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Ronny's Journey at Altitude Christchurch Central

3 minutes
13 May 2021

Each month our studios celebrate one of their members through the Student of the Month award.

Now, although all of our members' are absolute superstars in our eyes, we like to celebrate those who are going above and beyond and #smashing it out at the studio!

Last month Altitude Christchurch Central's student of the month was Ronny and we'd love for you to get to know him a bit better! Here's a mini-interview we had:

So, Ronny, why'd you decide to give pole dancing a go?

I started my pole journey as a member a couple of months before the Covid lockdown in 2020 but my wife (Libi Carr) had gotten into pole a few years before that so I had been going to showcases and pole social events before then.

I decided to give it a go for a number of reasons, I loved how Karry Summers had created Altitude to be so open, welcoming and non-judgmental with everyone, how there was this really strong culture of everyone being on their own journey and we support each other along that journey - in whatever form that takes.

I was in awe of all the kickass people I met who came from various backgrounds and jobs and would all get on stage and do these amazing routines (seemingly) effortlessly.

I was inspired by Joe, Callum, Andrew and Royce (some of Altitude's male pole dancing students/instructors!) and would think I wish I could do even a tenth of what they can do.

Libi Ronny

And finally I just loved how my wife loved poling so much and thought maybe one day we could do a routine together so decided to take the first step on my journey.

What was your first class was like? What made you stick around?

My first class was terrifying and so much fun at the same time. I can barely walk and talk at the same time so even the intro moves were a challenge, it was a harder work out than I had been doing at the gym, my body hurt in places I didn't know existed and I couldn't wait for my next class as it was so much more fun than pumping iron.

What do you like about pole at Altitude?

I think physically it's the hardest thing I have ever done so I really like the challenge it brings, personally. I like that it is generally solo dancing/performing so it is about finding and expressing my own style which I am still finding. I love the community and the instructors, how hard everyone works and how encouraging and kind the instructors still are even after months of me not being able to get a move.

Is there anything about pole that has really challenged you?

I think the thing that has challenged me the most is body confidence, looking at myself in the mirror while trying different moves is difficult and I still have not been able to bring myself to video a flow at the end of a class.

Have you grown as a person looking back? In what ways?

Looking back I can see how my body has changed over the last year, clothes fit differently and I feel I move differently now, just a tiny bit more athletic. I have lost about 5kgs in overall weight but have actually put on more muscle. Some days it has been really hard to continue when moves just don't happen no matter how hard I try and I am learning to not overthink things but rather let my body discover what it can do through repetition and perseverance.

Ronny's advice for anyone starting out at Altitude

Keep coming, everyone is there willing you to succeed and all the times it didn't happen are nothing compared to the joy you feel when you do finally get a move.

And that's it from Ronny! We loved hearing what he had to say about Altitude and his journey with pole. We can't wait to see that doubles routine with Libi one day 💪 ❤

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