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All about photoshoots! Altitude Attitude style

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23 August 2019

The very first Altitude Attitude event was held way back in 2015 at the very first Altitude studio. Every year it's grown bigger and more exciting and this year is no different. We've got workshops, challenges, a meet & greet, special group choreo classes and SO much more!

Speaking of the choreo classes... did you know you will be learning a beginner routine made by the one and only Oliva? The reigning Miss Pole Dance NZ! That's BIG deal title in the pole dance world (and that's not her only title!)! 🤩🤩🤩 Oliva is pretty amazing, we're so lucky!

But... back to Altitude Attitude...

One thing that has always been part of the challenge (and always will be) is the professional photoshoot. 📸

It'll push you out of your comfort zone, Altitude Attitude style, one last time before the end of the challenge. The photoshoot is the perfect way for you to show off all the hard-earned moves you learned throughout the challenge. It also comes with your very own photoshoot director to help you get the perfect photos! 👌

Finishing off Altitude Attitude with a bang... because that's how we roll! 😎

If you've never been in front of a photographer before... photoshoots can sound scary. We get it! The photoshoot is often the thing that makes people the MOST nervous. Once it's all done and dusted, though, if you ask those same people what their favourite part of Altitude Attitude was... they're probably going to say the photoshoot. ❤️❤️

There's nothing more satisfying than being nervous about something and getting up and doing it anyway. You'll have done it! You conquered your fears, you pushed outside your comfort zone and you now feel WAY stronger, inside and out!

You will also feel like a straight up QUEEN posing for the camera! Get dressed up, do your hair and makeup and strut-your-stuff to capture those perfect photos.

And you'll always have the photos to take away with you. You'll get them back and you'll be feeling awesome ALL over again because you will look like a million bucks.

Chuck them up on social media to impress your friends and family, keep the photos for yourself, it's up to you!

We love photoshoots and we think you'll love them too!

Check out some photos that have been taken at past Altitude Attitude events. Get inspired... and then sign up to this year's Altitude Attitude to experience it all yourself.

It's so worth it 😍

You can do it too!

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  • Blog 2 Photoshoot Snaps4
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