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Owner & Pole Instructor

Emma is the owner of Altitude Whanganui and Altitude Palmerston North, plus recently became Head Instructor for Altitude - she just can't get enough of the Altitude family! Her love of pole dance began in 2012 but her passion for performing art began much earlier than that - she used to be a Ballroom and Latin American dance instructor. Once pole dance entered her life, though, it's fair to say that it took over (in the best way possible).

In 2013 she won the NZAPP Intermediate category, and has been a finalist in NZAPP Open Category in 2016 and 2019, Pole Legends in 2016, 2017, and 2020, and Miss Pole Queen 2017. Emma is X-Pert certified from levels 1-4.


​Pole & Stretch Instructor

Jessie took her first pole class in July of 2016 in her mission to find a source of creative output. Pole ignited a fire in her belly and Jessie quickly became passionate about her new found love for dance. Pole Dancing to Jessie is more then just a sport, so much more than mere fitness or dance, it is an incredible and safe environment for woman and men to express themselves physically, emotionally and creatively. Jessie was a finalist in NZAPP 2018 after winning the NZAPP Wellington Intermediate category. She is excited to share her passion for dance with her natural style of fluent, slinky and creative choreography, and is honoured to be able to empower others in their own pole journey.

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Pole Instructor

Keely has always been passionate about dancing. Dancing on stage, down supermarket isles, in her bedroom...pretty much anywhere with enough space! She has learnt Ballroom, Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop, Tap, Rock and Roll and now Pole Dancing. What makes Keely so passionate about Pole Dancing is the mental health benefits. She is constantly seeing these amazing tricks, thinking "I'll never be able to do that", and then proving herself wrong! With the help of her incredibly supportive pole teachers and family, Keely has been able to achieve many things and is looking forward to being that supportive person for her students. Fun fact: Keely has been attending dance classes since she was 4 years old!

Lisa S

Pole Instructor

Lisa instantly fell in love with pole. It combined her two favorite past times, music and dance! She love been a part of the Altitude Pole family, as everyone celebrates your success and lifts you when you are struggling. She is so excited to be joining the teaching teacher team to help people build their confidence and actually achieve those moves you see and say to yourself "I will never be able to do that move". She totally thought the same when she first started, but you can do whatever you put your mind to, you've got this!

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Client Care Manager
Pole, Strength, Stretch & Ballet Barre Instructor

Katelyn loves anything to do with teaching, and has been a dance teacher for 10 years, specializing in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary. She loves a good boogie, so always looks forward to freestyle time! She started pole in February 2016, and found it so much harder than expected. Her first 3 classes were challenging, but extremely intriguing, and she is so happy continued. She is very thankful for the amazing support system at Altitude Pole Whanganui, and is proud to be a part of the positive and encouraging team of teachers. Katelyn takes on life with a bubbly attitude, and hopes you’ll laugh at her jokes with her!

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​Pole Instructor

Rachael started pole dancing in 2017 after a friend suggested trying out a class. Having been a consistent fitness fanatic for many years she was looking for a hobby and a new and fun way of keeping fit. Rachael has felt that pole dancing has helped increase her strength and confidence, and she loves being part of the supportive community that Altitude Pole Whanganui has become. She is so proud of what her body is capably of achieving, she just wishes she had discovered this sport a lot earlier in life!

Lisa R

Pole Instructor

When Lisa first discovered Altitude she immediately signed up for the next FriYay class – and almost chickened out when her friend had to cancel last minute. Walking up those stairs by herself was the start of a newfound passion, and she is amazed at where her pole journey has taken her so far.

Lisa loves the encouraging and supportive family atmosphere at Altitude, and the strength gains and body confidence she has found through pole. She loves any excuse to wear beautiful and glittery pole wear, and the buzz when finally nailing a move – or a classmate does! Lisa is super excited to become a part of other people’s pole journeys.

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Pole Instructor

Mel was a dancer from the age of 4 through until the age of around 18 practicing the art of ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap and character dancing within this time. This led Mel to be able to perform within many different platforms and compete in competitive dancing for a period of time, which further developed her love for sharing her passion with others. Fast forward 21 years where Mel discovered the art of pole through attending a beginners class with a friend late 2018 and her internal fire to move and manipulate her body as well as uncovering how much strength she had within herself, was re-ignited. Mel loves her pole community in Whanganui where she attends classes at Altitude and is appreciative of all of the love and support she receives that encourages her to continue to grow, learn and develop her own style.


Pole Instructor

​Ashleigh began pole dancing here, over 4 years ago and has been hooked since day one. She began teaching in 2016 and loves the joy of helping to encourage the development and growth of each student. Ashleigh has no dance or gymnastic background and wants everyone to see that there are no prerequisites to starting pole, just a little enthusiasm and your own sparkle.


Pole Instructor

Alison was one of the first students of the original Pole Dance Wanganui, starting back in 2014. She loves the physical challenge of pole dance and the ability to it gives her to express herself. Alison loves the supportive atmosphere of the studio and all the amazing ladies she's been able to dance with. She can't wait to teach others to show them how amazing pole dance is, and hope that they get as much happiness out of it as she does.


Pole & Stretch Instructor

Airini started pole classes in August 2018 and quickly became addicted. She has always loved sparkles, costumes and dressing up, and has enjoyed the performative aspects of pole dance. She has also made some massive gains in strength, flexibility and personal confidence. In her other lives, Airini is a teacher, writer and mum. She currently teaches human biology and chemistry and does a range of writing-related gigs.



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