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Altitude Pole Saint Johns pole dance class studio room, the Observatory
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Altitude Pole Saint Johns, Auckland

6/29 Hannigan Drive,
St Johns, Auckland 1072

Learn to pole dance at Altitude Pole Saint Johns, Auckland!

Welcome to Altitude Pole Saint Johns, your gateway to a fitter, stronger, and more confident you! Our pole dancing classes offer an exciting full-body workout, combining fitness and fun for an exciting new hobby!

Located in the vibrant heart of Auckland (we're close to Mount Wellington ⛰️). We are on a mission to help you achieve your fitness goals, one spin at a time. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pole dancer, our classes cater to all levels. So let's build your confidence and reach new heights in fitness together, book a consult today ❤️

About the studio

A Warm Welcome. As soon as you walk through our doors, you'll be greeted by a cozy waiting area, complete with plush couches and puzzles to keep you entertained as you wait for the start of your class.

Spacious Pole Rooms. Our studio features two lush, spacious pole rooms. In the Observatory, you'll find twelve sleek poles, while the Ivy Room has nine. Both rooms are filled with natural light and provide the perfect setting for your pole dancing adventures.

Inclusive Atmosphere. You'll be part of a dynamic, diverse group of individuals, spanning various ages, genders and backgrounds, all united by the love for pole dancing ❤️ Whether you're a newbie taking your first steps or a seasoned regular, at Altitude Pole Saint Johns you'll find new passions, new friends and your biggest cheerleaders - 'cause everyone starts as a beginner!

Get ready to experience the magic of pole dancing. 

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🚗 At Altitude Pole Saint Johns you will find on-street parking during the hours of 8am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday, and off-street parking from 5:30pm weekdays and weekends.

📍 The Saint Johns suburb is close to Mount Wellington and we get a great view of it from the studio! You will find us situated at the end of a tree-lined driveway, tucked behind a prominent white building marked with the number 29. We're on the right-hand side, adjacent to 'Seamless,' which is visible from the road as you drive down the driveway. 

What our members have to say

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    Altitude Pole Studio

    Altitude St Johns is an incredible studio that supports and celebrates women on their pole fitness journey! All of the instructors are phenomenal and I can’t get enough of the family st...

    Altitude St Johns is an incredible studio that supports and celebrates women on their pole fitness journey! All of the instructors are phenomenal and I can’t get enough of the family style atmosphere!! I have made amazing connections with amazing women and I cannot recommend this studio enough.

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    Altitude Pole Studio

    A community built on inclusiveness, strength, collaboration, fun and absolute HYPE … joining Altitude Pole Saint Johns has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health and wel...

    A community built on inclusiveness, strength, collaboration, fun and absolute HYPE … joining Altitude Pole Saint Johns has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health and wellness. It’s an absolute VIBE every class and I couldn’t recommend them enough

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    Altitude Pole Studio

    Such an amazing pole studio! The instructors are so lovely and really care about me and my progression. It's my second home and happy place...

    Such an amazing pole studio! The instructors are so lovely and really care about me and my progression. It's my second home and happy place


Our timetable is full of pole dancing, flow and strength classes. Monday through to Saturday with more classes planned as our studio grows. 

  • Pole Level 1

    Level 1 Pole


    Ready to start your pole dancing journey? Then our Level 1 Pole classes are for you! This beginner-level class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of pole dancing and build body awareness. It's the perfect way to get started on your pole dancing journey.

  • Pole Level 2

    Level 2 Pole


    Ready to take your pole dancing skills to the next level? Join our Pole Level 2 class! Building on the fundamentals you learned in Level 1, you'll start going higher up the pole and learning to invert. Get ready for a challenging and rewarding workout that will leave you feeling strong and confident. To attend this class you will need to be confident in our Level 1 curriculum.

  • Pole Level 3

    Level 3 Pole


    Our Pole Level 3 classes build on the skills you learned in Levels 1 and 2, you'll continue to work on invert skills and start to learn fundamental aerial moves. To attend this class you need to be confident in Levels 1 and 2.

  • Pole Level 4 at Altitude Pole

    Level 4 Pole


    Our Pole Level 4 class is designed for those who are serious about advancing their skills. With a focus on advanced fundamental pole tricks and combos, you'll be challenged in new ways and amazed at what you can achieve. To attend this class you will need to be confident in Levels 1 to 3.

  • Pole Flow

    Pole Flow


    Want to add more dance and flow to your pole schedule? Our Pole Flow class is the perfect way to do it! With a focus on movement, musicality, and fluidity, you'll learn to string together ground-based pole moves in a beautiful and graceful way. Attending Level 1 Pole is recommended.

  • Pole Combos

    Pole Combos


    Want to master the art of pole dancing choreography? Our Pole Combos class is the perfect way to do it! With a focus on creating impressive combos by stringing together pole moves, you'll learn how to flow smoothly and confidently between tricks.

  • Spin Pole

    Spin Pole


    Our Spin Pole classes focus on learning how to dance on a spinning pole and create beautiful and dynamic combos. You'll be challenged in new ways and amazed at what you can achieve. A spinning pole is a setting on our poles that can make them spin in the direction of your movements from your body weight and momentum. This is different to our regular Levels classes that are on static poles that don't move.

  • Pole Play

    Pole Play


    Looking for a class where you can work on your own pole goals with guidance from one of our instructors? Pole Play is the perfect way to get one-on-one guidance from our experienced instructors while working on your own unique pole routine or trick!

  • Training Time

    Training Time


    Training Times are designed for experienced pole dancers who are looking for more time on the pole and the opportunity to work on their own skills. These sessions are exclusively available to our add-on pack holders and Unlimited Class members, so you can maximize your pole practice and take your skills to the next level. These sessions don't have an instructor taking them, so you will need to be approved prior to attending.

  • Stretch Flex Advanced

    Stretch & Flex


    Ever wanted to be able to do the splits? Or backbends? Then our Stretch & Flex classes are the one for you! Learn safe stretching techniques to help with the flexibility needed for our aerial arts, or just in general!

  • Strength



    Want to take your strength to the next level? Our Strength class is the perfect way to build power, endurance, and resilience. With a focus on conditioning exercises designed to target all areas of the body, this class is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their pole skills or just get stronger overall.

To attend our group classes, becoming an Altitude member is your key. Our memberships grant you access to a set amount of classes each week, starting at a minimum of 2 classes per week. Which classes will you attend though? That part is totally up to you! You choose which classes align with your goals for maximum flexibility each week (within your level, of course 😉). At Altitude, we're dedicated to offering a flexible and engaging pole dance experience tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

To get started, book your consult today 

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    Studio Manager

    Candi started her pole journey in 2021 and quickly fell in love. She jumped at the opportunity to perform in the very first showcase for a new studio and had such fun she did it again and even entered NZAPP 2022. Also a qualified Beauty Therapist and Early Childhood Teacher, she became an instructor for Altitude and enjoys sharing her passion for pole with others.

  • Cath website


    Client Care Manager

    Hey, I'm Cath! I have been doing pole since 2023 and I am well known for my love of doof doof music, I also really enjoy everything tricky. I am excited to meet you and welcome you to the Saint Johns family as your very Client Care Manager and help guide you through the ins and outs of the pole community.

  • Annaliese


    Client Care & Success Coach

    Annaliese is super passionate about health and fitness as well as mental health. As someone who suffers with anxiety herself, she knows how hard the struggle can be, she loves to help people in any way she can! Annaliese been doing pole for 2 years now, she couldn't live without it! Annaliese also loves lifting weights, drawing, dancing, gaming and singing.

  • Helen


    Head Instructor

    Helen, or as you know her, Elle, has been poling for almost 4 years now and loves how pole can bring together so many different people. Lover of all things strength, stage and dynamic pole you will normally catch her doing some sort of flip, tumble or drop! When she's not at the studio she is usually found at the gym, eating pasta or hanging out with her friends

  • Myriam



    Myriam started her pole journey a few years ago, and fell in love with this sport instantly. It became her happy place. You know that feeling when you were a kid and enjoyed being on the playground soo much, she has that same exact feeling when at pole, with the added bonus of getting stronger, flexible and healthier!

  • Jasmine



    Jasmine started pole in early 2021 and fell in love super quickly. She did not think pole would become a big passion and it was exactly what she had been looking for. Since starting pole, Jasmine has found that her confidence, health and strength has improved thanks to Altitude and she wants to make others feel the same.

  • Holly



    Holly started her pole journey at Altitude The Mount in January 2022, fulfilling an impulsive whim influenced by years of admiration for the strength and grace of pole dancers. Little did she know she would find such an amazing family of supportive individuals! A union advocate by day, she loves the emotional release that pole provides.

  • Glynn

    Glynn A.K.A The Prince


    Glynn is almost certainly the oldest pole instructor you'll meet; a retired psychology professor, he started pole in 2014 at the age of 63 - and is still performing, competing and instructing (and still learning). When not in the pole studio he can often be found indulging his enjoyment of crossword puzzles.

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    Maddie, also known as Lexi Liquid is a pole artist. Maddie's favorite thing about dancing is performing for an audience, she has been lucky enough to perform all over NZ, including for Snoop Dogg in 2023. She boasts a high level of technical trickery and flexibility and loves being able to help others achieve their goals.

  • Maggie



    Maggie has been pole dancing since 2020 - after the very first lockdown. One of the best decisions she made in her life and she has been enjoying it and its challenges up until now. On days that she is not pole dancing, you'll probably see her at the gym, in the cafes having brunch, or just having her normal day as a public servant.

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    Celina started Pole last year in April, and she loves the strength and body confidence it gives her. Outside of Pole, she also works as a swimming instructor and studies full-time. When not busy with those, Celina goes to Teakwon-Do with her family or does some drawing at home.

  • Kelly



    Kelly started her pole journey in October 2022. She is a mental health occupational therapist during the day and comes from a background in dancing and competition teaching. She absolutely loves being social and getting involved in team activities and is excited to be apart of everyone's pole journey.

  • Anneka website



    Anneka has been part of Altitude since 2021. She fell in love with pole instantly due to it's fun challenges. She loves learning new combos and finding new exits for moves, as well as improving her moves, and a good improv moment. When she's not at pole, you can find her in the salon creating magic, gaming or working on her car.

  • Amy website



    Performing under the stage name “The Pole Comedian” , Amy is an international award winning showgirl and pole dancer. With over 10 years of experience, she is a curator for the International Pole Convention, America’s Got Talent Alumni, Playboy NZ Feature Model, POSA certified judges and master trainer, and jazz hands enthusiast

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