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Hens Party Ideas Australia

[ INSPO ] Make your Hens Party Extra Special

4 minutes
02 October 2019

Looking for Hens Party ideas? Pole Party ideas? Then take a look at our curated list for making your event extra #extra, in the best way possible!


You can't go wrong with a themed party. You'll get inspiration for decorations, clothing choices, music... even food and drink options. That's why our very first suggestion is theming your Hens Party.

And here are our top 5 ideas for themes.

1) Blast-From-The-Past

Throw it back with an Era Party! You're spoilt for choice when it comes to these types of parties. Get your vintage glitz and glam on with a 20s party, pin-up and rockabilly vibes with a 50s party... or maybe go for something a little more recent like a 80s/90s party. Complete with your fave jams, ALL the fluro colours... and some weird fashion trends #doubledemin


2) #livingyourbestlife

Bride-to-be LOVES festivals? Bring some festival vibes to the party! Take inspiration from the Zeitgeist-Chasing Coachella. Crop-tops, shiny glasses, bangin' fringing and the most popular beats out.

Or turn to the Carnival celebration of Mardi Gras - feathers, masks and tiiiny top hats!

There are loads of World Famous festivals to take inspiration from, the only hard part is picking which.


3) At the Movies

Or maybe the bride-to-be a big fan of movies? Got one in particular she LOVES? Then you should definitely consider a movie-themed Hens Party. Bring a little magic to the evening with Harry Potter, or maybe take it to space with Star Wars. Bring it back to childhood (or adulthood... love me a good animated movie) with a Disney theme. Or put on your capes and make it a Superhero theme, dress up like the badasses you are!

Bonus: Dance your group routine to the movie's theme song.

Extra Bonus: Creating Party Games to the theme of your movie.... how about a spot of Quidditch with balloons and ping pong balls? 🥳🤩

Harry Potter

4) Glitz & Glam

This theme is for those who just want to go #EXTRA. Feel like Queens with a Glitz and Glam themed Hens Party. Think golds, silver, blacks, glitter, (fake) fur, crowns, jewels! This theme also ties in perfectly with our more slinky/sassy style of Hens Party.

5) Colour my World

Theme the whole party with one particular colour - white, pink... the Brides fave. Or you could make it a swap party - everyone comes dressed in one colour and you swap items of clothing until you make a rainbow! This one is great if your group needs to do a bit of ice-breaker mingling.

P.S yes, you can totally decorate our studio space if you're going extra hard on that theme!


The music you play will set the mood for the evening, so you wanna make sure you've got the right beats for the job. Here's what we suggest...

Make a playlist!

Set up a Spotify playlist and add music that you know will go down a treat. If you've themed your party think about including music that ties into the theme. You proooobably don't want to fill the whole playlist with themed music, though, keep the party vibes going with just a sprinkle. Send us the playlist's URL and we'll make sure it's playing when you arrive!

Pick a special song...

...and dance your group routine to it. Whether it's the Brides fave song or a popular tune that makes her want to dance... let us know! We'll use the song for the group pole dance routine. It's always easier to dance your heart out when you love the music.



Don't leave without taking AT LEAST 50 photos! They're a great way to memorialise the evening AND you'll get some awesome shots for your Insta and Facebook page.

Group Pole Shot

Ask your Altitude instructor to get some pole photos of your squad. We can even show you some basic but #sassy poses that will have everyone looking 🔥🔥🔥

Here's a little bit of inspo for you...

Pole Poses

Drinks & Snacks

BYO is welcome at Altitude Pole Parties! Bring along your drinks of choice and snacks to nibble on while you wiggle and giggle the evening away. And yes, you can even have a couple of cheeky alcoholic drinks while you learn the moves... 🥂

Customise it

Our Hens Parties come with some standard options if you're wanting to experience the regulars BUT we also offer customisation if you've got a vision. Here are some ideas on how you can make your Hens Party unique...

1) Request other dance styles.

Maybe a bit of booty popping Twerk, or some sexy, slinky Lap Dancing. We don't stop there, though, we can also offer Floorwork, Burlesque influences and even heels based choreography! Talk to us about what's getting you inspired and we'll do the rest.

2) Topless Waiters, Male Strippers, performers.

We've got connections, so if you're wanting a bit of live entertainment let us know.

Male Strippers

3) Try our other classes.

We also offer non-pole based Hens Parties - for any of the other skills we teach. These depend on the studio but to give you an idea some of our studios offer Aerial Yoga, Ballet Barre, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop... or you could just request to learn spin pole rather than static. 

So there you have it! Our curated list of ideas for making your Hens Party the ultimate, unforgettable night out! If you're wanting a little help to turn your vision into a reality, or making the night #extra special - talk to us about how we can help.

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