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Our most frequently asked questions, answered!

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General Questions

Anyone can attend pole dancing classes at Altitude Pole regardless of age, gender, or fitness level. Our classes are tailored to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced students, and our instructors will work with you to help you achieve your pole dancing goals no matter your starting point. 

We welcome everyone to come and try out a class and see for themselves just how fun and rewarding pole dancing can be!

Pole dancing classes offer a wide range of physical and mental benefits!

Physically, pole dancing is an excellent full-body workout that helps build strength, flexibility, and endurance. It targets all major muscle groups, including the core, arms, and legs, and can help improve balance, coordination, and posture. 

Mentally, pole dancing can help build confidence, body positivity, and self-esteem. It's a great way to release stress and anxiety while also building a sense of community and support among classmates. Pole dancing is also a fun and creative way to express yourself and push your boundaries.

Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, gain confidence, or try something new, pole dancing classes are a great option for anyone.

Absolutely! Pole dancing is a fun and challenging activity that can be enjoyed by people of all fitness levels and body types. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the basics and help you progress at your own pace, so you can build strength, flexibility, and confidence in a supportive and inclusive environment. 

With consistent practice and dedication, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve, regardless of your starting point. So don't worry if you're not the most athletic or coordinated person – we believe that anyone can learn to pole dance 💪

Yes, it is absolutely okay if you've never pole danced before! Our classes at Altitude Pole are designed to accommodate beginners as well as experienced polers. Our instructors will provide personalized guidance and support, helping you to learn the fundamental techniques and build your confidence. We encourage everyone to come with an open mind and a positive attitude, and we promise that you'll have a great time while getting an amazing workout!

Absolutely! Pole dancing is for everyone and there is no one "right" type of person who can learn to pole dance. 

All shapes, sizes, genders, and ages are welcome and can benefit from pole dancing. Our classes are designed to cater to different levels of experience and ability, and our instructors provide personalized guidance and support to help you progress at your own pace. Don't let any doubts or insecurities hold you back - give pole dancing a try and see how it can enhance your life and empower you!

Yes, that's okay! Pole dancing is a great way to build strength and improve your overall fitness level. Our classes are designed to be accessible to people of all fitness levels and abilities, so whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced athlete, you'll be able to find a class that suits you. 

Our instructors are also trained to provide modifications and adjustments to help you work within your own abilities and progress at your own pace. So, even if you're not feeling particularly strong right now, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll build strength and confidence with regular pole dancing practice.

Membership questions

At Altitude Pole, we believe in providing our students with the best possible experience and ensuring their safety. That's why we offer memberships instead of casual classes. With our memberships, you will have access to regular classes, personalized guidance, and a supportive community of fellow polers. We believe that consistent training is crucial for your progress and success in pole dancing, and it also reduces the risk of injury. Our memberships provide the perfect opportunity to commit to your fitness goals and see real results. 💪

Our memberships offer access to all classes at the Altitude Pole studio you sign up to, personalized guidance, and support from our experienced instructors. Membership pricing can vary depending on location, so the best way to find out about membership costs is to fill out the form on our join page. Once we receive your information, one of our team members will contact you to discuss the available options and pricing for the studio. This is a no-obligation chat to find out more, so you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

For classes. Cancellation policies may vary by studio, so we recommend that you reach out to your studio's Client Care Manager to discuss their specific policy. We ask that if you are unable to attend a class, please cancel your spot as soon as possible to allow someone else to take your place. Late cancellations or no-shows may result in a loss of that class credit, so it's important to communicate with the studio as soon as you know you won't be able to make it. Our Client Care Managers are happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have regarding cancellations.

For memberships. We understand that sometimes circumstances change, and you may need to cancel your membership. Our memberships come with contracts that have cancellation policies, which may vary based on your location and type of membership. To cancel your membership, please contact the Client Care Manager at your studio. They will be happy to discuss the cancellation policy and guide you through the process. Please note that some contracts may require a notice period or a cancellation fee, so it's best to review the details with the Client Care Manager to ensure a smooth cancellation process.

Class Questions

Pole Level 1. The perfect starting point for beginners! To ensure you get the most out of your experience, we recommend wearing comfortable shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. But don't worry, you don't have to show up in super short shorts or crop tops if you're not comfortable yet - we're all about creating a supportive and comfortable environment for everyone. As you progress through the class, you'll start using your hands and legs for grip to master some awesome moves. So come ready to have fun, learn new skills, and break a sweat!

Pole Level 2. Welcome to Pole Level 2! We recommend shorts for this level as you'll be using a lot more leg grip in these classes. For most of the Level 2 curriculum, you can wear a comfortable t-shirt or tank top but there will be the occasional move that will need some torso grip (hello inverts!). Get ready to take your pole skills to new heights!

Pole Level 3 - 5+. Welcome to the advanced levels of pole dancing! Get ready to show off all of your hard work in some seriously eye-catching polewear. At Level 3+, it's time to bring out the big guns in terms of grip, which means crop tops, short-shorts, and bodysuits with cutouts. Luckily, there are countless amazing polewear brands out there, so you'll have plenty of options to find the perfect outfit that not only makes YOU feel awesome but also allows you to nail all of the incredible tricks you're mastering. Get ready to slay, pole superstar!

The most common footwear for pole dancing classes is bare feet, as it allows for maximum grip on the pole. However, some people prefer to wear socks for classes like flow where fluid movements are a focus. Heels are also welcome in our normal levels classes, but most studios have dedicated heels classes for those who want to learn how to dance and move in pole dancing shoes. Sneakers may also come up in specialty classes where floorwork or other activities are incorporated.

It's important to come prepared to your pole dancing class to make the most of your experience. Here are some things you should consider bringing:

MUST HAVE Water bottle: It's important to stay hydrated during class, so make sure to bring a water bottle!

Grip aids: Many pole dancers like to use grip aids like Griptinite, Enviro Grip, Dancing Dust and Pole Grip (to name a few!). Altitude studios often have mini shops where you can purchase grips, so check with your studio to see what they have on offer!

Extra clothing: You may want to bring extra clothes to change into after class.

Hair ties: Long hair can be distracting during class, so make sure to bring hair ties to keep your hair out of your face.

Personal hygiene items: You may want to freshen up after class, so consider bringing items like deodorant, body spray, and face wipes.

Positive attitude: Finally, bring a positive attitude and an open mind! Pole dancing can be challenging, but it's also a lot of fun. Embrace the experience and enjoy yourself!

Bonus We also recommend keeping an extra pole outfit in your car for days you might forget to pack before heading off for the day! Forget to pack? No stress! You'll have an extra set in your car.

We try to keep our website timetables as up-to-date as possible but occasionally they might have the odd class wrong here and there. If you're keen to see what's on at your local studio, head over to this page to find out more!

You're in for a treat with our Altitude classes! All studios offer up to level 3 pole classes, with most offering our more advanced level 4 and 5 classes too! You'll find that every studio has flexibility-based classes to help with your flex goals. Other classes you may find at an Altitude studio are flow, spin pole, heels, floor and basework etc - these will vary from location to location, so make sure to check out our classes page to see what each studio offers, and get ready to reach new heights!

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