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Learn to pole dance at Altitude Pole Redwood, Christchurch!

Kia ora and welcome to Altitude Redwood - we're so excited that you're checking us out and looking into the magical world of pole dancing - you got this! We are a smaller studio all about that personalised learning experience for students of all fitness levels. We take pride in seeing our students flourish, having a supportive team backing you all the way and a welcoming studio and community.

So come join us and find your new happy place as we explore the dynamic world of pole dancing – a full body workout that will leave you feeling like an absolute #badass!

About the studio

Altitude Redwood is the smaller of the three Altitude studios in Christchurch with a team who are dedicated to providing you with the best pole dance experience possible. 

We have two rooms - The Pole Haven at the front, a smaller more cosy room where all our level 1 pole classes are held and The Summers, our larger room at the back where a mix of classes are held. Both rooms are fitted with full length mirrors, fun lights, great sound systems and have a mix of 8 stainless steel & brass X-poles all fitted with the handy x-lock for ease of moving between static and spin.

If you're looking at joining us, we'll meet for a consult at the studio - this is a great chance to come and see the space, take a peek at classes and to check if we're a good match for what you're looking for.

When you first start with us, you'll join our level 1 pole classes. These classes are made up of a diverse group of people all giving pole dance a go. Some might be there for the first time like you, others might have been attending for longer but everyone is welcoming and friendly - we all remember our first class. Our classes are structured - warm up, conditioning, skills, flow, cool down and your instructor will be there to support you every step of the way and ensure you have a great experience.  We also have a collection of other classes that you can do when you first start - booty, strength & conditioning and stretch classes - be sure to check out our timetable. 

If you've done some pole before, we would love to have you come and join us. We will work with you to figure out what classes will suit you best and help you get settled in. 

So, get ready to embark on an exciting learning journey with us. We're here to make sure you feel confident and have a fantastic time in our classes!

  • Poles
    8 Poles in each room - a mix of stainless steel and brass, 40 & 45s
  • Flooring
    Thick vinyl with underlay
  • Rooms
  • Waiting Room
  • Changing areas
  • Rigging
  • Shower

We have 4 dedicated all hour car parks along with 6 other after 5pm car parks. These are all labelled and in the vicinity of the business park we are in. There are also off-street parks.

You'll find the business park we're in between the railway crossing and Cavendish Road. Look out for the wee road that comes off Barnes Road near the Reserve. Priority Electric is on the corner and we are right beside them. 

What our members have to say

  • Leiani


    Altitude Pole Studio

    My confidence has grown in spades since joining. The thought of performing in front of people petrified me. I even used to get nervous doing a flow at the end of class and I wouldn't fi...

    My confidence has grown in spades since joining. The thought of performing in front of people petrified me. I even used to get nervous doing a flow at the end of class and I wouldn't film myself or take photos. Wow what a big turnaround over the past couple of years. Even though I always said I never would, I recently performed in my first Showcase and loved it!

  • Grace


    Altitude Pole Studio

    I like the shock on people’s faces when I tell them I’m a pole dancer! On a more serious note, I love the environment, I love the people, the energy and I love what it’s done to my conf...

    I like the shock on people’s faces when I tell them I’m a pole dancer! On a more serious note, I love the environment, I love the people, the energy and I love what it’s done to my confidence. Pole has helped shape me into the best version of myself and shaped my booty too so win win.

  • Emma Jane


    Altitude Pole Studio

    I have grown in so many ways, I still cant believe it. My fitness and strength has improved so much. My confidence has improved not just at pole but my everyday life too. I'm learning...

    I have grown in so many ways, I still cant believe it. My fitness and strength has improved so much. My confidence has improved not just at pole but my everyday life too. I'm learning to love my body and all its lumps and bumps. Even my whanau and friends have said my confidence has grown since I've started at Altitude.

  • Amy


    Altitude Pole Studio

    I have been really pushed out of my comfort zone joining pole! Dancing around others, freestyling, wearing tiny shorts and exposing skin has been a struggle at times, but with time, I'v...

    I have been really pushed out of my comfort zone joining pole! Dancing around others, freestyling, wearing tiny shorts and exposing skin has been a struggle at times, but with time, I've begun to feel more confident, comfortable and proud of myself. I've begun to love myself a bit more than when I started, my self-esteem has truly grown.

  • Letitia


    Altitude Pole Studio

    I love getting to know my body more and discovering all the ways I can move, learning how strong I am. The confidence I have gained from pole dancing and the friendships that I have for...

    I love getting to know my body more and discovering all the ways I can move, learning how strong I am. The confidence I have gained from pole dancing and the friendships that I have formed has been amazing.

  • Caitlyn


    Altitude Pole Studio

    The challenge and the strength gains are always a plus. However, the community and the friends I’ve made along the way have definitely been the highlight of my pole days....

    The challenge and the strength gains are always a plus. However, the community and the friends I’ve made along the way have definitely been the highlight of my pole days.


We've got over 40 classes happening every week. Classes run on weeknights, some weekdays and across the weekends so we've got you covered! 

As a new beginner at the studio, you've got a few options - Level 1 Pole, Booty, Stretch & Flex, Stretch & Flow and Strength & Conditioning....and that's just the beginning, wait till you get into the swing of it and a whole heap more opens up!

  • 1

    Level 1 Pole


    Level 1 is our entry level beginner class focused around learning basic spins, skills and transitions. You'll build strength and body awareness to help you move up to the next level. This is where you start your pole journey.

  • 19

    Level 2 Pole


    Level 2 builds on the spins and transitions learned in level one, along with learning new skills that take you higher up the pole. This is when you'll start learning the basics of inverts (going upside down!).

  • 18

    Level 3 Pole


    Level 3 works more on inverts and begins introducing some basic but fundamental aerial skills alongside some more challenging upright skills.

  • 17

    Level 4 Pole


    In Level 4 you'll start taking on some more advanced but still fundamental pole tricks and combos. These may require more strength or flexibility to pull off. You will also work on perfecting moves from earlier levels.

  • IMG 1592

    Level 5 Pole


    Level 5 is our highest level where you'll learn a collection of static and spin based skills and transitions. There'll be everything from drops and tumbles, to strength and flex moves; pops, flips, lifts and unique combinations.

  • Flow101

    Flow 101


    This class is designed to get you feeling more comfortable with the dance element of pole dance. You'll be guided through a variety of movement pathways and encouraged to find shapes, poses and variations that feel and look good on you and your body. Open to all levels.

  • 13

    Pole Dance


    Learn a pole dance choreography with one of our instructors! These classes are perfect for learning how to transition skills together, move to music, find new shapes and movement pathways. Choreography styles vary depending on the instructor. Suitable for confident Level 1 and above.

  • FF

    Flow & Freestyle


    Flow & Freestyle is about exploring shapes and movement pathways to help find your unique movement style. This is done through a series of guided exercises, movement games and taught sequences. Suitable for confident Level 1 and above.

  • 8

    Spin Pole


    Learn how to wrangle a spin pole into submission with our range of Spin Pole classes catering from Level 1 to Level 5. Piece together beautiful spins and shapes and get all the tips for spin technique, including how to stop the dizzy!

  • 7

    Pole Combos


    In our range of combo classes you'll learn how to transition from one skill to the next as well as learn new shapes, moves and variations on existing skills. We've got combo classes available for Level 1 right through to Level 5.

  • 9

    Pole Play


    These classes are designed to give you time to practice whatever you'd like to work on under the guidance and supervision of an instructor. They're great for getting 1-1 help and ticking skills off your level lists too. Suitable for confident Level 1 and above.

  • 15

    Training Time


    If you're needing some time and space to practice your own thing - nemesis skills, freestyles, performance or competition routines, training times are perfect! Talk to our team about picking up training times.

  • IMG 1593

    Heels 101


    Ever wanted towering long legs or to experience the satisfying 'clack' of pole heels as they bang together? This is the class for you - learn beginner heels skills and technique along with a choreography. Suitable for confident Level 1 and above.

  • 10

    Heels 102


    When you're comfortable in a pair of heels then come learn some of the more challenging heels based skills both on and up the pole as well as at the base! Suitable for confident Level 2 and above.

  • IMG 1596

    Floor 101


    Learn floor based skills, dance transitions and base work (skills using the bottom of the pole and the floor) along with a choreography. Barefoot and heels welcome. Suitable for confident Level 1 and above.

  • 11

    Floor 102


    This class introduces you to some of the more challenging and dynamic floor and base work skills like fish flops, kips and various balances. You'll also learn a choreography. Open to confident Level 2 and above.

  • 6



    If you want to work those glutes and have a whole heap of fun, then come get peachy with us in Booty. You can expect a glutes workout and some booty based dance choreography! Open to all levels.

  • Stretch Flow

    Stretch & Flow


    Ever wanted to be able to touch your toes? Or just feel a bit more limber and free moving? Our delicious stretch and flow class will give you a great all over body stretch. Open to all levels.

  • 5

    Stretch & Flex


    Ever wanted to be able to do the splits? Or back bends? Then our Stretch & Flex classes are the one for you. Learn safe stretching techniques to help with the flexibility needed for pole, or just in general! Open to all levels.

  • Comp Prep

    Performance Prep


    If you're performing in our showcases or in a competition then we'll likely be running our performer prep classes to help you create something you're super happy with!

  • 3

    Strength & Conditioning


    Want to take your strength to the next level? Our Strength & Conditioning class is the perfect way to build power, endurance, and resilience. With a focus on conditioning exercises designed to target all areas of the body, this class is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their pole skills or just get stronger overall.

At Altitude, we operate on a membership basis because we believe in the power of commitment to drive progress. Our memberships not only give you access to our diverse range of classes so you can switch it up and learn new things at a pace that suits you, but they also embed you in our supportive community and provide a consistent path to achieving your fitness and confidence goals. 

To participate in our classes and join in on the fun that is pole dancing, you'll need to become a member. Don't worry - the process is simple and the rewards are well worth it!

Read more about our memberships here. 

  • Michelle


    Studio Owner/Manager & Pole Instructor

    Having started her pole journey in 2009, Michelle has a wealth of experience, qualifications and a bunch of competition successes under her belt. She is thrilled to finally have her own happy place where she can share the gift of pole with others - one of her fav things to do. Outside of the studio she is a mum of 3, a lover of nature and has a goal of poling forever!

  • Noelle


    Assistant Studio Manager & Pole Instructor

    Noelle joined Altitude in 2017 and quickly became addicted. Her passion for pole sees her regularly performing and competing (and winning) in New Zealand and Australia. She loves the challenges and creative freedom pole has to offer. If not on the pole or on the floor, she'll be snuggling on the furniture, buying squishmellows or telling you stories about her cats.

  • Heather


    Student Care Manager

    Despite nerves almost stopping her from coming, Heather started with us when we opened in 2020. She now loves pole, especially how it can be so many things - fitness, strength, fluidity, expression, creation. She can't wait to meet you and see our community grow with an amazing variety of students - you don't need to look/feel/be a certain way, you just need to start!

  • Georgia


    Community Care Manager & Pole Instructor

    Georgia joined Altitude in 2018 - one of the first things she truly did for herself. Without any prior dance experience you'll now find Georgia flowing around the pole in what has become an emotional outlet and a way for her to celebrate what her body is capable of. Outside of Altitude, Georgia loves spending time with her toddler, dogs and partner.

  • Melissa


    Studio Assistant, Pole Instructor

    Melissa began pole in 2012 but got busy with life. In 2020 after having kids she picked it back up and hasn't looked back. She loves the fun, friends, increased confidence and constant delight in the things she can achieve. Melissa is excited to share her love of pole with you and can't wait for you to learn, grow and experience all the joys pole has in store for you.

  • Brenna


    Pole, Floor & Stretch Instructor

    Brenna's dance journey began at a young age but she wanted to try something new so in 2018 she joined Altitude. While her first class felt like a "hot mess," she persisted, growing in confidence and strength. Brenna has found that Altitude has given her the space to create a grounding and healthy relationship with her body; she would love to share that space with you.

  • Laurel


    Pole Instructor (on maternity leave)

    Laurel started her pole journey in 2018 after several previous failed encounters of 'enquiring'. Despite feeling uncoordinated and frightened of what she'd got herself into, perseverance paid off and pole became a great safe space for her. Laurel is a qualified PT, a lover of freestyle and promises to do her best to encourage, giggle and play along the way with you!

  • Addy


    Pole & Floor Instructor

    Addy signed up for pole in 2019 and hasn't looked back since. She especially loves the many ways that one can express their creativity and personality in pole dance. She combines her passion for teaching and pole to help her students grow and smash any goals in their pole journey.

  • Tamara


    Pole & Booty Instructor

    Tamara started pole dance in 2015 after getting bored of lifting weights and running on the treadmill at the gym. It was instant love - how could it not be when your new gym shoes are covered in glitter?! Tamara loves pole as a place of escape and she is so excited to share the wonderful world of pole dance with others and to help unleash their inner badass!

  • Libi


    Pole Instructor

    Pole has become Libi's passion and life, and the joy it brings being a part of the pole community is something she could not have imagined when she started around 6 years ago. Libi loves teaching, seeing students make new friends, gain confidence as they learn new moves, and find their own glorious style.

  • Rosie


    Pole & Stretch Instructor (on maternity leave)

    Rosie is one of our awesome pole and stretch instructors! She's recently celebrated a decade of teaching with Altitude. When it comes to all things bendy, Rosie is absolutely in her element. She's got the moves and the passion to help you reach new levels of flexibility and strength.

  • Amelia


    Pole Instructor

    After watching countless pole videos on YouTube Amelia found herself at Altitude in 2018 where she was instantly hooked - heels, spin and bendy tricks quickly becoming her favourite. She loves to express herself in choreography, especially smooth slinky flow and dynamic tricks on and off the pole. Amelia can't wait to be part of your pole journey and see you glow.

  • Elle


    Pole & Stretch Instructor

    Elle was your typical couch potato with zero experience in fitness, dance or flexibility but in 2014 she took a leap of faith and gave pole a go...and loved it. Experimenting with shapes, creating combos, stretching and flexing is Elle's fav and now she's thrilled to share her passion with you - get ready for an enjoyable journey of learning, growth and loads of fun!

  • Nicole


    Pole & Floor Instructor

    Nicole's Altitude journey began in 2016 but she did her first pole class back in 2011. A regular performer and competitor, Nicole loves all things heels, booty, dynamic & flex. In "normal life" Nicole is a qualified electrician, is addicted to gaming and has found a love for sewing her own costumes. She can't wait to share all things pole and floor/basework with you.

  • Kristyna


    Pole Instructor

    All the way from the Czech Republic, Kristyna started pole in 2018. She has a strong dance and fitness background and is a qualified Personal Trainer and Zumba instructor but it's pole dance that holds a special place in her heart and she can't wait to share that with you. Outside of the studio, Kristyna loves taking photos and hanging out with her furry friends.

  • Laura


    Pole & Stretch Instructor

    Laura found her passion for pole at Altitude in 2012 and has competed in NZ, Australia and the UK. She won NZAPP's expert category in 2016 and spent the next three years abroad training with lots of well known names. She is X-pert 1-2 trained, level 2 gym instructor qualified and is flexibility goals! Laura will get you bendy in no time!

  • Andrew


    Pole Instructor

    Andrew comes from a triathlon background and joined Altitude in 2014. He is also known as the 3x running NZ Pole Legends Ultimate Male winner.... so you could say he got pretty good at pole! He is renowned for his dynamic strength, endurance and is a big fan of anything flippy. Andrew loves helping students get gains and letting them see what they can really achieve.

  • Jess


    Strength & Conditioning Instructor

    Jess is a trained Primary Teacher and Adult Educator who loves to see people learn and thrive experiencing new things. She joined us in 2020 and quickly became obsessed. Jess loves the individuality of pole and loves the friendship and community that comes with it. Jess can’t wait to join you on your pole journey, celebrating the fun and joy it can bring you!

  • Rhi


    Pole & Stretch Instructor

    Introducing Rhi, a seasoned pole dancer since 2015 and an instructor since 2017. Through pole, she discovered her inner strength and confidence, which she's grateful for. Now in Christchurch, she's all about exploring epic hikes and rock climbing adventures. Rhi proudly holds the titles of Miss Pole Queen Amateur 2019 and Miss Show Girl first runner-up 2018.

  • Toni


    Pole Instructor

    Toni has taught at a range of studios within NZ since 2018. She finds inspiration and passion in helping womxn find empowerment, liberation and authentic unique expression through movement and sensual dance. Toni hopes to help all her students to find their confidence on and off the pole and can't wait to help students find their path in the pole world.

Let’s get visual

  • Outside

  • Entrance

  • Waiting Lounge

    Waiting Lounge
  • The Pole Haven

    The Pole Haven
  • The Summers

    The Summers
  • New fairy lights

    New fairy lights
  • Quiz Night

    Quiz Night
  • UV Party

    UV Party
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    Instructor Pole Jam
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    Paint & Sip
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    NZAPP 2022
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    NZAPP 2022
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    Showcase 2023
  • Showcase 2022

    Showcase 2022
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    Halloween Fun
  • Class Christmas Tree

    Class Christmas Tree
  • Instructor end of year social

    Instructor end of year social
  • Goals Workshop

    Goals Workshop
  • Redwood goes to the NZAPP Finals

    Redwood goes to the NZAPP Finals

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