Our Onehuga, Auckland team




Owner, Managing Director, Pole & Stretch Instructor

Sarah is the epitome of grace and strength. Starting pole in 2009 with Altitude Pole, Sarah is a regular to the professional and competitive stage. Most recently she won the strength award in NZ Pole Legends 2017 and was the winner of the Trickstar category of Pole Stars 2017. Fitness, health, well being and pole are her obsessions and she just loves to share the knowledge she has in these fields.


Head Instructor, Pole & Flow Instructor

Ali has been pole dancing for 6 years and instructing for a large portion of that. She loves how strength can be showcased so beautifully on the pole and will help you work all those muscles you didn’t know you had! She likes to help students find their own strengths and passions, and loves watching them discover confidence in themselves. She emigrated from the UK very recently and found Altitude waiting with open arms, a family like no other, open to everyone! Known for her small pants, ‘laughter is life’ attitude and love of carrot cake.... and gin....


Pole & Stretch Instructor

Celeste is an overall caring happy soul, and absolutely loves to share her passion and love for pole and flowy moves, hair flicks is an absolute favourite. She strives on not only making moves look incredible with pointed toes but feeling absolutely incredible whilst doing them with the right level of commitment and passion whilst learning. Starting her pole journey in May 2018, Celeste has progressed in her confidence, strength and flow, absolutely adoring the constant feeling of success and the overall lovingly close community the pole family shares. She loves to help students find their own passion and loves watching the progression of their pole journey.


Pole, Flow & Aerial Instructor

Ren’s love for pole dancing began in early 2018 with her first pole class. Coming from a cheerleading background she took to pole like a fish to water. What makes Ren so passionate about pole dance is all the incredible ways it allows your body to move, and how it is a sport for everyone, no matter what style they wish to bring to the table... or well... pole. Ren is known for her weird sense of humour and her awkward hand gestures.


Pole & Aerial Instructor

Amanda loves coming to the studio to let go of her worries, move her body, explore different shapes and generally look at the world from a different angle. Life’s better upside down right? Amanda started pole dancing back in 2013 in Palmerston North and quickly fell in love with it. After returning to Auckland Amanda found it hard to find a studio that met her needs and she could constantly come to. Eventually she found Altitude Onehunga and is happy to be back at a studio in her happy place.


Pole Instructor

My name is Jolien and I’m beyond excited to finally be part of the Onehunga teaching crew!!
I’ve been pole dancing for nearly 4 years now. I started my pole dance journey in Belgium, a small country in Europe where I was born and raised, before I moved to New Zealand 3 years ago to follow love.
I’d wish I could say it was my love for pole that brought me here, but it was actually a man.. everyone loves a good Nicholas Sparks romance right? To be completely honest, the first couple of months were not that easy on me and I felt quite lost in this beyond beautiful country…until I found Altitude Onehunga in February 2019. From the moment I set foot in the studio I knew this was a special place, a place I could feel safe and where I always felt accepted beyond the differences, where I am truly happy and were I often get pushed out of my comfort zone to help me grow, not just as a pole dancer but as a person in general.
Altitude Onehunga has been my home ever since and that support, passion and love I feel every time over and over again, I now want to spread myself. Teaching from the heart to unlock that passion for pole, love for yourself and growth beyond the person you are today.


Studio Manager, Pole & Strength Instructor

Jane is passionate about dance and fitness and loves to inspire students to find their own sparkle.

She began Pole in November 2014, before joining the Altitude Pole Whanganui teaching team in 2016. After moving back to Auckland in 2018, she joined the Altitude Onehunga teaching team. She is very thankful for her Altitude Family at both studios, because they truly are the best and most supportive people ever!

Previous to this, Jane has been dancing since the age of 5 and began sharing her love as a Pump and Step instructor while at University.

Jane is mostly known for her distinctive curly hair, ice cream and love of Taylor Swift.

Sarah S

Pole & Flow Instructor

Sarah is head of the pointed toes police. She loves long lines and flowy styles. Sarah has done many years of dance training growing up but now dedicates her time to the art of pole. She comes from a teaching background and is excited to bring her personality and love of dance to her students.


Pole Instructor

Jennifer fell in love with pole from her very first class and hasn’t looked back since. Moving from Australia she joined altitude finding her kiwi pole family. She likes the strength, flow, sass and fun of pole... and of course something for everyone! She loves the power, strength and confidence in her own badassery that comes from knowing you can lift your entire body weight over your head because let’s face it... life is better upside down


Pole & Stretch Instructor

Karolien has been passionate about gymnastics/acrogym and dance from when she was 5 years old. After gymnastics she struggled finding a new hobby/ sport that provided the same challenge, satisfaction or joy. Altitude studio did not only provide her with a pole “obsession” but also surrounded her with these amazing, lovely and inclusive people which (after her fairly recent move to New Zealand from Belgium) made her feel like home. Karolien is excited to share her knowledge from her gymnastic background and her passion for pole. She finds joy in supporting others reach their goals and in seeing people grow and find their own strengths while having a good time.


Pole & Stretch Instructor

Pip has been pole dancing for almost two years, being a naturally flexy human has been an advantage to her progress but she had to work twice as hard on the strength side of things.
She has three loves in her life, Pole dancing, Brunch and Cats (Meow). Pip also loves all things Pink and Sparkly. Her favourite move is the Crabby.....you will have to attend her classes to find out what this is.


Pole & Flow Instructor

Simie’s pole dancing journey started in 2014. She was instantly hooked to the grace and strength pole dancing gave her and never stopped since. She loves dancing with or without heels. Every time she’s up the pole she feels powerful and confident. She loves creating different flow styles and exploring different shapes and floor works. Helping students to grow in their abilities is what motivates her the most as an instructor. Pole dancing and the community has changed her life, teaching her about body confidence and self-love that she would love to pass on to help others too. Her goal as an instructor is to provide a safe, non-judgemental and kind environment for students to create their own passion in this sport.


Client Care Manager, Pole & Flow Instructor

With a background in dance through her childhood years, Jenna wishes she had found pole earlier, as it has changed her life in the best way. Jenna loves the way you can express yourself through the art in so many different styles. She enjoys seeing people evolve and become confident in who they are.


Pole, Flow & Aerial Yoga Instructor

Jenny has been pole dancing for 2 years and has a gymnastics background so pointed toes and long lines are a must! She is passionate about helping people on their fitness journeys and loves the way pole dancing combines strength and grace. She is no stranger to instructing as she has been a group fitness instructor at a number of gyms for over 2 years now. Jenny is a recent member of the Altitude family but is so happy that she found Altitude and is excited to inspire others on their pole journey.


Pole, Flow & Ballet Barre Instructor

Rebekah started dancing at 4 years old and hasn’t stopped since. She enjoys bringing long, strong lines and a contemporary style to the pole. She has been teaching dance for over 10 years and finds so much joy in seeing students grow, both in confidence and strength. She loves the physical challenge that pole offers, and the supportive community at Altitude.


Pole & Aerial Instructor

Tash was first drawn to pole as she wanted to learn a form of dance, without having any prior experience. She also felt a need to be physically active and engaged, but the gym hadn’t been working. Altitude offered her the best of both worlds, as well as an amazingly supportive community, and three years later she can’t imagine her life without pole.
Tash loves pole because it has given her strength that she never imagined possible along with the feeling like she can fly, or as close to it as possible.
Tash finds joy seeing others overcome their fears in class and is excited to be supporting them on their pole journey, seeing them grow, and achieve whatever goals they set for themselves.


Pole Instructor

Helena came to pole looking for a new challenge, something that would not only inspire her but enable her to face her fears and push her body to newfound limits - and boy did she find that!! After doing pole for several years she was thrilled to discover Altitude and it’s vibrant culture within. From day dot, she knew it was a place she could call her home.
She adores the all-embracing energy of our fabulous studio. The second she walks in she feels empowered and encouraged and takes away valuable lessons which can be applied to anything that she does in life. With great effort comes reward, and that is exactly what is embodied at altitude! (Even if it can be a little painful at times).
From the very beginning, becoming an instructor has always been her dream. To have this dream become her reality is an honour she holds in the highest of regards. To stand alongside you all in this role watching you flourish and grow not only as people, but with your own pole journeys is truly something special. She can’t wait to share her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion with you all for this incredible sport that is Pole!