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Our Core Values - "Show Courage"

4 minutes
13 October 2023

Today, we're diving deep into one of our core values that makes us who we are - "Show Courage." At Altitude, we believe that courage isn't just about facing your fears head-on; it's about embracing challenges, pushing boundaries, and cheering each other on every step of the way.

Pushing Outside of Comfort Zones

We understand that trying something new can be intimidating. But here at Altitude, we encourage our members to step outside their comfort zones because that's where the magic happens. Whether it's your first time gripping a pole or attempting a daring new move, we're here to support you every step of the way. Our studio is a judgment-free zone where you can challenge yourself, learn, and grow – no matter your skill level.

Over time, you'll build a habit of pushing outside of your comfort zone which can spill over into your everyday life. Whether it's growing the courage to chase your dream job, booking an overseas holiday, or simply trying on an outfit that's got a little more "oomph" than your usual style 😘

Learning Things That Might Be Scary at First

Learning new pole tricks can be a bit intimidating at first, especially if you've never done it before. However, we believe that embracing the unfamiliar is the first step to personal growth. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you conquer your fears and build your skills. They've been in your shoes and know exactly how to guide you on this journey.

When you learn to show courage by pushing through fear or discomfort to achieve your goals, things that seemed impossible are suddenly totally achievable if you're willing to take a few risks and do the mahi 💪 It may start in the pole studio with learning to do things that scare you at first, but that courage you develop will follow you into all aspects of life.

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Overcoming Setbacks

We understand that setbacks are a part of any journey. Whether it's a missed grip, a wobbly spin, or an off day, we know it can be frustrating. But we also know that it takes courage to bounce back from setbacks, learn from them, and keep pushing forward. Our wonderful community will guide you through the tough times and remind you that every mistake is a stepping stone to success.

As with any athletic pursuit, pole dance has its ups and downs (figuratively and literally!). Pole is certainly not easy, and that's half the fun! You'll have many, many setbacks in your pole dancing journey - from nemesis moves to days where you have no grip, pole will challenge you to persevere if you want to achieve your goals. Learning to show courage by not giving up, leaning on the people around you who want to see you succeed, and trying again and again (and again!) is a skill that you can take with you into the real world - the perseverance you show in the studio can become the persistence you show in your everyday life.

Performance Opportunities (If That's Your Jam!)

For those who love the idea of taking the stage, we offer amazing performance opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned performer or it's your first time in the spotlight, we'll help you take the stage and showcase your skills. It takes courage to perform in front of an audience, but your pole fam will be there cheering you on because we're all about celebrating your achievements – big or small.

Many of our members often talk about how performance opportunities have given them an unexpected confidence boost when needing to stand in front of a crowd in everyday life. It seems that performing in booty shorts in front of an audience is amazing preparation for public speaking in big work meetings!

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Loving Your Body for What It Can Do

At Altitude, we celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes. We believe in loving your body for what it can do rather than how it looks. Our classes are designed to build strength, flexibility, and confidence. Through pole dance and fitness, you'll discover just how incredible your body truly is. We're all about embracing self-love and body positivity here! It takes true courage to love yourself for who you are, and we're here to show you extra love and support along the way.

Supporting Each Other's Journeys

Courage is not just about personal challenges; it's also about being there for others. At Altitude, we have a strong sense of community. We celebrate each other's achievements, offer a helping hand when someone's struggling, and create an atmosphere of mutual support. Whether you're nailing a challenging move or taking your first tentative steps, you'll find encouragement and applause from your fellow Altitude enthusiasts.

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Courage Beyond the Studio

Our commitment to courage doesn't stop when you leave the studio. We've seen Altitude members apply the lessons learned in class to their everyday lives. Whether it's speaking up in a meeting, pursuing a new career path, or tackling personal goals, the confidence and courage you build at Altitude can have a positive ripple effect on your entire life.

In the end, showing courage is about believing in yourself, taking risks, and embracing the journey. At Altitude, we're here to support you every step of the way. Together, we'll face challenges, celebrate victories, and continue to embody our core value of "Show Courage" both on and off the pole.

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