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"I'm not new to fitness but I have never pole danced before"

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Welcome to Your Next Fitness Challenge: The World of Pole Dancing 🌟

As a fitness enthusiast, you're probably always on the hunt for exciting and novel ways to keep your body challenged and your workout routine fresh. Enter pole dancing - a full-body workout unlike any you've experienced before. 

Pole dancing blends strength, flexibility, balance, and dance into a unique fitness cocktail that is as challenging as it is enjoyable. Just as you’ve successfully tackled other fitness modalities, you'll navigate the world of pole dancing too. And although the territory may seem foreign now, with patience, practice, and a dash of daring, you'll soon be spinning, climbing, and maybe even flipping!

Pole dancing may be a departure from your usual fitness routine, but trust us - it’s a workout worth exploring. If you’re already fitness-savvy but new to pole dancing, here's what you can expect

First Class Jitters

Nervous about your first class? You're not alone! It's totally normal to have a fluttery tummy before you step into the studio. We’ve all been there. 

Just remember, everyone in the room was once in your shoes, starting their journey and feeling the jitters. They're your team now, your pole family, and they’re rooting for you every step of the way!


Feel the Burn, in New Places!

You're likely no stranger to post-workout soreness. But pole dancing, like any new activity, will introduce your muscles to different types of movement and exertion. You may find yourself waking up the next morning with surprising new areas of soreness. 

But remember, it's just a sign that you're breaking new ground in your fitness journey. 💪


Embracing "Pole Kisses"

As you tackle new moves, you may earn a few 'pole kisses'. These are the bumps and bruises that come with gripping and sliding on the pole. No cause for alarm – they're completely normal and just part of the learning process. 

Many pole dancers consider them badges of honour, since they are proof of your hard work and progress.


The Importance of Rest

You're no fitness newbie. So you know as well as we do how crucial rest days are, right? 

Even though pole dancing is ridiculously fun (seriously, it's addictive!), it can also pack a punch on your body. Remember to tune in to your body's cues and take those much-needed rest days.

Rest is the secret ingredient that lets your body heal, get stronger, and adjust to the exciting new world of pole dancing. Plus, it helps you dodge those pesky overuse injuries.


Embrace the Climb

Progress in pole dancing can sometimes feel slow, especially if you're used to the straightforward progression of lifting heavier weights or running faster times. 

In pole, you’ll be mastering intricate movements and dance techniques. Some days you’ll be flying high with new achievements, and other days it might feel like you're stuck. It’s all part of the journey - remember, every spin and climb is a step forward. 💪


Cross-Training with Pole

In your fitness journey, you've likely come across the concept of cross-training – incorporating a variety of exercises into your workout routine to promote balanced strength and prevent injury. 

Well, good news! Pole dancing naturally complements this concept as it works multiple muscle groups, promoting overall physical balance and flexibility.

With the engaging mix of spins, lifts, and holds, pole dancing can help fill any gaps in your existing workout routine. It offers a unique combination of strength, cardio, and flexibility training that can supplement your other fitness activities beautifully. Whether you're a runner, a yogi, or a weightlifter, pole dancing can help improve your performance by enhancing your core strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.


Dress for Success

Don't worry, you don't need to whip out the booty shorts and crop tops just yet! At Altitude, we want you to be as comfortable as possible while mastering the art of pole dance.

  • Level 1 - Here, the key is comfort and freedom of movement. A regular workout top (loose or fitted, as you prefer) and bike shorts are perfect for this stage. There's no need for booty shorts and crop tops - wear what makes you feel good and ready to move.
  • Level 2 - As you advance and start to explore moves that require a bit of torso grip, your attire may need a slight upgrade for more grip points. You might want to opt for a top that can be easily rolled up for certain moves, but for the most part, your comfy Level 1 outfit will continue to serve you well.
  • Level 3 and Beyond - Now things are getting serious! At this level, you'll be playing around with moves that require more grip. This is the stage when you might want to start investing in more 'grip-friendly' attire. But don't worry, there's a wide range of stylish and comfortable pole-wear available that will make you feel confident and capable. By the time you make it to Level 3 you'll be aware of all the options!

Remember, the goal is to dress for where you are in your pole journey and for what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. At Altitude, you're encouraged to express your individual style at every stage!


Fuel and Hydrate

Alright, fitness enthusiast, you've probably heard this one a million times before, but guess what? We're saying it again. Hydration and nutrition are critical, no matter the type of workout.

You're used to your protein shakes, your post-workout meals, and your 8 glasses of water a day, right? Well, keep that discipline going! A demanding activity like pole dancing requires you to be well-nourished and hydrated. Not to mention, maintaining a balanced diet will help fuel your body for the rigors of our classes, enhancing your performance, recovery, and overall health.

Remember, your body is like a high-performance vehicle, and pole dancing is the high-speed race. You wouldn't send your race car off without the right fuel, so why would you do any different for your body?


Remember, It's a Journey

Even with a strong fitness background, you'll be learning many things from scratch. Don't worry if you feel a little out of your depth initially - everyone starts there. Embrace the challenge and enjoy each step forward. And remember, the Altitude community is here to support and celebrate your wins along the way.


Most Importantly, Have Fun!

You’re joining a vibrant, supportive community that’s all about fun, positivity, and empowerment. So, cheer on your pole-mates, share laughs, celebrate progress (yours and others'), and above all, enjoy the ride! 

You’re not just joining a fitness class; you're becoming a part of the Altitude family. ❤️


Ready to step into the exhilarating world of pole dancing?

 With every spin and every move, you're becoming stronger, more confident, and having a blast along the way. We can't wait to see you in the studio, and we're thrilled to be a part of your pole journey! One spin, one move, one victory at a time. 🎉