heels skills and technique along with a choreography. Suitable for confident Level 1 and above.

  • Inspo 10

    Build a flow


    Come along with some of your favourite pole moves in mind and help build your flow with your instructor and peers.

  • Dance Style Pic

    Jazz and Contemporary Flow


    All levels welcome, no apparatus needed! Join our Jazz and contemporary flow class! This class will have you learning a piece of choreography to some music and dancing your woes away! Fun, sometimes dramatic, and oh-so luscious! You definitely want to give this class a go!

We offer 3, 6 and 12 month memberships. You can choose from 2, 4, or unlimited classes a week.

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    Hoops, Pole and Spin Pole Instructor

    In August 2020 I was invited to a FriYay bring-a-friend class at Altitude Drury.I have a particularly strong background in ice figure skating. Joining Altitude was a life-changing experience for me and I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to help others discover this incredible community that I'm so proud to be part of.

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    Pole Instructor

    Anna went to her first pole class in 2014 and was instantly hooked! Having danced throughout most of her childhood in contemporary/jazz styles, she loves the combination of dance and strength that makes pole dancing so beautiful and also challenging! After a few years off the pole, Anna joined Altitude in 2022 and enjoys learning in such a positive friendly studio.

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    Stretch, Pole, Seductive Pole Flow, Spin Pole Instructor

    Jordyn has been a part of Altitude Drury since the doors opened in 2019! You can find her teaching stretch classes, beginner and pre-intermediate spin pole and, a favourite among Drury Polers, seductive flow.

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    Hand Balance, Pole, HIIT Instructor

    Amy began her pole journey in April of 2019 as a founding member, her background playing sports and the gym meant strength moves came easier. She loves a challenge so you will see her in advanced spin and hoops 3, also flow to get out of her comfort zone and learn some skills. Amy can’t wait to see you progress in your pole journey.

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    Chief Happiness Officer, Pole, Stretch & Flex, and Barre Instructor

    First off, I'm a Mumma of 2 beautiful boys and I have a history of performing, predominantly acting, singing, and dancing! I am a qualified Barre Pilates teacher and PT, alongside instructing Level 1 Pole, beginner pole flow and Stretch and Flex. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in class!

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    Studio and Sales Manager, Relief Instructor

    Over a year and a half ago, I joined the incredible Altitude community. Little did I know that this decision would change my life in ways I could never have imagined! The warmth and support from the staff and fellow members have been nothing short of amazing. Now, I'm eager to give back and be a part of making a difference for others, just as Altitude has done for me.

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    Owner, Pole, Seductive Flow, Stretch and Flex Instructor

    Alex has been on and off the pole since 2013, popping up at NZAPP, PoleGear NZ fashion shows and cutting shapes at the NZPIA Ball. Alex is known for her ability as an instructor to talk her students into any number of impossible moves.

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    Hoop, Pole, Twerk, Floor Flow Instructor

    Jess joined Altitude Drury in August 2019 because it was something different, a new way to keep fit, and absolutely loved it! She loves the confidence and feeling that pole and aerial gives. With going to a performing arts school in the UK Jess is no stranger to dance and flexibility. She's super excited to share her enthusiasm with others and help achieve their goals

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    Hoop and Pole Instructor

    I’m Kelly! I’m originally from England, but moved to New Zealand in 2018. Within the first few weeks of Altitude Drury opening, I was signed up and became one of the founding members. I adore pole dancing and aerial hoop and how they make me feel. I marvel at how strong I've become and how much more accepting I am of my body. I love to help other people feel the same

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    Pole and Beginner Flow Instructor

    Finn started her pole journey in early 2019 whilst on maternity leave from her muggle job. No stranger to Altitude Finn has been a student at both the Takapuna and Onehunga studios before taking some time off in 2021 to welcome her second little girl. Finn's pole style is slow and contemporary, bringing out her inner fairy warrior.

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    Pole and Hoop Instructor

    With absolutely no dance background and even less coordination Chrissy fell in love with pole and aerials several years ago. She eagerly signed up as a student at Altitude Drury as soon as they opened and is now is thrilled to be teaching and helping others, hoping they too fall in love with such a fun and unique hobby!

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    Yoga Instructor

    After a decade of yoga practice, Nicole trained as a power vinyasa teacher in London while looking after her newborn - turns out even babies love to practice their downward dogs! With a background in dance, she is passionate about movement, and loves the meditative, peaceful yogic practice. She can't wait to have you join her on the mat.

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    Pole, Tone and Condition, and Hoop Instructor

    Emma is my name and tricks are my game. You’ll usually find me doing some strength based crazy tricks and combo’s, while banging out the rock music. I have been pole dancing since 2010. I am passionate about everything to do with Pole Dancing. I also love how special it is to each person who comes to learn this art and seeing people grow throughout their pole journey.

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    Pole, RnR Stretch Instructor

    Josh started his pole journey at Altitude Drury in February 2020 tagging along with his sister, when he started pole he absolutely loved it. Over time he has been able to conquer some moves (like his arch nemesis super man) with the constant motivation from the instructors. Josh wanted to help others conquer their moves so he decided to become an instructor.

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    Pole Instructor

    I joined Altitude Drury in 2021 and I was in awe of the mental and physical strength displayed. I was hooked! With such a supportive, fun environment I was able to progress and reach new levels in my journey

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    Pole Instructor

    Hey I'm Emilie, I've been dancing on the pole since 2021, it started as a way for me to break the negative social norms of fitness and gym culture. I have not looked back. My focus as a teacher has been on helping my students build strength and confidence through pole, as I believe that pole dancing is an amazing way to do something for you and have fun while doing it

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