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Our Core Values - "Live With Passion"

2 minutes
12 February 2024

Welcome to the final instalment in our blog series where we're talking about something close to the heart and soul of Altitude – our core values 💖 

Today, we're delving into what it means to "Live With Passion", Altitude style! "Live With Passion" isn't a phrase we toss around casually - the world of pole dancing is built on passion and we live and breathe it in everything that we do...

So, what does "Live With Passion" mean for us?

Firstly, it's all about creating a space where passion thrives. We've crafted our studios not just as places to learn to pole dance but as supportive communities bursting with enthusiasm. Living with passion is easy when you have a whole room full of people cheering you on and celebrating your wins! We have our amazing members to thank for helping to make Altitude a safe space for people to learn and find a passion for personal growth ❤

From the moment you step into our studios, you can feel the passionate vibes in the air - it's that electric energy that crackles when you're doing something you truly love.

At Altitude, it's not just about learning how to pole dance; it's about unlocking potential

We strive to help our members not only to conquer gravity but to conquer personal barriers, to challenge themselves, and to push beyond their comfort zones with passion and pride

Passion fuels our instructors too. They're not just here to teach; they're here to ignite that fiery passion within each and every one of our members. You'll see it in their smiles, feel it in their encouragement, and experience it in the way they cheer you on through every move, every climb, and every triumph.

But it's not just about what happens in the studio. "Live With Passion" is a mindset that extends beyond the studio. It's about embracing every aspect of life with that same fire and fervour. We encourage our members to carry that passion beyond the studio walls and into their daily lives, careers, relationships – and everywhere else they go!

Passion is infectious, isn't it?

When you're passionate about something, it's hard not to spread that energy to those around you. And that's what makes our community here at Altitude Pole so special. We're a bunch of passionate individuals coming together to lift each other up, celebrate victories, and push through challenges – together.

At the end of the day, "Live With Passion" isn't just a cool affirmation, it's something we infuse into every step, every spin, and every moment. Let's live it, breathe it, and let it guide us toward achieving our goals, both big and small.

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