Co-owner, Pole & Stretch Instructor

Julia started at Altitude in 2013 and began instructing in 2016, and in 2019 she opened Altitude Wigram. Julia is a ballet school drop out who later went into muay thai kickboxing before discovering her love for pole & aerials. "Altitude is my happy place. It has taught me so much over the years. I am stronger both physically & mentally. I've learnt resilience and achieved things I never thought could be possible and met some great people along the way. I hope others enjoy Altitude as much as I do!"


Pole and Hoop Instructor & Client Care Manager

Kirsty joined Altitude Pole in 2017 in hopes of finding a new exercise form more exciting than the gym, and soon became addicted. Bringing a 10 year background in jazz, hip hop and contemporary dance, her performances vary from pole meets contemporary, to sassy, on the beat numbers. Kirsty is excited to be able to give back to the pole community in the form of teaching, and hopes that others will also be able to discover the love for pole dancing that she did.


​Silks & Stretch Instructor

Lydia has been instructing at Altitude since 2015, she is a multi disciplinary circus artist who specializes in hand-balancing, pole and aerials. Lydia has won a number of National and Australasian awards in both pole and hoop. She has 12 years experience as a competitive gymnast, with a combined total of over 20 years training experience. With her many years experience and natural talent for dance and performance (among other things!) she'll have you looking polished in no time!


Pole Instructor

Megan has been teaching with Altitude since 2013. With her impressive flexibility, smiley stage presence and originality in pole skills its no wonder shes been a finalist on the NZAPP and Pole Legends stage! With a comprehensive background in competitive aerobics and a bubbly personality, Megan is a fabulously fun instructor.


Pole Instructor

Toni started her pole journey with Altitude in February 2018 after attending a hens party. She was inspired by the technical mastery and strength pole dancers have. Toni had thought about joining prior to the hen's do but didn't out of pure fear that she wouldn’t be strong enough or flexy enough (pretty sure we can all relate to that!). In her own words she says "After attending the hens party and having the most fun I had had in a long while I knew immediately I wanted to join! I have always had a love for dance and even though I don't have a dance background I pride myself on having a great sense of rhythm and musicality from my experience in artistic roller skating. I can’t wait to help other people work towards their goals!" Toni loves to challenge herself whether it’s performing in a showcase or in a national competition.


Twerk Instructor

Asha (Pronounced Us-a) has been pole dancing a number of years (primarily at Altitude) and enjoys the various ways she can express herself with it. Never having had experience in dance before it was refreshing to find something that was fun and also combined a decent work out. She also enjoys the more social aspect of being in a studio environment Asha enjoys a mixture of exotic and more contemporary styles as well as shaking her booty rhythmically when twerking on stage and hopes to share her love of twerk and pole with others.

Laura K

Stretch Instructor

Laura found her passion for pole at Altitude in 2012 and has competed in NZ, Australia and the UK. She won NZAPP's expert category in 2016 and has spent the last 3 years abroad training with lots of well known names. She is X-pert 1-2 trained, level 2 gym instructor qualified and is flexibility goals!


Co-owner and Booty Camp Instructor

​Scott is a former NZ and Australian champ in both muay thai kickboxing and mixed martial arts and has earnt a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt. He has many years experience as both a competitor and a coach. As a qualified personal trainer he has the skills & experience to push you out of your comfort zone to achieve great results. You will be learning boxing, muay thai and self defense skills whilst getting a great overall workout to improve your strength & conditioning.


Aerials Instructor & Stretch instructor

Cat began teaching silks and hoop in 2013 and started performing professionally in hoop, silks and contortion the same year. She has performed since then in circus shows and private events. Cat is known for her unusual taste in music, insane flexibility and loves the creative process behind aerial performances. She loves teaching her students and seeing them progress.


Silks & Stretch Instructor

Christina has been doing aerials since 2017. Prior to this, she spent 10 years training in Martial Arts and competing in competitive sparring. Wanting another challenge, she switched over to aerial arts and was immediately hooked. Specialising in Aerial Silks and Pole, she loves seeing the progression in her students and watching them shine! With no dance background Christina wants to show others that there is no prerequisite for aerial arts, you just have to put your mind to it!


Pole Instructor

Laura began pole dancing with Altitude in early 2016 and took to the performance stage soon after. She hasn’t looked back since and loves the fitness, atmosphere and community that Altitude Pole provides. Laura’s bubbly personality, sense of humour and background in competitive cheerleading mean you can expect a fun and energetic class.


Pole Instructor

Brittney joined pole fitness with a friend as a bit of a laugh and fell in love with its challenges and freedom of expression. She had no background in dance or gymnastics and reaching her knees was a stretch, let alone the floor! As an adult she also joined ballet and jazz to increasing her body awareness and hasn't looked back. She knows the struggles of those of us who are flexibility challenged! You will also see her rockin' heels and dancing it out teaching pole. Not a stranger to the stage, you may have seen her performing some wild characters with her accolades including: Pole Legends doubles finalist 2016, 1st runner up in artistry at Pole Stars 2016, NZAPP intermediate finalist 2016, 3rd in Pole Championship Series Amateur Australia 2019, 1st NZAPP Open Winner CHCH heats 2019, 1st Miss Showgirl at Pole Stars and Judges Choice Award 2019.


Pole Instructor

Charlotte started her pole journey back in 2016 after watching fellow instructor and friend Laura perform at a showcase, and after seeing how incredible all the pole and aerials performances were, she signed up the next day! Charlotte is an ex figure skater and ex competitive cheerleader, but has found her true love lies in aerials. Starting with pole, she was quickly hooked by the strength, confidence and coordination she gained through pole. In 2019 just to mix it up a bit, Charlotte started her aerial hoop journey which led her to winning the 2019 Amateur Miss Lyra NZ title and has opened up herself to all sorts of other styles including twerk, hoop, exotic and doubles pole. Outside of pole Charlotte is a Transport Engineer and a complete nerd. She loves to teach others about aerials and hopes that it helps them achieve things they never thought possible!


Pole Instructor & Studio Manager

Ellen started as an instructor in 2019. With a background in dance Ellen joined Altitude in 2017 and has never looked back. "I love the challenge of pole and the feeling of accomplishment when you achieve something new. Altitude is like a family and I am so excited to have the opportunity to show people what an awesome difference Altitude can make in your life."


Pole Instructor

Tash been pole dancing since 2013 and instantly fell in love with it. She fell in love with how fun fitness can be, how supportive and welcoming the people are and how much confidence it can give you. Coming from no dance or gymnastics background, Tash is the perfect example to show that pole dancing and aerial arts is for anyone! She has a special enthusiasm for planches and drops!


Pole & Silks Instructor

Andrew comes from a background in triathlon, having started silks at Altitude in 2014. Since then, he has taken to pole as well winning NZ Pole Legends Ultimate Male in 2018 and 2019. He is renowned for his dynamic strength and endurance, and is a big fan of anything flippy. Andrew loves helping students get gains and letting them see what they can really achieve."


Hoop and Silks Instructor

Violet has always had a love of being in the air, after trying to find the best way through rock-climbing, snow-boarding, and cheer-leading she discovered aerials in 2015. She quickly fell in love with aerials, thanks to the variety of physical and mental challenges they offer, challenges she is excited to help her students conquer. Violet has a particular passion for aerial doubles, which she competed in at the inaugural Miss Lyra (2018). Her love of physical activity has even led her into the academic world of Sport Science where she is currently completing her Masters.


Pole Instructor

Becky has been a member of Altitude since 2013 and has been poling for 6 years with no prior dance or fitness background. Some of her main training focuses and interests are building on curriculum based moves by playing with new and different variations and transitions, and spin pole. She is excited to be a part of the Altitude team.


Pole and Aerial Instructor

Being intrigued by an aerial show, Ines decided to give pole dancing a go back in 2014. She quickly discovered that it was not only a fun type of exercise but had a lot more to offer. After moving to NZ, Ines joined Altitude Pole where she discovered her love for lyra and aerial silks. Since then, Ines has performed at several showcases demonstrating her passion for aerial hoop. She would love her students to experience the world of aerials, growing physically and mentally stronger and being surrounded by a super supportive community you can always count on.