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My Journey - Andrew Kerr

1 minutes
28 August 2017

Andrew is our August student of the month and an awesome member of the studio. He works hard, is determined to get things and always gives things a try. We asked him to tell us his Altitude story, here is what he said...

Back in 2010 a flatmate in Palmerton North introduced me to the triathlon squad she was training with because I had gotten into exercise in a big way since starting Uni. I nearly passed out at the first training. Despite this, the team was so supportive and wanted me to keep training with them. I progressively got stronger and faster thanks to the squad having a great culture, being amazing people who were capable of amazing fitness without being elitist (this will make sense later, maybe). After having competed in Triathlon world's in 2012 I moved to Christchurch for work, and as a result lost the triathlon community I was a part of.

For a couple of years I went to the gym as well as biking and running everywhere, which I still do as a hangover from enduro sport days. The gym gave me no motivation, sure I was exercising, but was I having fun? Was I being supported? Where's the motivation? Then about mid 2015 my ex convinced me to go to a silks class (she was doing pole at the time).

The combination of strength, cardio, and fun made me come back. Then came the epic sense of achievement when you finally get a move, and then continues as you get better and better at it. I loved that no one judged your level of ability, and there were people of all different levels working towards bettering themselves. One class a week became two and I branched into acro and aerial fit.

I've never looked back, having recently done my first level 5 pole class (which was badass) and have even been coaching ZUU sessions. So much fun. Nailing moves and combos and seeing what you are capable of achieving gives you such pride, self confidence, and drive to get that next move.

The reason I mentioned the triathlon squad before pole is because after 2013 and 2014 I'd finally found what I had been missing: a group of non elitist, supportive, strong, amazing people and instructors who get on like a house on fire regardless of background and ability. No one judges, everyone encourages. Altitude allows me to physically push myself and look f**king awesome doing it. And I feel like that's why I enjoy coming to the studio.

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