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Giant List of Pole Dancer & Aerialists to Follow! Part 2

3 minutes
31 March 2021

Honestly, I'm getting exhausted from just watching all these great polers, so these are the last few pole dancers for part two of our blog. Then it's on to the aerialists! (did I mention how hard my job is?)

Greshilov Evgeny Russia

Russian men and pole is a whole category in and of itself, but here's one of the all time greats. So many abs that it's quite frankly selfish. Leave some for the rest of us!

Mark Buhantsov Russia

While we're doing Russian men, give this gentleman a follow. Quite good at pole. Quite good.

And our final poler...

Neda US

Proves that pole is completely cross-cultural and doesn't have to involve near-nudity if you don't want it to. A very inspiring woman!


Now I need to say at the outset that I am not an aerialist myself - I've done the odd hoop class and a couple of silks classes, but I am not by any stretch of the imagination knowledgeable about the world of aerials (as you will soon come to realise). But these recommendations come from a few Altitude aerialists that you can trust, so read on with confidence that these are worth following!

Aisling Cheallaigh Ireland

I mean one of her latest videos has her in what seems to be a giant slinky suspended form the ceiling. If that isn't enough for you, she also seems to be quite proficient at hoop.

Stefanie Millinger Austria

My palms are sweaty, knees weak and arms are heavy from watching this. Also has the most boneless back of all the boneless backs we've seen so far. There's just a lot going on here, worth a follow whether you're an aeralist or not.

Renata Pinal Mexico

I swear aerialists are just polers without the part of their brain that makes them go 'Should I really be doing this?', and Renata Pinal is no exception. But she does also seem to have some hoop skillz.

Leeann Ball Canada

Her profile says hoop, but she clearly has some silks ability too. Also, some great costumes!

Darren Donnelly Ireland

Hoop, trapeze, handstands, aerial straps (is that what they're called?) - this fellow does it all! Well, those 4 things anyway, and probably some more if I scroll through his insta.

Lauren US

Honestly, I'm starting to feel a bit ill watching these hoopers spin. How do they do it! Anyway, Lauren is a big hooper with a bit of silks thrown in too.

Tanya Cheung Ireland

Here's someone both aerialists and polers can unite over, because she does them BOTH! Also, her middle splits are very middle-splitty.

Jenny Tufts Ireland

It seems Ireland is home to a few excellent aerialists! This one is mostly hoop, but also giant slinkies and even chains (ouch!).

Matthew Casey US

Another all rounder: silks, trapeze, hoop and also super splitty! Worth following for a broad mix of cool aerial stuff.

Zaki Musa UK

This is the Quan Bui of the aerialist world - killer outfits and an amazing aerialist. Even throws a bit of pole (incl. hanging pole) in there too!

And last but not least in our aerialist category...

Air Candy Berlin

This is the silkiest of our suggestions so far - loads of silks content (plus some hoop), and also seems to possess a set of silks in every colour! Honestly, the silks are so pretty, I might have to give them another shot!

And that's it! We did have quite a few more suggestions from our lovely Altitudians, but I did have to narrow things down a little bit for the sake of length (and to stop me spending all my time watching Insta videos!). We hope you find some new inspiration in this list!

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