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My Journey - Bex

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23 March 2018

This blog was written by Bex, one of our amazing members ♥

After a four-year break from dancing for 13 years I was itching to get back into it, but I wanted to do something different. While on holiday in Brisbane I bumped into a best friend since kindergarten who said to me “you’ll never guess what I’m doing… pole dancing!” I was shocked because it’s not the sort of thing she would normally do but I was also extremely intrigued and excited. After quizzing her for a good hour and a half she told me I had to do it – she believed I would love it. Fast forward 20 days, I’m home from my holiday and am googling “pole studios, north shore, Auckland” like a mad-man; I REALLY wanted to try this! Not long later I came across Altitude Auckland. Reading through the blogs on the website and the different classes on offer got me really excited… then I discovered the February (2017) 28 Day Challenge… the day before it was due to start.

I contacted Sarah who told me to come in the next day and give the challenge a go.

Needless to say, I went home after class and told my parents I wanted to buy a pole that night. Fast forward a year and nearly two months later, I am still hooked. My two proudest achievements so far are reaching level three in the space of 5 months and achieving my front splits on both sides.

My goal for this year is to do one pole performance, whether that be in a showcase, a competition, or something else. Thanks to pole, I have made so many amazing friends and am surrounded by an incredible pole family. Because of them, I have been given many opportunities to put myself out of my comfort zone, such as poling in a park on New Year’s Eve. I have also been given the opportunity to perform in “Carnaval de la Noche: Your Move” over Easter Weekend. I can't wait!

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