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Six Reasons Why Pole Dancing Is The Perfect Addition To Your Current Exercise Regime!

4 minutes
17 June 2022

Did you know that pole dancing is the perfect addition to your current exercise regime? Whether you're into a team sport, like to jog, are a gym bunny, or like to work out at home, pole dancing is a great way to supplement your current training schedule for maximum results!

No matter your workout style, age, gender or size, pole is a fun addition to your current workout plan with some pretty sweet physical benefits! 💪

We've put together a list of our top 6 reasons why pole dancing is the perfect pairing for your current exercise regime...

1) Pole Dancing Is Amazing For Your Mobility

Mobility is essential for everyone - especially athletes! To workout safely you need to keep up with your mobility training.

Having good mobility allows you to move your body freely and easily, which is a must in any sport! It also helps you to avoid nasty pulled muscles and similar injuries by giving you a more complete range of motion to work with.

This is where pole dancing comes in! The types of movements you learn through pole help towards improving your overall mobility. From the warmup to the conditioning drills, to the pole skills followed by an end-of-class flow and final cooldown stretch, you will be challenging your range of motion throughout the entire class. Over time your mobility will improve and you'll be feeling loose, limber and ready for anything! 🤸‍♀️

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2) You Will Get STRONG! 💪

Ohhhhh yes, you've probably already guessed that pole is great for your core strength, but guess what!? It's also an arm, leg and booty workout! Yup, that's right, pole is a FULL BODY workout.

You'll be lifting with your arms, back and shoulders, holding on with your legs, engaging those glutes and supporting yourself with your core throughout the entire class! As you progress, you'll be using more and more muscle groups to support your body weight up the pole 💪

Bodyweight training has always been a safe and popular way to gain strength - and pole is WAY more fun than a circuit of push-ups and wall sits!

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Mmmhmm, dancing is great cardio alright! It's the fun kind of cardio, the sneaky kind where you feel like you're just having a good time with a boogie and then BAM! The music stops and you realise you're sweating buckets and panting like a dog in the heat 🥵️ All the gains while having fun? Win-win!!!

There are a range of different styles of classes available so you can choose the level of cardio you'd like to sneak into your workout regime 🙌

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4) It Will Improve Your Coordination

Did you know that coordination isn't something you're born with? It's a learnable skill 🤯 Coordination is about training your mind-body connection, which pole can help you to develop in a few different ways!

From your very first classes, you will start learning how to activate specific muscles - some of which you may have never used much before! A lot of pole dancing is going from squeezing all of our muscles at once to isolating very specific muscle groups. This will challenge your brain as well as your body, and eventually, you'll start building the connections between your mind and body that'll allow you to effortlessly change the way you're using your muscles on a whim.

There's also your spacial awareness, which DEFINITELY gets challenged while pole dancing! You'll be amazed at how quickly your spacial awareness improves when you're trying very hard not to smash into a metal pole for an hour!

And of course, there's the dance side of pole - learning moves and then trying to do them correctly, in the right order, to the right beat! If this doesn't help with your coordination, we don't know what will!

Improved coordination is a huge benefit for any athlete - so no matter your main sport, the added coordination from trying pole is a pretty significant perk!

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5) You Will Become More Flexible

Can you touch your toes? WITHOUT bending your knees? 😉 Yeah, we can help with that.

Flexibility is about your end range of motion, both passively (relaxing into a stretch) and actively (engaging your muscles into a stretch). In many sports, it's common to lose a bit of your natural flexibility - building muscle mass without a lot of added stretching will often do that!

If you find that your favourite sport has been tightening your muscles, then pole is a great way to start bringing back the bend! Whether you'd like to improve your flexibility through pole alone or are interested in our specialised stretch classes, you'll be able to reach your flexibility goals at Altitude! No matter your current level of flexibility, from "bendy as a brick" to "wet noodle", our classes are a great way to make steady improvements towards becoming more flexible 🧘‍♀️

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6) You Will Have FUN!!!

The most important part of a good exercise regime is to have some fun with it!!! Staying motivated is a big part of training, and it's so much easier to do when you're having a good time!

Pole is fun!!! You'll have a laugh, make some new friends and get all the benefits of a workout, all while having a great time! What's not to love? There are classes to suit everybody so you can be sure you'll find what drives you 💪

Our memberships start at just two classes per week, and most of our classes run for 60 minutes, so it's easy to squeeze in a couple of hours of pole within your current schedule! We've even set up our curriculum so that you can do two classes back to back if you'd like to do them both in the same day.

Keeping a good training schedule has never been so easy! 🤸‍♀️💖

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