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The Tortoise And The Hare - Why It's Important To Train At Your Own Pace

4 minutes
28 March 2022

Raise your hand if you're guilty of looking at the person next to you in class and wondering how they managed to get a move first try that you've been working on for AGES ✋

Yep, most of us have done this at some point or another. While we try to avoid comparing ourselves to others, sometimes it can be hard when we see other people nailing the moves that we've been struggling with.

What we often forget is that each and every one of us is built differently and that will have an impact on what we learn best vs what takes a while longer. Often we'll find that our bodies naturally pick up some things easier than others - for some of us that means we gain strength quickly, for others it might be flexibility and for some, it's the coordination and creativity needed for beautiful flow movements.

It's all about YOU!

Pole dance is awesome in that everyone who comes along has their own back-story. We have reformed couch potatoes who have found a fun way to get fit, former gymnasts reclaiming their skills, dancers looking to feel the music again and even a few daredevil adrenaline junkies looking for some sick new stunts to try! Because of this, there's no point in comparing yourself to the people around you - their life experiences have shaped the kind of pole dancer they become (in the same way that your experiences have shaped you).

Your journey is unique to you, just like the person next to you in class is on their own unique journey. Keep your focus on yourself and your own achievements, and be proud of all that YOU can do. Keep your eye on your own personal goals, celebrate your wins and most importantly, have fun doing it! 🤸

It's about the journey, not the destination

If pole dance was easy, would it be as fun? Pole is a challenge, which is part of what makes it awesome! You're encouraging your body to try a little harder each time until eventually a move clicks and that moment of success feels GREAT!

When you work hard at something you get to feel all the small wins along the way. Enjoy every little improvement in your journey ✨

Listen to your body

Listening to your body is about trusting the process and knowing that the moves will happen when your body is ready for them. If a new trick isn't working yet, don't force it! As tempting as it is to throw yourself into a move, it's just not worth it - don't go risking a major injury just for one little ole' move.

Hang out in the drills and conditioning for as long as you need! By spending time focusing on pre-move drills and conditioning, you're teaching your body the correct pathway so that when you are ready, you'll be able to do the move solidly and safely 💪 When in doubt, drill it out!

Remember that we're all built in our own unique ways, and our bodies have their own unique challenges to overcome.

Progressing isn't always about learning the next big trick!

Do whatever inspires you! Sometimes that is doing big tricks, but it definitely doesn't have to be. You can focus your energy on learning the parts of pole dance that you like best.

Progress can be learning how to make the moves you already know look effortless. It takes a lot of skill to move seamlessly in and out of moves, whether they're spins and transitions from the floor or big tricks up the pole. If you take the time to refine your lines and master a move, it's going to look INCREDIBLE every time you do it. There is something extra special about a well-executed move!

Focus your goals around what you enjoy doing - if you enjoy stretching then lean into your flexy goals. If you're muscle-mad then hit the skills and drills. If you like rolling around on the floor in sexy pants then do that!

Find what you love and train it at your own pace. There's no race to the finish line in pole dance, it's all about you and your own personal achievements.

Levelling up isn't the only goal in pole!!!

Whether you started pole dancing for fitness, to make friends, for a bit of fun, to build your confidence or any other reason, there's a good chance that "levelling up" never even crossed your mind until you were well and truly addicted!

We can have all kinds of goals and milestones in pole dance - from performing for the first time to nailing a big move or even FINALLY touching down on your splits. Think about the goals that YOU want to achieve, for yourself and nobody else 💕

You won't always be THE best, but you can always do YOUR best

Ok now, this one can be a hard pill to swallow for some of us, but you can't always be the best at everything!

I know, we want to try, but there are so many incredible, determined, disciplined people out there putting their heart and soul into learning the same things that it's just not possible.

It's not about being the best (or best in your class) at something! It's about doing your best and knowing that is enough ✨

A final piece of advice

You might not always learn things the fastest, or be the strongest/most flexible/most coordinated, but you will always bring your own special flair to everything that you do! When you come in and try your best, you are achieving greatness!

Train at your own pace, be kind to yourself, enjoy the journey and remember, pole dancing is a marathon (not a sprint) 💖

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