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Make 2020 Awesome

4 Tips on making your 2020 AWESOME!

2 minutes
09 December 2019

- Written by our goal smashing, founder and all-round boss-babe, Karry Summers

It’s that time of year again! Time for a refresh, resolutions and a chance to get excited about kicking ass for another year! Now I know New Year Resolutions aren’t the “in” thing these days, and I get it, why wait for a certain date to start making some awesome changes to your life. But also, there’s just something about a whole new year ticking over that I feel is a great time to get all buzzy about making some positive changes.

There isn’t just one way to do this, either, so here are some ideas that might get you excited about what you can do to set yourself up for a high vibe 2020!


Why not reflect on the good and the bad of 2019 and pick 3 things you did that were awesome and 3 things you did that you maybe could have done better. Take the time to feel good about yourself for those things you did well, and then come up with ways you can improve on the things you didn’t do so well. And don’t get down about them, life is just one giant learning curve right? So learn!


The best way to create changes in your life long-term is to start with tiny little micro habits. These are just small things you’d like to build into your daily routine that will add up to a whole lotta long term positivity. For example - A big glass of water every morning when you wake up, wiping down the kitchen table every night before bed, flossing each morning, 8pm meditation time. There are endless amounts of tiny habits you can pick that are super easy to do, and once you’ve done them every day for 21 days they will start to become autonomous enough that you won’t stop. Just remember to only try and do one at a time, the point is that they are small and easy to incorporate.

Goals!! My favourite!

Why not go buy yourself a shiny new notebook, book yourself a day at your local cafe and spend a bit of time sitting in a nice cafe space with a hot chocolate and just write up some goals for the coming year. Start with where you would like to be in 5 years, then reverse engineer that to where you would need to be in 3 years, 1 year and all the way down to the next 90 days. Then put another reminder in your calendar to do the same thing in another 90 days. And finish off by giving that cafe a nice big tip cos we all know that giving makes you feel good too.

Vision time!

If the idea of getting clear on your goals doesn’t sit right with you, why not just doodle, brainstorm or write up ideas on what your ideal Monday would look like. Get as clear as you can, right down to the view you can see while you sip that very specific drink in the evening.

Remember there are no rules to this stuff but any time you can give to both getting excited and clear on where you want to go with your life is always going to be valuable.

Do whatever feels right to you and ENJOY it!

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