Owner, Pole & Stretch Instructor

Emma's love for pole dancing began 2012. In 2013 she won the NZAPP Intermediate category, and has been a finalist in NZAPP Open 2016, Pole Legends in 2016 and 2017, and Miss Pole Queen 2017. Emma is X-Pert certified from levels 1-4 and has been teaching dance for over 12 years, prior to pole she was a Ballroom and Latin American dance instructor. She loves to share this knowledge and show people about the amazing things they are capable of.


​Pole & Stretch Instructor

Jessie took her first pole class in July of 2016 in her mission to find a source of creative output. Pole ignited a fire in her belly and Jessie quickly became passionate about her new found love for dance. Pole Dancing to Jessie is more then just a sport, so much more than mere fitness or dance, it is an incredible and safe environment for woman and men to express themselves physically, emotionally and creatively. Jessie was a finalist in NZAPP 2018 after winning the NZAPP Wellington Intermediate category. She is excited to share her passion for dance with her natural style of fluent, slinky and creative choreography, and is honoured to be able to empower others in their own pole journey.

Photo Credit: Matt Smith


Pole, Strength, Stretch & Ballet Barre Instructor

Katelyn loves anything to do with teaching, and has been a dance teacher for 10 years, specializing in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary. She loves a good boogie, so always looks forward to freestyle time! She started pole in February 2016, and found it so much harder than expected. Her first 3 classes were challenging, but extremely intriguing, and she is so happy continued. She is very thankful for the amazing support system at Altitude Pole Whanganui, and is proud to be a part of the positive and encouraging team of teachers. Katelyn takes on life with a bubbly attitude, and hopes you’ll laugh at her jokes with her!


Pole Instructor

Gemma started pole in 2015 and has never looked back. It was the community and people that kept Gemma returning. It’s a beautiful space where it doesn’t matter what your body looks like, but what your body can do. Everyone was so friendly, she never felt like an outsider, and class was so full of fun and laughter. She loves the strength component of pole dancing and loves surprising people with what she is capable of. Starting off with no strength or fitness history, Gemma could never dream in the beginning of being capable of the tricks she can do now. Gemma believes the best part about pole is that the journey is never ending; there is always more strength and flexibility goals to be made and conquered. Pole dancing is like life; a work in progress.

Photo Credit: Rob Caven Photography


Client Care Manager, Pole & Stretch Instructor

Kym is super enthusiastic about always having fun at pole. She loves a holiday themed costume and is good at making sure there is always plenty of laughter in classes. Kym was a beginner finalist at NZAPP 2016 and was the Intermediate NZAPP winner in 2017. Kym started pole in 2015 with no dance or gymnastics experience, very little fitness and the flexibility of a plank of wood. She works really hard to keep improving her pole, hand balance and flexibility and loves her Altitude pole family so much for being the best, most supportive people in the world!

Photo Credit: Rob Caven Photography


​Pole Instructor

Rachael started pole dancing in 2017 after a friend suggested trying out a class. Having been a consistent fitness fanatic for many years she was looking for a hobby and a new and fun way of keeping fit. Rachael has felt that pole dancing has helped increase her strength and confidence, and she loves being part of the supportive community that Altitude Pole Whanganui has become. She is so proud of what her body is capably of achieving, she just wishes she had discovered this sport a lot earlier in life!


Pole, Stretch & Ballet Barre Instructor

Rosie started pole in May 2018, not realising it would be the a start of a love affair. She was a finalist in the NZAPP 2019 beginner category and had lots of fun strutting her stuff as a crab on stage, and loves the fun and creativity she can have with pole, from creating routines to using her sewing skills to make pole wear and costumes. Rosie loves the supportive atmosphere of the studio, and that even on the worst of days by the end of the warm up she is in her happy place.


Pole Instructor

​Ashleigh began pole dancing here, over 4 years ago and has been hooked since day one. She began teaching in 2016 and loves the joy of helping to encourage the development and growth of each student. Ashleigh has no dance or gymnastic background and wants everyone to see that there are no prerequisites to starting pole, just a little enthusiasm and your own sparkle.


Pole Instructor

Alison was one of the first students of the original Pole Dance Wanganui, starting back in 2014. She loves the physical challenge of pole dance and the ability to it gives her to express herself. Alison loves the supportive atmosphere of the studio and all the amazing ladies she's been able to dance with. She can't wait to teach others to show them how amazing pole dance is, and hope that they get as much happiness out of it as she does.

Photo credit: Rob Caven Photography


Pole Instructor

Keely has always been passionate about dancing. Dancing on stage, down supermarket isles, in her bedroom...pretty much anywhere with enough space! She has learnt Ballroom, Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop, Tap, Rock and Roll and now Pole Dancing. What makes Keely so passionate about Pole Dancing is the mental health benefits. She is constantly seeing these amazing tricks, thinking "I'll never be able to do that", and then proving herself wrong! With the help of her incredibly supportive pole teachers and family, Keely has been able to achieve many things and is looking forward to being that supportive person for her students. Fun fact: Keely has been attending dance classes since she was 4 years old!



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