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Pole Dancing - Fact or Fiction?

4 minutes
08 January 2021

As pole dancers, we regularly encounter certain stories about who we are and what pole dancing is like - some true, some false. Well we'd like to set the record straight and tell you what's FACT and what's FICTION. 🤔

Read on to find out...

Pole dancing is only for women - FICTION

Pole dancing is as much for men and masculine people as it is for women - it doesn't matter how you identify! We've got a whole bunch of badass dudes at Altitude who kick ass on the pole in their own unique way.

Pole Dancing builds confidence - FACT

We often hear stories of polers who started out shy, self-conscious and nervous in their pole classes, but became outgoing, confident and empowered through pole. Our community is all about building each other up, not just to do amazing things on the pole, but also to go out into the world head held high, ready for whatever comes your way.


You have to already be fit, skinny and strong to pole dance - FICTION

Very few pole dancers start out fit, skinny and strong (speaking from experience!). They get that way by turning up to class every week and training. Anybody can be fit and strong, you've just gotta take that first step! As to being 'skinny' - forget about it! We don't care how skinny you are and neither should you!

No one judges you at pole classes - FACT

Leading on from that last point, nobody in a pole class is judging your body, your ability, your clothing or anything else about you. We're there to have fun and do some awesome stuff on the pole, nothing else matters!

Pole dancing is always sexy - FICTION

Pole dancing is about whatever you want it to be about. If you want to feel sexy, then yes - pole dancing is obviously great for that - but it doesn't have to be about being sexy at all. Many polers are there for the raw skill and strength that they get from poling - for them it's about getting that next nemesis move, or nailing an impressive drop, or deadlifting their way up the pole. In short, pole dancing is whatever you make it!


It's normal to get bruises - FACT

Bruises are just a part of life as a pole dancer. Eventually, it won't bother you so much. In fact, you might start to see a big gnarly bruise as a mark of pride - it often means you really went for it with a move. Anyway, they're not 'bruises', they're 'pole kisses', and everyone knows that pole kisses are good luck! 😉

You need to be flexible to pole dance - FICTION

It's true that flexibility is an advantage when it comes to some things on the pole, but it isn't the be all and end all. For every move that requires a bit of stretchiness, there's one that requires raw strength, or one that's about how you flow, and sometimes it's not about strength, flow or flexibility: sometimes it's bravery 

You need skin to grip with for some moves - FACT

This might sound a little obvious - clearly you have to actually touch the pole to do pole dancing - but there's a little more to it than that. Those bruises (pole kisses!) don't come from nowhere, they come from using your body to grip to the pole. That means that you do often need a bit of skin out to get a move. Depending on where you're at, that skin might be your thigh, your shin, your waist and so on. But don't worry - you get used to it!

It's not a real workout - FICTION

It may not FEEL like a workout because you're having so much FUN, but, let me tell you, it is DEFINITELY a workout. Ever woken up the day after going to the gym and could hardly walk? Well, that happens with pole too. Except an hour on the pole gets your whole body. There is no 'legs day' or 'arms day' - instead it's 'everything day'.

Pole Dancers do it for themselves - FACT

As pole dancers, we often hear comments about how we're doing it because we're slutty, or because the pole is actually a towering monument to male genitalia (I'm sorry but if your genitals are shiny, metal and chrome then PLEASE see a doctor!), or many other strange and silly stereotypes. The truth is that pole dancers all have their own unique and individual reasons for doing it. The only thing they have in common is that they're doing it for THEMSELVES, not for anybody else!

And we could go on all day about some of the other ridiculous things we've heard about pole dancing, but that would make for quite a long blog! But really, if you really want to find out what pole dancing is all about, then the only way is to give it a go!

Heard any other stereotypes about pole dancing that made you snort? Share below in the comments!

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