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Our Giant List of Pole Dancer & Aerialists to Follow! Part 1

3 minutes
28 February 2021

As polers and aerialists we are always on the look out for a bit of inspo (are we still shortening inspiration like this?). New tricks, new flows, new styles - there's always something new to try, and you've gotta keep on top of it!

And, being a small country, it's not too long before you've followed literally every poler and aerialist little old NZ has to offer. That's why we wanted to provide you with a list of those gems you may not have heard of. We went to our Altitude students and instructors to find out what their top non-NZ follows were, and there's not much else to say; see the list for yourself below!

(side note: this blog took SO long to write - I kept going down deep pole holes with the ones I'd never heard of before! God my life is so hard! 😜)


Miss Filly Australia

Let's get her out of the way, just go follow her.

Bethany Findlay Australia

This poler has got it all: tricks, flows, badass tattoos, and I swear I even saw her WEARING a snake once. I don't know about you but my parents always said "You shouldn't wear snakes." Anyway, a must follow!

Chloe Anderson UK

A great mixture of simple and advanced, perfect to learn from and get inspiration from!

Pole Nick Germany

Follow for the pole, stay for him doing a wee shimmy off camera in EVERY video!

Lydia South Korea

Dreamy flows at the beautiful SY Pole Studio in South Korea!

Vera Kim US

A must follow for basework/floorwork inspiration. My poor nana knees hurt seeing her slide around without knee pads though. How do these young folks do it!

Cyd Sailor France

She has one of those boneless backs that I've always wished I had. Dam bones, making me stiff! A good follow if you also have a boneless back.

Carolin Schmitt Germany

Owner of a cute wee studio in Würzburg, Germany, and knows how to pose on the pole. If you've got a photoshoot coming up, this is the place for some ideas!

Kira Noire Russia

This woman gives me frickin chills! No words, just follow.

Phoenix Kazree US

Another good one for a mix of basic/advanced with some badassery mixed in too!

Romi Cocozza Argentina

Very intentional style of movement and plenty of old school rock 🤙 Also lacking bones in her back!

Dan Rosen UK

Coming off the back of his very popular 31 day challenge, it's Dan Rosen! A classic follow, and also a big memer at polelols.

Calico Pole Canada

Another very bendy person with a bunch of beautiful flows and interesting combos

Růženka Kunstýřová Czech Republic

If dynamic transitions are your thing then this Czech goddess has got you covered!

Sasha Meow Latvia

This woman is a one stop shop for exotic pole, and knows how to hit that beat!

Olina Minina Ukraine

Just absurd. Dynamic combos and tricks galore!

Coco Kehong China

Not gonna lie, got stuck watching his videos for quite a while for 'research' for this blog. Just follow him, trust me.

Quan Bui Vietnam

Worth a follow just for his outfits (seriously rethinking my whole wardrobe), but also an absolute weapon on the pole.

Sammy Picone US

#hairgoals and #polegoals! Really thoughtful style of movement and hypnotic to watch!

Amber Prowl US (I think?)

This is our twerkiest suggestion so far. If you like to pole AND like to shake your butt then this is the one!

Marion Crampe France

Another very thoughtful dancer. Good inspiration if you're into mixing contemporary with pole, and really shows that sometimes chilling in one position is just as amazing as a bunch of tricks.

Marlo Fisken US

Okay this list is getting long now, but I had to include Marlo Fisken and her crab climbs (plus a bunch of other weird and cool shit she does).

JAZZY K Switzerland

Not only is it a tax haven, Switzerland is a haven for this amazing poler! Heaps of different styles, and great for choreo ideas.

Roz the Diva US

A bunch of content specifically for plus size dancers. Also, learn to fight racism with a simple back hook spin!

Pole Tito South Korea

Another ridiculous pole man. Definitely wears the pants in his relationships (watch his videos, you'll understand).

Our giant list has become so big... we can't fit it all in a single post, so get ready for part two of our giant list of awesome pole dancers and aerialists to follow 🙌🙌 !

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