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10 Things Every New Pole Dancer Needs To Know

10 Things Every New Pole Dancer Needs To Know

3 minutes
07 May 2024


Not keen on the teeny tiny shorts and crop tops? Hey, that's totally okay! You wear whatever you're comfortable in. All you need is grip in the right places for the moves you're working on and you're sorted. In our level one beginner classes, all you really need is hand grip and a bit of thigh grip. Plus, pole fashion is biiiiig, so you'll find a collection of clothes you're comfortable in. Athlete shorts, cheekies, t-shirts, long-line crop tops, strappy sports bras, bodysuits! There are LOADS of amazing options to pick from. Pick the stuff that makes you feel gooood.

No one is judging you

Our studios are a judgement-free zone! Generally in class, everyone is too focused in what they're doing to watch you do your thing. Whether it's flow, learning tricks, conditioning or flexibility - everyone is busy working on themselves to even notice the person on the pole next to them. 

In class, we often celebrate each others wins, too! So if you shout out a big "YAYYYYYYY!!!" because you achieved a goal, the rest of the class will celebrate with you ♥


Think you're not flexible enough? Yeah, some moves DO require a lot of flexibility... but there are a lot of moves that don't, too! There are many polers who identify as having the flexibility of a brick but still manage to do some pretty incredible stuff on the pole.

And we're here to tell you that if you dedicate time to stretching, you WILL become more flexible. You might not even notice but one day one of your non-poler, muggle friends will exclaim 'Wow you're SO flexible!!' and you'll realize you've made some gaaaaaains. So, book into some stretch classes as soon as possible and get your flex on!



The same rules for flexibility apply to strength! You'll gain all the strength you need by attending classes, so don't fret if you feel like you're not strong enough. You WILL get there and it'll feel soooo good (although you'll have probably found the next big move you want to work on by then!)

At your own pace

It's totally ok to go at your own pace. There will be moves you get straight away, and moves that take months and months (or years!) to get. Don't be hard on yourself if you can't get something the first time and someone else does. 

All of our bodies and brains work differently, so people get different things at different times. Your pole journey will be individual to you! Compare yourself to the you of yesterday, not someone else.

Flow, freestyle and everything in-between

Feel a bit awkward when you've gotta get your flow on? Lots of people start their pole journey feeling like that. Wanna know the best way to get better? Practice! Go to flow classes, freestyle as much as possible - start now. The more you do in the beginning, the faster you'll feel comfortable freestyling and flowing through choreography. It might even become one of your fave things!



Don't be scared, they won't bite! Look at yourself in them when you have opportunities (as long as it's safe). Check out how your moves look in the mirror, use them to perfect your form. Glance at yourself when you're dancing, freestyling and flowing. Self-critiques are good, as long as you're being kind to yourself!

Document your progress

Even if you haven't perfected a move, record it, take photos! Watch it back, learn from it and then try again. Each video and photo should be viewed constructively, don't tear yourself down if you don't like what you see. You're learning after all, be kind to yourself like you would to your friends. These videos and photos are your pole 'progress pics'. When you're further along in your journey you can look back and see just how much you've grown! Plus, asking other students in your class to snap your photo is a great way to make new friends.

If in doubt, grab a mat!

Safety is always top priority. If you're unsure of a move or would just like a bit of extra peace-of-mind, grab a mat. They're there for you, physically AND mentally.

Aaaand... You might kick your instructor sometimes

It happens. Don't worry about it! Your instructor will ALWAYS prefer your safety if it means the odd accidental kick, slap or punch. So, if you're coming out of a move, being spotted or just needing to re-adjust... don't worry if your instructor is near, do it safely. If safely involves kicking them in the face... they'll be glad you did it!

That's it for our top 10... now go be the awesome poler we know you are!

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