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Renée's Journey - Breaking Barriers and Finding Belonging Through Pole Dancing At Altitude

1 minutes
15 March 2024

Curious about what our members say about pole dancing? Read about Renee's pole journey at Altitude...

I first joined Altitude Pole in Feb 2020. I was was looking for something different, something that could challenge me, and something I'd never done before. A friend of mine suggested I try pole dancing at Altitude. I went in for a consult, signed up there and then and have been hooked ever since!

My first class took my breath away. My body was not doing what I wanted it to, and I honestly struggled. I stuck around because I was determined to get better. As the weeks went on I quite literally fell in love with the studio and being a member of such an inclusive and encouraging community.

I love everything about pole. Mostly that it STILL pushes me right out of my comfort zone. I enjoy being a part of a space that is safe, fun and full of amazing people.

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I like the strength it give me physically and I've been able to put aside some of my own limited beliefs that I've carried for many many years. I feel stronger and I am more comfortable in my skin. I am so proud of myself that I've stuck to it - pole dancing is now part of my weekly routine and I love that!

I am forever grateful to have found pole when I did, and I appreciate all the hard work our studio management team does, and all the instructors for sharing their creativity in class ♥

Some advise I have for anyone thinking of giving it a go is to just have a little faith in yourself and you'll be surprised at what you can accomplish!

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