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Guys & Pole - Royce from Altitude Christchurch Central

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Wanna know one of the reasons why we LOVE pole dancing?

It’s super inclusive! All we really care about is YOU and your passion for pole dancing.

That means we’ve got a huge range of awesome individuals training at Altitude studios across the country and we loooove it! Being surrounded by so many unique people and united by pole. It’s super cool!

Speaking of super cool, we’d love to introduce you to some of our badass male polers ('cause pole is absolutely for guys too!). So sit back, relax and get ready for our newest series of blogs 'Guys & pole'… showcasing some of our Male Altitudians! 🤩

First up, Introducing Royce from Altitude Christchurch Central, poling with us for just over two years now! 🎉

So Royce, what made you decide to give pole dancing a try?

Some friends of mine came down to Christchurch for a weekend and when I was catching up with them they invited me to go see a pole show. At the same time, I had started going to the gym with the goal of losing weight and gaining strength. The show I went to was the 2017 NZAPP competition and I was blown away by the fact that the performers weren't strong for the sake of being strong, but, that their strength was functional and that they used it as a way of making performing art. So, I decided to take up pole after seeing that competition.

Pssst, Royce just competed and WON the Expert category at the 2019 Christchurch Heats of that very same competition! Awww yisss, check out his S T R O N G and energetic One-Punch Man routine here 💪

What was it like when you first started?

When I first started, boy, was it a different experience to all the other sports I had done in the past. I was a little uncomfortable in the first few classes having so much skin exposed and a bit self-conscious about my body as well. Also, when I did my first pole stand (legs twisted around the pole in a standing position off the ground) I realized that pole also wasn't just about upper body strength and that it involves all the muscles in the body.

What's it like now?

Pole is awesome now! No more being self-conscious about myself. Everyone is so supportive and positive environment has been great in making all sorts of gains. For instance, it's allowed me to gain huge jumps in self-confidence in my physical abilities, as until taking up pole I had never intentionally been upside or done a handstand. I've also become much more attuned to my body and knowing what muscles do what and which muscles to work on for strength, flexibility, or mobility. There are still a heap of moves for me to learn as well as further improvements to be made in my flexibility so I'll never get bored either.

Which polers inspire you the most?

Quite a few actually, some of whom I found through instagram. I would say Libing (@libing0619) for his super strength moves; Bendy Kate (@bendy_kate) and Oliva (@olivaandersenpole) for their all rounded performance style (tricks, flexibility, dance, etc.); as well as so many others!

What would you say to any guy thinking about giving it a go?

Pole is definitely not what you see in the movies, there's so much more to it than that. In my view, it's like a type of mix of performing art and sports where you've got a combination of gynmastics (with pole being the apparatus) and dance. Definitely give it a go it's a lot of fun!


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