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Investing in Your Health and Happiness at Altitude

1 minutes
19 April 2024

Let's have a heart-to-heart about something we all hold near and dear: money. We've all been there, whipping up our budget spreadsheets, deciding where to cut back and where to splurge. In today’s blog, we’ll be talking about the value in keeping aside a little bit of your budget to invest in your physical and mental well-being - whether that’s going to yoga classes, visiting the gym or our personal favourite…hanging out at the pole studio ✨

When tightening our budgets, the first things to go are what we think of as non-essentials, and all too often, those are the things that bring us joy. We believe all forms of self-care and self-investment are important, whether that is buying a sanity coffee each day, treating yourself to a cheeky online purchase, or booking in for a lovely long massage. Setting aside a little budget to invest in what you love the most is always worth the effort if you can manage it!

So, where does pole dancing enter this equation? Let's face it – adulting can be tough. The pressures of work, relationships, and the never-ending to-do list can be a big stressor in life. But consider this: What keeps your spirits high when times are tough? What activity, big or small, fills your heart with joy? For most of us Altitudians, it’s pole dancing...

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Pole dancing is so much more than just a workout; it's a stress-buster, a way to reconnect with yourself during an otherwise hectic week. Taking some time to do something for yourself is a way to break free for an hour or two and reconnect with yourself. It’s an opportunity to step out of your head, shake it off, and get physically and emotionally stronger along the way.

Beyond that, the friends and connections you make when striving towards a common goal (like working on your pole skills) are priceless. When times are tough, having a supportive community surrounding you can make all the difference, and a little adrenaline boost from a good workout doesn’t hurt either! #doitforthedopamine

Investing money in your health and well-being is not a luxury or a waste - whether that’s investing in pole dance classes, or anything else that brings you joy. Setting aside a little piece of your budget to do something for yourself is a form of self-care that will pay off for years to come 💕

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