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Lockdown wearing on your nerves? Here are 3 tips to help!

2 minutes
06 May 2020

Written by Altitude HQ's Rosie Muir

If you're anything like me then you started lockdown upbeat and energised, ready to make the most of it, but now 5 weeks later your sanity is starting to wane a bit. It's getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and let's be honest: shit is just hard right now!

Personally, I've changed my tack a little bit to account for that: I've eased up on my initial lockdown fantasies of somehow becoming an amazing artist, a marathon runner and a world-famous chef, all in 5 weeks. I'll keep working at those things (never let the dream die!), but I've also started thinking that it's probably a good idea to take my foot off the gas and slow down for some self care.

So - I'll keep it short - here are my three best tips on how to look after yourself in this unusual time!

1. Get outside!

Seriously, this hardly needs saying, but it is the one thing that affects my mental state more than anything right now. Not only does your body actually need Vitamin D to function properly, getting some fresh air and stretching those legs will do you wonders. It doesn't matter if it's a walk, a bike, or just walking to the end of the driveway and back. Just get outside!

2. Spend some time away from screens!

Even when we're not in a bizarre Covid19 world, we are increasingly online and looking at screens. That's fine for the most part - screens have probably saved a lot us from pulling our hair out in the last few weeks - but it can become detrimental too. Personally, too much screen time makes me feel like a zombie. One thing that I've been implementing is one hour of no-screen time (at least), usually before bed. I might have a stretch, clean my room, listen to music - doesn't matter as long as there's no screens involved!

3. Split up your spaces!

This was actually a tip my flatmate gave me. It can be difficult with limited room, but at the very least try to designate yourself a work space and a leisure space. At the moment many of us are finding that work is contaminating what used to be an area only for sleep/leisure/living in, and that can make it harder to switch off and relax. If you can keep those things somewhat separated then it will help you to work without goofing off and goof off without working.

Obviously there are a lot of other good things to do to take care of yourself while in your bubble - these are just things that work for me! At the very least, hopefully this gets you thinking about self care and what you could be doing to make things easier on yourself :)

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