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Let's Talk Etiquette: Strip Club Dos and Don'ts

2 minutes
18 December 2023

So, you're thinking about hitting up a strip club for a night of excitement and entertainment. Awesome! But just like any other hangout spot, there are some unwritten rules that can make your night, and the dancers' night, even better.

In this blog, we'll explore some essential guidelines for navigating the world of strip clubs with grace and respect.

1. Show Some Love: Tips and Claps Over Screams

Here's a little secret: the best way to show your appreciation for the dancers is by tipping and clapping, not by going all out with loud cheers and screams. Sure, you might think screaming is a way to show your enthusiasm, but it can be a bit overwhelming. Imagine working a 12-hour shift with constant screams in your ears – not the most pleasant experience, right? So, if you want to share your kind words and compliments, save them for the tipping round when you can use your inside voice.

2. Keep Cash Ready

Before you head to the strip club, make sure you've got some cash on hand. Tipping is key, and it's just good manners to tip every dancer. If someone really blows you away, be extra generous.

In places like New Zealand, many strippers are considered contractors, which means they don't have a stable base rate. Tipping in good old cash, rather than club-specific currency, is the way to go because it ensures that the dancer gets every dollar you intend for them.

Not sure how much to tip? Start with $5 to $10 per dancer, and add a little extra for those performances that leave you in awe. If tipping isn't in your budget that night, maybe wait until you can spread the love a bit more.

3. Embrace the Fantasy: Use Stage Names and Persona

Strip clubs are all about stepping into a fantasy world, so dive right in. Even if you happen to know the dancer's real name, call them by their stage name (and don't be afraid to ask if you're not sure).

Keep in mind that they're at work and surrounded by customers, so save the personal chit-chat for outside the club. Some dancers prefer to keep their club life separate from their personal life, so be respectful of that. And remember, your friends on stage appreciate tips too!

4. Leave the Stage to the Performers

As much as you might want to show off your own moves, strip club stages are reserved for the staff. Leave the performing to the dancers. Just relax, enjoy the show, and express your appreciation through tips and compliments.

5. It's Entertainment, Not a Competition

Remember, a strip club isn't a competition to see who can do the wildest pole tricks. Watch the performances with kindness and be sure to tip generously, especially when you witness a challenging move or an impressive booty shake.

Stripping is all about entertainment. Many dancers work long shifts, ranging from 6 to 12 hours, and nearly all their dances are freestyled, which we think is pretty damn impressive!

6. Respect Privacy and Boundaries

If you happen to know that someone is working in the strip club industry but you're unsure about their openness, just ask before you spill the beans. There's still a lot of societal stigma surrounding sex work, so respecting someone's privacy and boundaries regarding disclosure is crucial. Be a supportive friend and ally.

7. No Photography, Please

When you're at the strip club, please avoid taking photos or videos, even if you're tempted to snap a cheeky #stripclubselfie. You never know who might end up in the shot, and it could lead to unintended consequences. So, tuck your phone away and enjoy the live performance.

Strip clubs are all about entertainment and fun. By following these etiquette tips, you can ensure that everyone has a great time. Show respect and appreciation, and most importantly, enjoy the show!

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