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But what can I do at home?

What is pole dancing really like? What kind of movements will I do? What if I'm not strong/flexible/coordinated/sexy enough? ....While we can give you a run down till the cows come home on what a class is like and why you are always enough, there's nothing like a little bit of getting into it at home to get a feel of it for real!

We've put together a short collection of movements for you to try at home on your local wall. They'll give you a wee sampler of what we get up to and what parts of our body we use and while it's not nearly as good as the real deal, it's a bit of fun.

Step 1: Find a wall

Any wall with a bit of space either side for you and your awesome bod!

Step 2: Becoming familiar with a basic pole stand - repeat for x10

Squat with feet closer together than usual, turn your body, bring your knees together, booty up, hair flick and all. Turn back to face the wall, then repeat, but swap sides.

Step 3: Wall assisted press ups - repeat for x10

Not a pole move as such but a way to build some strength and in pole, where we do a lot of 'pulling' movements, this is a great muscle balancing movement. Face the wall, stand a little further than arm's length away, feet shoulder width apart & hands flat on the wall at shoulder height (or a touch lower) and shoulder-width apart. Pull belly button to spine, tuck pelvis under, breathe.

Step 4: Wall angels - repeat for x10

Again, not a pole move as such, but a way to add function and mobility to your shoulders, which we use a lot of! Stand back to wall with head, shoulder blades, back, hips and butt touching the wall. Bring arms out at 90 degrees, keep the hands, forearms and backs of arms on wall - lift up without pulling anything away from the wall, and down. This one is also great for posture!

Step 5: Becoming familiar with a pole slide & clock work legs - repeat for x10

And finishing on a bit more of a pole movement. Staying back to wall, step feet away from wall, lean against with the top of your back and shoulders, arms out for balance, bend through knees and slide down. Shuffle your butt forward if needed, then lift legs high - straight legs pointed toes. Clock work circles - keeping knees together, take one leg in the around in a circle, and then the other.

Try two rounds of that ;)

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