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Give Yourself The Gift Of Pole Dancing This December

4 minutes
02 December 2021

December is officially here! It's a time of sunshine, barbeques and fairy lights; the weather is warming up, and the evenings are getting longer...

If you're looking to add some extra fun into your Summer, check out these 6 reasons why pole dance is the gift that keeps on giving!

1. Anyone can do it!!!

Unlike many types of dance and fitness, you don’t need a background in anything to start pole. Whether you're 18, 38 or 68 it doesn’t matter! You don't need to be able to "hold yourself up" or be "strong" already, that's why we have beginner classes!"

You will find people from all walks of life in your pole studio, from nurses to scientists to shop assistants and even the odd zookeeper! You might be surprised at just how many people actually have pole fitness to thank for their incredible fitness levels!

2. You’ll feel more confident and empowered

Something you’ll hear time and time again about pole is how much it builds people's confidence - just check the reviews on Google and you’ll see!

The thing is, it’s hard not to become more confident when you pole dance. It starts with a challenge - in your first few lessons you’ll be awkward and uncoordinated, it’ll be a struggle for sure! But you’ll keep trying, and faster than you expect, your body will start cooperating and those moves that made no sense a couple of weeks ago suddenly click. That feeling of achievement is EVERYTHING! Instant confidence boost 💖

Over time those regular little confidence boosts add up to an all-over sense of confidence and empowerment - you have proved to yourself that yeah, actually, you can do anything you set your mind to! Nothing stands between you and your goals! Also, that new pole dancer booty sure helps 😉 #bootyful

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3. Making friends just got a whole lot easier

It’s no secret that meeting new people as an adult is hard! Like, seriously, where do you find new people to be friends with!? At the studio of course!!!

Part of gaining more confidence includes having a new squad of awesome people standing behind you. You’ll start making friends from the moment you walk through the door (it’s easy when you all have something in common like loving pole!). In classes they’ll be your cheerleaders, celebrating your achievements with you. Outside of classes, you’ll be developing the kinds of friendships that last a lifetime.

It’s so common to see groups of pole dancers going on trips to support each other perform and compete. We have each others' backs, and we’ll have yours too 💗

4. It doesn’t feel like exercise, but it sure does get the results!

Something you’ll notice in class is that it’s a bit of a giggle-fest! Starting with a fun warmup to a banger track you’ll be feeling PUMPED to get on to learning some cool new shit 🤸‍♀️

Normally when we’re learning a new move, it’s not pretty right away. If the instructor says grab right, you grab left, if the instructor says “point your toes” you curl those piggies up to all kinds of weird and wonderful angles 🤪 You end up getting so focused on making a move look good that you forget that your body is actually working really flippin’ hard!

While you’re having fun hanging out with your friends and learning some cool new tricks, your muscles are growing stronger and more flexible. And let’s not forget that dancing is also amazing cardio! 💪

You may not feel like you’re exercising in class, but you’ll certainly feel it the next day!

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5. It may be the cure for clumsiness!

If you’re one of those people who has a knack for finding walls, coffee tables or other inanimate objects that mysteriously come to life and jump out at you right as you walk past, then pole dance may just be the cure you need!

As well as growing your confidence and muscles, pole dance will help you grow a greater sense of body awareness that will seep into your day-to-day life. You’ll move around with more dexterity and poise as your mind-body connection grows 🧠 This means you'll be less likely to bump into things and slip, trip or fall!

6. Pole can be emotionally healing

Your pole studio is a safe space where you can dedicate some time to yourself. Obviously, it’s not the all-in-one miracle cure for mental well-being, but can be a big helping hand along the way.

We all know that exercise is clinically proven to be beneficial to our mental well-being so we’ll save you the lecture on that, you know pole has you covered there! Those wonderful mood-boosting endorphins from exercise are a given when you attend a class 💃

As well as physical exercise, pole dance is a mental exercise - learning new moves or choreography gets our brains working as hard as our bodies! Our brains LOVE learning, it keeps our minds stimulated which helps with our overall sense of well-being.

Beyond that though, and most importantly, is having a feeling of belonging and achievement. You’ll be a part of a community that loves and accepts you for who you are, and over time that develops into self-love and acceptance 💖

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself the gift of dance this December, we can’t wait to see you there 🎁

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