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Celebrating Mums At Altitude - Part 1

4 minutes
13 May 2024

Welcome to part one of our 3-part series celebrating some of the amazing Mums at our studios by sharing their amazing & inspirational journeys with you ♥ 

Today, we've spoken with Sally, Rachel and Tara about their journeys as Mums at Altitude...

Tara's Journey

Tara began her pole journey before she became a Mum as a fun way to get fit while she was in Uni, and has made an incredible comeback to pole, making the incredible achievement of getting back to our advanced level 4 pole classes!

So Tara, what kind of challenges have you faced during your pole journey as a Mum?

Now that I have started a family I have struggled with more challenges than what I had dancing before becoming a Mum, including finding the time to get to classes, being confident in my body again and building back the strength required for moves that I used to be able to do easily.

Balancing motherhood with your own hobbies can be a challenge. How do you manage to fit in your pole or aerial sessions amidst all the chaos?

I am currently on another break from pole as I am due to have my second baby any time now. When I returned to pole after my first baby I definitely struggled to make the time for pole and when I did have the time, I was often too tired to put the amount of effort into my classes as I wanted to. It took me a long time to figure out a routine that worked for me and my family, but I am lucky to have a supportive husband who would take over the evening routine so I could make it to class.

Do you have any advice you would give to other Mums starting out at Altitude?

Be kind to yourself. It's hard putting the time and effort in to feel like your succeeding at pole when also juggling family life. Especially if your a new Mum returning to pole like I was, trying to find a new normal life routine. But every class you make it to is a win, and you have to celebrate those small wins.

Last but not least, is there anything else you'd like to share?

Pole puts a lot of stress on your pelvic floor and core, whether you are a new mum or your kids are now a bit older, and pelvic health doesn't get talked about very much. I definitely recommend seeing a Pelvic Health Physio if you do experience any issues with your pelvic floor when starting pole. You don't have to suffer in silence worrying if your going to wet yourself during a certain move.

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Rachel's Journey

Rachel began her journey with us as a way to make friends, have fun and get fit without getting bored at the gym. Since joining, she has recently moved up to level 2, celebrated by doing her very first pole photoshoot, and is enjoying her newfound muscles 💪 

So Rachel, were there any hesitations or doubts holding you back initially, especially with having family commitments, and what helped you push past any barriers to give it a go?

Initially with the stigma of 'pole dancing' and comments that came made me hesitate but I wanted to do something active and fun and different so I just went for it and tried it out! Finding time to attend with young kids at home is hard - but there was so much flexibility with class times on offer that I can find time each week with our changing work and family schedules.

What was it like stepping into the studio for the first time, and what made you want to keep coming back for more?

I was super nervous and felt silly doing some of the moves. But everyone in class was so supportive and encouraging of each other - there is no judgement here at all. I felt comfortable and inspired to attend more and see what I could achieve.

What do you like about pole dancing?

I love the physical challenge of it - I never knew how hard some of the simplest looking moves could actually be until I tried them! I love the structure of the classes - I never get bored! This is the only time I get to myself when I'm not being a Mum or working so it's important to me to enjoy the time and I feel like I accomplish something I never thought possible.

Do you have any advice you would give to other Mums starting out at Altitude?

Go for it! It's so much fun - not boring like a gym and everyone there is kind and encouraging. We have a lot of laughs in class and it's been incredible for my self confidence.

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Sally's Journey

Sally is a Mum of two who joined pole to give herself a moment to herself. Since joining, her confidence in herself and her body has grown, and she's enjoyed the challenge of learning something new.

So Sally, have there been any standout moments from your pole journey that you'd like to share?

I'm slowly becoming more proud of my body and accepting. It definitely helps that everyone at the studio are all so positive about moves and your body.

Balancing motherhood with your own hobbies can be a challenge. How do you manage to fit in your pole sessions amidst all the chaos?

I was going to class once a week, until my littlest turned 5. Now they're in school I can train twice a week.

What do you like about pole dancing or aerial fitness?

It's a slow growth, the more you put in, the more you will advance. And if life happens, it's ok just to enjoy what you already know!

Last but not least, is there anything else you'd like to share?

I'm so grateful that I've found this sport. It has helped me work through many major life changes, and the support from the people I've met through pole has been amazing ♥

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