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Are YOU doing these things to fine tune your moves?

Learning a skill or "getting a move" is so much different to the fine-tuned version of that move. You know that feeling you get when you look at a video or photo of back in the day when you so proudly claimed to have 'nailed' that outside leg hang, or whatever move and you realise that you in fact nailed something like an outside leg hang, but the one you do now is actually ten times better. What is the difference between those two moves? Outside of years of practice....our Altitude instructors share some top things to do to ensure your move hits that fine tuned version sooner rather than later and then we leave you in the genius of Larry #bethemaster

  • Get the move first and then perfect - yes Anna yes!

  • If you make a conscious decision to point your toes, extend your legs, engage your quads, before you invert (instead of just aiming to get up the pole) the results are visible - genius, thanks Oliva!

  • Execute your move fully! It's not a race to the next move (or to the top for that matter) - take your time, extend, finish your lines, breathe (so you don't have an awkward scrunched up face), hold and for "fucks sake point your toes (and ankles!) and extend your fingers" - combined excellence from Sarah, Anna, Sam, Tash & Oliva.

  • Push the kneecap back as far as possible or "squeeze your knees" to get that full extension to help ensure your leg is as straight and engaged as possible - Julia & Tessa on the money!

  • Outside of your moves: learn to breathe through muscle engagements so they become second nature....and don't forget to stretch your toes and feet too e.g. do your downward dog on the fronts of your toes - So true thanks Julia & Tash!

In conclusion... 

  • Aim for mastery of a move rather than competency. Don't stop working on a skill until you can: do it consistently, breathe, smile, have a conversation, hold it, do it in your sleep, do it with your eyes closed, know it inside out and are definitely using the correct technique (i.e. not muscling through or using passive flexibility to achieve balance) - pure freaking gold from Larry!

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