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Pole Dancers get great bums!

This might not be an association you automatically have but it's true! We use our butts in many ways - squats in warm up; a cheeky hip thrust or twerk; a squeeze here and there for elevating the leg in spins, splits, fan kicks or actually just whenever you're holding onto the pole and there's of course, a collection of derriere delicious pole moves too!

Plus, Bad Kitty say so, so it must be true! Technically we...CONTRACT - all. the. time. 

  • Isometric contractions: think squeezing onto the pole to hold on for dear life. Your butt hardens, contracts, compacts as you squeeeeeeze to hold still on the pole!

  • Isotonic contractions: think when we move and transition and control the movement of our legs. Our glutes are either sliding together and bunching, or sliding apart and lengthening...that is, contracting while moving!

  • Time under tension: think controlled, precise movement of the legs, repetitively. Time under tension is essentially the theory that the longer you have a muscle contracting (which equates to tension) the more muscle growth you will have as a result.

And ta-daaaa beautiful butts, what a fabulous side effect of pole dancing! No wonder we love our booty shorts (and ya'll thought it was for the grip....muwahaha).

If you desperately need a pole dancer's booty, check out Dirdy Birdy's (fab Aussie Poler) quick booty workout! Be sure to stretch your butt out after - here are some glutes stretches!

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