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Five minutes with Laura and Alison

1 minutes
18 September 2017

Get to know two of our awesome Christchurch students a bit better!

Q. How long have you been at the studio?

Laura: I started altitude in Feb / March 2016 then never left!

Alison: I have been at the studio 18 months.

Q. What do you do in "real life"?

Laura: I'm an assistant at an Engineering consultancy supporting over 40 staff and also work with our marketing team on bids and proposals

Alison: I am an early childhood teacher. I am passionate about it :)

Q: What is your favorite pole video? And pole artist?

Laura: My instagram feed is pretty much just dedicated to pole with a few friends dotted here and there. I have a new favorite pole video weekly (or daily!). My favorite pole artist is probably miss filly, i like that what she does can be so simple at times but because of how clean and strong her moves are it looks that much more incredible

Alison: I don't have a favourite...Yet! My favourite style of pole is contemporary :) Actually, Maddie Sparkle inspires me.

Q: As a beginner, what move did you struggle the most with?

Laura: The level 1 move i struggled the most with was the side spiral. I found it so hard to get the right momentum and hold on at the same time. It took me many, many awkward attempts but i found after going to a few of the different instructors classes that something just clicked one day. Sometimes working with different instructors is a great way to improve your technique because they each have a different way of explaining things. One teacher may just give you that one hint that makes everything fall into place. The altitude team have so much experience and are always happy to help if you are struggling with something.

Alison: I struggle with lay-backs! Thigh grip doesn't come naturally for me! I am working on working with the body I've got!

Q. Give us a fun fact about yourself

Laura: I love the choreography and performance side of pole because I was a competitive cheerleader for the 5 years prior to starting my pole journey

Alison: This is a hard one! In my spare time, you will find me in the bush or on a mountain top!

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