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Flowing through February's At Home Workout

2 minutes
27 February 2020

This month at Altitude we're focusing on flow and freestyle. So we're coming at you with a flowy workout that links together to become a little routine.

Don't be fooled, though, it WILL get you sweating!

This month's workout is brought to you by the Altitude #bossbabe Emma. Owner of not one but TWO Altitude studios in New Zealand. The brand new Altitude Palmerston North studio and Altitude Pole Whanganui 🤩

Ready, set... GO!

1 1 WOTM

1. Start on your hands and knees

Hands are approximately shoulder-width apart. Push your weight into your hands and then pop up to your feet.

Pick a leg, and thread that leg between your opposite hand and foot. Keep driving that foot through the gap, and then lift the opposite hand off the floor and arch it up.

To make it easier, you can slide your booty to the ground too, or for an extra challenge keep your booty off the floor. Reverse the movement and repeat on the other side.


2. To transition to the next movement

Once you have slid your foot through the gap, sit on your booty, then take your free hand across your chest and roll over your straight leg till you are on your belly, continue to roll over till you are on your back.


3. Lying on the ground

Take both legs up to the sky. Pretend someone had glued your knees together, take one foot and draw a circle with that toe towards your leg, then to the floor, then towards the wall, then back up to the top. Repeat each side, and try drawing circles in the other direction too.

4 WOTM 1

4. Leg Flares

Still keeping your knees together, it's time to do both legs at once!Feet travel to the outside wall in a circle, your feet touch together at the bottom. Then keep your feet together, open your knees, and draw a semi circle with each toe towards the sky as you open your legs into a straddle.

Then reverse! Remember to bend your knees as you reverse, toes come together, then knees, then draw a circle towards the sky with each toe till they meet again.

5 2 WOTM
5 3 WOTM

5. You can either lie down

Or push up onto your hands or forearms for this one.You're going to keep one leg bent and one leg straight, and pretend you're biking on a very tiny bicycle. Try to keep your movements small and those toes pointy!

For an extra challenge, take your feet lower as you continue to peddle your tiny bicycle with your feet.

6. Link them all together for an awesome flowy workout!

Annnnd you're done! We bring you an At-Home Workout Idea every month... so if you want to receive these straight to your inbox, click one the link below and signup to a studio mailing list!

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