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Saying Goodbye to Altitude Attitude 2019

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24 October 2019

The Altitude Attitude Challenge is always a highlight of the year for us here at Altitude. We get to work with a big group of new and existing students over 28 days, sharing with them the awesome thing that is pole dancing.

We watch the triumphs, the camaraderie, the dedication, the friendships blossoming and the passion for pole and aerials growing. It's exciting! And SO heartwarming.

This year was absolutely no exception, either.

The 24th of September marked the first official day of Altitude Attitude but our studios started things off a little earlier with a Meet & Greet. Our new AA (Altitude Attitude) Divas came together the weekend before to meet each other and some of the instructors and to get a general feel of the studio before that official start date.

It can be scary stepping into the unknown and although some of our Divas were nervous, everyone was also really excited. It's exciting pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, after all!

Throughout the 28 days, our AA Divas attended loads of classes, workshops, learned a beginner routine, took on challenges and had a BLAST doing it!

Here are some of our 2019 highlights...

First up was something that happened at a Nation-wide level! The very first day of AA, over on the private Facebook group, they came up with their Diva name!

This was a Pet Name + Street Name... and we got some goodies out of it! Here are our faves

Loki Lorelei

Lexi Barbadoes

Kumo Princess

Bulbasaur Beveridge

Boogie Terrace

Devil Highway

From deliciously sassy to fun and quirky, we had fun coming up with Diva names!

What's yours?


Another highlight for us was hosting a series of workshops, each unique to the studio. From fashion and styling to personal growth to things like Twerk and Hand Balance. We loved seeing so many of the Divas jumping in and getting on board with whatever workshop they attended.

Workshops 2

The routine classes were a highlight for a lot of our Divas and us too! They learned a short, fun routine to a Billy Eilish song, designed for beginners. It was achievable for even the newest of members... and achieve it they did!

We loved seeing how much attention to detail went into learning the routine. Our Divas didn't just stop at learning the moves - this arm here, that leg there... they worked on it till every movement was perfection. 👌

AA Photos

One part of Altitude Attitude that gets people excited, nervous, out-of-their-comfort-zone, feeling empowered... feeling whirlwind of emotions, actually.

Can you guess what it is?

Yup, the photoshoot!

And this year's photoshoot went down SO well! A lot of our Divas said it was their fave part of the challenge. A chance to get dressed up, to feel glam (or to have a little fun with it) and strut their newly found skills in front of the camera.

We're REALLY looking forward to seeing some of the photos that come out of this year's shoots.

We were also excited to see how much sharing and caring went on when it came to the photoshoot. We had costume sharing, pose idea sharing, general tips sharing and SO much moral support!


Our AA challenge started on the 24th of September... and we said farewell to the 2019 challenge on the 21st of October.

28 days of classes

100 Divas

6 studios

18 workshops

1 routine

6 photoshoots

Heaps of challenges

And a load of memories we're sure our Divas will look back on fondly!

We're so proud of each and every person who took on the challenge this year! We cannot wait for next year!

Will you be one of our Divas next year?

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