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Our classes will get you fit, feeling amazing, stronger, more flexible and you'll make some fantastic friends along the way. Our goal is to help you, what's yours?


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We’re about more than
just ‘fitness’

Our focus is on you - we aim to make a positive impact in your life in as many aspects as possible. That’s why we’re not just about getting fit, or losing weight - we’re about fun, confidence, support and building you up!

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Going to Altitude is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The sport is addictive, the instructors are inspirational, the community is friendly and supportive and the results are incredible. I’ve made some great friends and my overall confidence is at an all-time high! 

- Elle

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I love this place! When I first started up, I didn’t believe them when they told me that I would build all the strength I needed during the classes. I had ZERO arm strength and found the first class difficult but intriguing... By my 3rd class I started seeing progress, and having some successes - I was hooked!! 

- Katelyn

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We’re dedicated to our
world-class classes

Feel like you’re lacking in strength... or maybe co-ordination, flexibility? No worries! Our classes are designed to build you from where you are right now to where you want to go, safely!

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So much fun and such a wonderful supportive group of people! I love the fact that there is no judgement here at all - everyone is accepted and the classes are challenging, interesting and so fun! I always leave my classes feeling great and with a big stupid smile on my face!

- PL

We pride ourselves on our #altitudevibe. From our studio owners and instructors, to our students. We cultivate a culture of support, collectiveness and celebration! We're a family.

Our community is awesome...

if we do say so ourselves



Altitude has given me a chance to live my childhood dreams of dancing, performing dances, and making choreography, along with my love of music and flexibility it really is my perfect place to be. You get fit, flexy & strong while having SO MUCH FUN!

- Deanna

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Sometimes you need a little something extra in your life. Whether you need an outlet for your passion, some #metime or you just want to be part of something awesome. We’re all about that... ‘cause we’re all about you!

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Love it Or Leave Free

Joining Altitude has changed so many of our members’ lives for the better, and we’re confident that it can change yours too. So if you’re not loving life with Altitude within 30 days, we’ll refund you your first month - guaranteed!*