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Learn to pole dance at Altitude Pole Takapuna, Auckland!

Discover Altitude Pole Takapuna: where pole dancing empowers, in the heart of Takapuna! Join our vibrant, inclusive community and redefine fitness with an exhilarating and badass full-body workout. Our expert instructors welcome all skill levels, fostering self-expression and strength. Unleash your potential, embrace self-confidence, and soar to new heights at Altitude Pole Takapuna!

About the studio

Welcome to our studio! As soon as you step inside, you'll find yourself in one of our inviting class rooms. We have comfortable seats near the front door, where you can settle in and get cozy. When it's time for the class to begin, your instructor will call you in.

In our classes, you'll be part of a diverse group, with participants of different ages and genders, all sharing the same skill level. Whether it's your first time attending or you've been coming for a few weeks or months, you'll be welcomed with open arms. Everyone here is super friendly and understanding, as they've all been in your shoes before.

We kick off our Level 1 classes with some energizing warm-ups, followed by stretching and conditioning exercises. After that, we dive into skill training, where you'll get to learn and improve your techniques. Remember, throughout the class, if you have any questions or need guidance, don't hesitate to ask. Our instructor is there to support you every step of the way, ensuring you have a great experience.

So, get ready to embark on an exciting learning journey with us. We're here to make sure you feel confident and have a fantastic time in our classes!

  • Poles
    Stainless 40mm and 45mm
  • Flooring
  • Rooms
  • Waiting Room
  • Changing areas
  • Rigging
  • Shower

We have 6 onsite car parks during 9am - 5pm working hours. Outside of this time, we have 10+ parks available down the driveway. Road parking available 

We are down the long driveway between the JA Electrical and the Harley Davidson building 

What our members have to say

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    Altitude Pole Studio

    I started pole after losing a lot of strength and muscle mass due to surgery. Together with gymnastics, I built back my strength not just physically but mentally. The instructors have b...

    I started pole after losing a lot of strength and muscle mass due to surgery. Together with gymnastics, I built back my strength not just physically but mentally. The instructors have been fundamental in my journey, believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. The community of Altitude Takapuna has been incredible, I love having a safe space to express myself

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    Altitude Pole Studio

    When I started doing pole I wouldn’t have even considered the fact I would love a form of exercise, now its become a big part of my life! Traditional gyms and classes scare me and the f...

    When I started doing pole I wouldn’t have even considered the fact I would love a form of exercise, now its become a big part of my life! Traditional gyms and classes scare me and the feeling of being judged pushed me away from any sort of sport/fitness. At Altitude I’m not nervous or scared to be doing something wrong or to learn something new

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    Altitude Pole Studio

    I wouldn't have believed if I had been told when I started Altitude in 2017 that I would still be here dancing in 2023. The instructors, the community, the challenge of pole and the fre...

    I wouldn't have believed if I had been told when I started Altitude in 2017 that I would still be here dancing in 2023. The instructors, the community, the challenge of pole and the freedom of expression has me hooked. I never thought I could perform on stage, compete and place in a comp. Altitude has been an avenue for me to find so much joy, strength and confidence.


At Altitude Pole Takapuna, we've got your schedule covered from Monday to Sunday with a variety of hour-long classes. With over 70 classes per week, you can find the perfect fit whether you're a morning person, afternoon enthusiast, or night owl. Take charge of your week and choose classes that match your schedule. Embrace flexibility and have a blast at Altitude Pole Takapuna!

  • Pole Level 1

    Level 1 Pole


    Ready to start your pole dancing journey? Then our Level 1 Pole classes are for you! This beginner-level class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of pole dancing and build body awareness. It's the perfect way to get started on your pole dancing journey.

  • Pole Level 2

    Level 2 Pole


    Ready to take your pole dancing skills to the next level? Join our Pole Level 2 class! Building on the fundamentals you learned in Level 1, you'll start going higher up the pole and learning to invert. Get ready for a challenging and rewarding workout that will leave you feeling strong and confident. To attend this class you will need to be confident in our Level 1 curriculum.

  • Pole Level 3

    Level 3 Pole


    Our Pole Level 3 classes build on the skills you learned in Levels 1 and 2, you'll continue to work on invert skills and start to learn fundamental aerial moves. To attend this class you need to be confident in Levels 1 and 2.

  • Pole Level 4 at Altitude Pole

    Level 4 Pole


    Our Pole Level 4 class is designed for those who are serious about advancing their skills. With a focus on advanced fundamental pole tricks and combos, you'll be challenged in new ways and amazed at what you can achieve. To attend this class you will need to be confident in Levels 1 to 3.

  • Pole Level 5

    Level 5+ Pole


    Level 5+ is our most advanced class type, only available to those who are competent in the previous levels. With a focus on advanced pole tricks and combos that require more strength and flexibility, you'll be pushed to new heights.

  • Pole Flow

    Pole Flow


    Want to add more dance and flow to your pole schedule? Our Pole Flow class is the perfect way to do it! With a focus on movement, musicality, and fluidity, you'll learn to string together ground-based pole moves in a beautiful and graceful way. Attending Level 1 Pole is recommended.

  • Heels



    Our Heels class is where you'll learn how to move gracefully and confidently in any pair of heels. With a focus on fluid movement and musicality, this class is perfect for anyone who wants to add some sass and style to their pole dancing.

  • Pole Combos

    Pole Combos


    Want to master the art of pole dancing choreography? Our Pole Combos class is the perfect way to do it! With a focus on creating impressive combos by stringing together pole moves, you'll learn how to flow smoothly and confidently between tricks.

  • Spin Pole

    Spin Pole


    Our Spin Pole classes focus on learning how to dance on a spinning pole and create beautiful and dynamic combos. You'll be challenged in new ways and amazed at what you can achieve. A spinning pole is a setting on our poles that can make them spin in the direction of your movements from your body weight and momentum. This is different to our regular Levels classes that are on static poles that don't move.

  • Pole Play

    Pole Play


    Looking for a class where you can work on your own pole goals with guidance from one of our instructors? Pole Play is the perfect way to get one-on-one guidance from our experienced instructors while working on your own unique pole routine or trick!

  • Training Time

    Training Time


    Training Times are designed for experienced pole dancers who are looking for more time on the pole and the opportunity to work on their own skills. These sessions are exclusively available to our add-on pack holders and Unlimited Class members, so you can maximize your pole practice and take your skills to the next level. These sessions don't have an instructor taking them, so you will need to be approved prior to attending.

  • Stretch Flex Advanced

    Stretch & Flex


    Ever wanted to be able to do the splits? Or backbends? Then our Stretch & Flex classes are the one for you! Learn safe stretching techniques to help with the flexibility needed for our aerial arts, or just in general!

  • Strength



    Want to take your strength to the next level? Our Strength class is the perfect way to build power, endurance, and resilience. With a focus on conditioning exercises designed to target all areas of the body, this class is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their pole skills or just get stronger overall.

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    Chair Dance


    Check out Chair Dance class for a fun class that incorporates the chair as a prop for dance! Learn chair poses, acrobatic poses, floor work, and how to sway and flow to music! It's not all legwork and hair flicks (although there is plenty of that) this class will give you a surprising workout to build strength through conditioning using the chair!

At Altitude, offer memberships to help our students stay committed and assist them in reaching their goals, plus it helps us create a pretty cool community too. Our memberships not only give you access to our full range of classes so you can switch it up and learn new things at a pace that suits you, but they allow you the flexibility to choose the class types and times each week to suit your schedule. 

Check out more info on our memberships here

  • Pole instructor Takapuna 7


    Studio & Client Care Manager, Pole Instructor

    Sarah started teaching in 2019 as the president of her local aerial arts club. She loves helping people discover their passion for pole and watching them nail a move for the first time. She loves low flows and encouraging others to find their own style of dance.

  • Pole instructor Takapuna 3


    Studio Assistant, Pole Instructor

    Crystal got into pole because I wanted to experience the sexier side of what life has to offer. Her favourite part about pole is the freedom and the never-ending learning journey it takes you on. She loves the satisfaction of working towards something and finally getting it after lots of hard work and effort.

  • 14


    Head Instructor

    Krisztina is an absolute gem with a graceful style and sweet personality. She also trains in calisthenics and likes moves that require strength. Krisztina likes challenges and loves to see students' expressing and finding themselves through dance.

  • Takapuna Pole Dance and Fitness Instructors


    Pole & Flexibility Instructor

    Jenna/Lee-Lee is a multi-talented aerialist and hair flick queen that joined our instructor team 2015. She was crowned Miss Rising Polestar in 2015 and represented us on the NZ Pole Legends stage in 2016-2019 winning the doubles category 3x times. In 2023 she produced Hair Flicks & Tricks for Pride and is passionate about sharing hair confidence at Lusid Hair.

  • Pole instructor Takapuna 8


    Pole Instructor

    Amy has over 9 years of experience to bring to the table. She is a certified Personal Trainer, Pole Instructor, Advanced Stretch Instructor, POSA Master Trainer/Coach and Judge. Some of her performance accolades include being the 2022 Pole Inferno Mx Theatrical, 2019 North American Showgirl Grand Champion and Stage Rockstar , and dad joke enthusiast.

  • Pole instructor Takapuna 5


    Pole Instructor

    Kristine is our resident powerhouse. This bad-ass mum shows us every day what hard work and dedication looks like. With a history of teaching dance, Kristine is an absolute natural she loves being able to combine her past experience with her love of pole, helping students on their journey to confidence and strength.

  • 13


    Pole Instructor

    For Jo, pole dancing has always held a special place in her heart, as it is one of the few sports she consistently returns to. Over the course of approximately 9 years, she has dedicated herself to the art of pole, exploring its captivating movements. She passionately believes in the transformative power of pole dancing, especially in how it empowers individuals.

  • 6


    Pole & Flexibility Instructor

    Kaena has been dancing since the age of 4. She has trained full time at the NZ School of Dance for 2 years, majoring in classical ballet and has been offered scholarships with the Royal NZ Ballet Company and The Queensland Ballet Company in Australia. This passionate and skilled ballerina will be joining our team to take over our ballet barre class.

  • 8


    Pole Instructor

    Sam is a pole dancer, burlesque performer and BSc student majoring in nutrition & sport science. She has a penchant for floorwork, slink and 8 inch heels.

  • 10


    Pole Instructor

    After seeing a video of a poler on social media in 2013, Susie knew she needed to do pole. This inspired Susie to go to her first ever pole class and although life circumstances resulted in stops and starts, she always found herself coming back to pole. Today finds herself in an incredibly kind and supportive community which she is proud to be a part of

  • 9


    Pole & Strength Instructor

    Physio by day, pole instructor by night. Ness started her pole journey in 2016. She loves the way Altitudes enthusiasm and positive attitude reignited her love for pole and she's excited to be able to share that same enthusiasm and love with her student

  • Pole instructor Takapuna 6


    Pole Instructor

    Gab started her pole journey right here at Altitude Takapuna back in 2017. She is now an instructor at various studios, is actively training advanced skills and is a pole, aerials & burlesque performance artist. Gab is extremely passionate about sharing all forms of art and hopes that she can inspire her students to showcase their hard work whenever they are ready 💛

  • Takapuna Pole Dance and Fitness Instructors


    Pole and Aeiral Hammock Instructor

    Runner up NZAPP Intermediate category 2022 Michaela loves to perform. Michaela has been a part of the Altitude Takapuna community since 2017. She's friendly, she's loud, and an all-round epic human. If you end up in an aerial fit class with her she will make you work hard but you will thank her for it. Michaela can't wait to help you achieve your pole goals!!

  • 3



    Altitude Takapuna is Rhi's OG studio and it really is like home to her. While you won't see her face around the studio on the regular, she is busy in the background supporting her teams to help make this space the incredible community that it is. Her favourite thing about Altitude is its ability to help people see just how incredible and capable they truly are.

  • Takapuna Pole Dance and Fitness Instructors 1

    Michelle Kasey

    Flow Instructor

    Michelle Kasey is a multi-award-winning pole dancer & burlesque artist who has taught thousands of students over her 13-year dance career. She won Pole Legends Ultimate Female 2017 & 2018; Pole Industry Person of the Year 2019; & was booked to dance with Snoop Dogg in 2023. She specializes in teaching pole flow. By day she’s an acclaimed Sex & Relationships Therapist.

  • 12


    Pole Instructor

    Madeleine, also known as Lexi Liquid is a pole artist and $tr!pper from Tamaki Makaurau. Her favourite thing about dancing is performing for an audience, she has perform all over NZ, including for Snoop Dogg earlier this year. Madeleine was a full time caker prior to her pole career, she owns a giant ginger pup called Charlie.

  • Takapuna Pole Dance and Fitness Instructors 2


    Pole Instructor

    Sole was initially drawn to pole with the idea of staying fit and trying something new. But the journey of self-discovery and newfound sense of confidence she found blew my mind. When she's not pole dancing, in her free time, you can find me dancing reggaeton. During summer days, you'll catch her sliding across the water on a paddleboard.

Let’s get visual

  • Pole Fitness and Dance Takapuna

    Pole Fitness and Dance Takapuna
  • Aerial Hammocks

    Aerial Hammocks
  • Kitten Stretch

    Kitten Stretch
  • Pole Fitness and Dance Takapuna 3

    Pole Fitness and Dance Takapuna 3
  • Pole Fitness and Dance Takapuna 4

    Pole Fitness and Dance Takapuna 4

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