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Guys & Pole - Andrew from Christchurch Central and Wigram!

1 minutes
13 August 2019

We're excited to introduce you to our next Altitude guy, Andrew! He's not only an Altitudian, he also joined the Altitude instructing team teaching pole, silks and ZUU 😲 multi-talented! He also just happened to win ULTIMATE MALE LEGEND last year at Pole Legends NZ!

Yup, Andrew is pretty awesome... so you should definitely check out his story, find out why he decided to give Altitude a go.

So, Andrew, how long have you been pole dancing for?

I think I've been doing pole for about 4 years now, having started with silks.

What made you decide to give pole dancing a try?

After leaving Palmerston North, the triathlon scene down in Christchurch didn't interest me as much, and the gym was getting boring and repetitive. A friend of my ex's got her into pole, after a few months she persuaded me to try silks, which was a big success for fun and fitness. My ex got into an accident cycling to work and when she recovered she had to start from basics, I started with her for support and just kept on poling since.

What was it like when you first started?

Weird, foreign. So many factors to take into consideration. It wasn't just about endurance or reps anymore. I had to figure out grip, skin conditioning, flexibility, style, flow, coordination, being upside down, the list goes on.

What's it like now?

Just awesome to be honest. I'm more confident and body aware, always wanting to try new things and reinforce the old. Training has become a hobby that I get to do alongside some of the most badass people I've ever met.

Which polers inspire you the most?

There a lot to be fair... A bunch from Altitude for sure, Lydia, Tash, Oliva notably. Lennox Moon and Jay De Swan (any flexy guys to be fair). Oonka K, Bendy Kate, Bethany Finlay, Adam Lin. Just to name a few 😛

What would you say to any guy thinking about giving it a go?

I strongly recommend you give it a go, it's a workout, it's social, it's fun. Pole isn't just for girls, and even the girls will out-lift you.

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