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Finding Self Love and Confidence Through Pole Dancing Blog Graphic

Finding Self-Love and Confidence Through Pole Dancing

3 minutes
11 February 2022

Confidence - for some, it comes as naturally as breathing, but for most of us, it's a constant changing journey. Some days you wake up and feel on top of the world, on other days it can be a struggle just to step out in public.
Something that we're hearing about more and more is people practising self-love and self-care to help build their confidence and feel better as a whole. We LOVE this - it's so, so important to take the time for yourself and focus on your own wellbeing.

But how does this relate to pole dance?

Well, self-love is about more than just eating a piece of fruit or sticking to a skin care routine!

It's about challenging yourself, finding your potential, smashing through goals and nourishing yourself mentally as well as physically. This is where pole dancing comes in! See, pole dancing is unique in that you're entering a safe space to be 100% you - to learn and grow at your own pace surrounded by people who are cheering you on every step of the way 💕


Taking the first step

Starting something new can be scary! The first step in building confidence is to be scared of something and do it anyway - what is the worst thing that can happen?You could show up and decide it's not for you but at least you tried, or you could discover a new passion that lights a fire in your heart 🔥

Even in simply taking that first step, you've proven to yourself that you CAN do it - you are that brave!

Rising to a challenge

Pole dancing is a lot of things - it's a fun way to get fit and make new friends. It's also WAY harder than you might expect. Pole is a sport that will keep you on your toes (literally and figuratively!) and push your limits to their absolute max!

A great way to build your confidence is to struggle through the challenges and find a way to overcome them. With every achievement you get to show yourself what you're capable of 💪

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Thanking your body for what it can do

We've said it before and we'll say it again - EVERY body is a pole dancers body! All shapes, all sizes, all genders, all ages - all people! Anyone can be a pole dancer if they want to! Instead of focusing on what we look like, we're cultivating a culture of appreciating our bodies for what they can do for us. Beauty is skin deep, but grace, strength and power come from within!

Your body allows you to do some pretty amazing things when you pole dance. Just nailed that spin? Amazing! Got your feet off the ground? Amazing! Managed to tip yourself upside down? AMAZING!

Shifting the focus from what our body looks like to what it can do for us is MASSIVE in building confidence in self love. It doesn't happen overnight but over time you'll notice your perspective slowly starting to shift and you'll feel a whole new love for that wonderful skin you're in ❤️️

Being part of a community that cares

We're very lucky at Altitude to have built a kind, supportive community thanks to our lovely members. From the moment you walk through the door of your studio you'll be greeted with warmth and kindness. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and creating a safe space for our members to let their hair down and be their whole selves.

Being around people who lift you up (figuratively, but also sometimes literally) does wonders for your confidence! When you achieve a goal, the whole room celebrates your win with you! It's a great feeling to know that your hard work and determination has been noticed 💕
For many of us, our pole friends turn into all of life friends. They become a major part of our support network to celebrate our good days and help encourage us through our not-so-good days.

Having people around you who actively help build your confidence is so important to our overall well-being. While confidence comes from within, having someone else give it a nudge sure does help!

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Celebrating what makes you, YOU

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, they're what make us unique! Finding self-love isn't about hiding your weaknesses or denying they're there - it's about embracing them and making them work for you!

At pole you have the opportunity to look your weaknesses in the eye and say something like "well, my thighs may be thick but they sure do help with grip!" or "I may not be strong yet, but I am growing stronger every single day".

Confidence is about being able to accept the things we're unable to change and love them anyway. Your quirks are what make you unique, they make you special. So be imperfect, be quirky and be YOU!!!

Is pole going to be the next step in your self-love journey?

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